" Writing is a kind of love behavior, and if it's not that writing, it's just writing.— French poet, Kaukdo, — a French poet.

[ Large Woman's Wordout ] Engagement pen, running at the scene of women's obsession.Choose one of your favorite words of work, write it down to encourage yourself, or Tag your friend, to remember it in your heart.The writing is to memorify the current smells of time and space. The writing is to create a well-behaved character, which is to simplify all the complex thinking and simplify it to be purely based on belief.Next, we will acknowledge the story of the following good book, the stories that famous people have said, and write it down to mark our existence!

Now, women are obsessed with "writing and writing and getting your life back." Leave your handwriting!

Their presence in the workforce is not a strong one, not a bullet, but rather a softest world.

"Be gentle, but not a compromise."We need to be quiet and unhurried.' — — Lin Huiyin

" The reason we fight is not to change the world, but to not let the world change us.' — — Liu Tong< Whose youth is not confused >

" Do something that I fear every day."— Roosevelt, Mrs. Roosevelt, Ellinor

Life is too short, and nothing is worse than nothing." — — Natalie Natalie (recommended reading: Model: Natalie Pickles the most beautiful attitude )

"Every one that you regret, there is a time when there is not enough effort."— — movies < burning fighting spirit >

" When the reality gives you a slap, why don't you slap it with it?' — — anonymous

" We are also a group of mortals who want to give up. The only difference is, finally, we chose to go down.The only thing I know about is that I have made a mistake, and I have experienced it, so I understand what I have learned.— — — TFT Founder Liu An-ting (see: What do you do with luck?An Interview with Liu An-ting: "Once we've started, it's more than we can stay in the origin" )

"Nothing is nothing, but it turns your life into a corner."" — — Oprah

" Every decision you make is a way to make butterflies vibrate in the future.— — King Xiao

"Forever the horizon and step on the accelerator."' — — Face Book Chief Operating Officer Sandberg

"An immature person's sign is that he is willing to die for some reason, and a mature person's symbol is that he is willing to live in humility for some reason."— — —

" To defend a favorite thing, to go beyond all the birds!" — — Social Business Stream Founder Lin, (in an interview with the same group: Interview with the corporate stream founder Lin Lin: Entrepreneurship is not faster than who ran faster, but rather patiently squatting )

[Woman's Wordwriting] Job pen, write down your attitude toward life

To practice words, do good people, and embrace the spirit of each other with words!

Hey, after you post a sentence, write down, and you also welcome your creation and mood with the Workplace Pen, and upload to the Large Women's Writing Activity Page !Your word is the mark of the times, and we will share your work in the great times of women's fascinals, to allow more people to swap the temperature of the text.

If you have more curiosity about the workplace, you need more inspiration to come to the women's page and look at our "Work Women" speaker.

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