After three years, Lu Guangzhong finally have a new album. With the What a FOLK!!!!!! "Back to him, a lot of understanding of life and gentleness ." Guang Zhong Team long talk about three years of their own growth and transformation, happiness is no longer pure, and therefore rare precious. He still sincerely, still sincere, still believe in the mission of defending the Earth. If you always like kindness , you will also like him. (Recommended reading: To commemorate bravery and vulnerability!) The song Lu Guangzhong wrote to us: Love myself)

A lot of people know Lu Guangzhong because he imitated the Russian tenor Vitas's film was crazy, when he was portrayed by the media as a dolphin sound of the Magic man, they all said, he was the bus ran over and survived the music wizards.

He did play the music very subversive. The music that Lu Guangzhong sings is the most important little thing in life. He advocated having breakfast and singing with him all over Taiwan. Yes, yes. He loved the guitar club, love to the unpaid run six season, "I Love Guitar" Campus tour; he has no powder, everyone shouted his little captain, "Canton extension Team" lurking in our lives for four weeks, followed by Lu Guangzhong together to justice.

The Lu Guangzhong I know this day is not the one who almost broke his leg and could sing a treble. It is a big boy who comes from Tainan, plays the guitar every day and hopes that the earth can change well.

I love guitar: Brush out the traces of life with Folk

From "100 kinds of life" to the new album "What a Folk!!!!!! , his every song is very happy, even if there is a faint sadness, finally Lu Guangzhong will be "continue to refuel" tone knot.

This time, he is not singing right Ah, it is not to take you to eat breakfast. Lu Guangzhong Use the Life companion's angle, sings the folk song for everybody to listen. Kwong Zhong said the origin of folk songs is that a group of people work very boring, take the guitar up singing, singing how many roofs I painted, how many straw cut. The original intention of the ballad comes from the truest feeling of life: "There are 11 songs in this album, with eight guitars." It used to be that the guitar was the best sound. Eight guitar sound is different, as if also brush out some kind of incomplete, this creation is not really shiny, such as the story of the social corner. Eight kinds of guitar personality can be painted with a story of music. 」

What this album wants to do is simple: "I want to do a piece of music that a person can listen to whenever he's at home, traveling, wherever he is, and lonely." "Guang Zhong said that music has a magical power that will help you remember the moment of space-time:" When you travel, you play music, you hear a song in the days to come, memories emerge, and the good things return. 」

You can't deny the world you live in, you must understand it.

I asked Guang Zhong to talk about the story of the album, he said the new song "Sleep Here Today" is a soldier in the service when the street friends after the experience: "I took part in several service street friends activities, hair food or help them cut their hair." I think there are a lot of people in our society that we can't see, and this song comes from a hobo's life, but in the end it's back to you. 」

"Our life is all of these. You can't deny that this is the world we exist in. Most of the time, once you give care and empathy, I think it's a little more empathy that will make the world a better place. 」

In addition, Guang Zhong shares two interesting songs: "Cell Phone One" and "mobile phone boy two". "Cell Phone" is about the temperature of people: "I hope that people can still care about the world outside the mobile phone, we use mobile phones, but also want to close to the phone to chat on the other end of the object of praise, because you really want to see this person, why not go straight out to see the real world? "〈 cell Phone II inside there are angry he:" This song is to do the original sound punk, the album is the most vicious. " It retains the very conflicting side of my personality. I also often very angry Ah, the social case, the life is not fair. But I choose to use humor or pleasure to express my opinion. 」

Guang Zhong said that if each person sees the angle of the thing can add a filter, he wants to be "good glasses 〉:" we receive a lot of information every day is very confusing, really decide what to see, or yourself. " If we all have good glasses, we will not use two yuan to look at everything. 」。 (same field Gayon: stirring the full text of Lin Chi-Ling's speech: The Heart has good, the bones have strong will be happy )

He said he was really long-winded, a Live, if you want to sing an hour, the time of conversation must be more than half an hour, music let us together, all meet is meaningful: "Write a good song, is I can do the greatest efforts, like everyone in their lives, they are doing their best." I will say a lot of ideas in the performance, these will be complete my music appearance, I am not just the sum of this song. 」

A group of people who brush their guitars can catch the spaceship of their dreams.

Lu Guangzhong Collection Eight guitar, the first is bought from the auction, I asked him to describe the guitar, he said: "is not to abandon the bosom friend." He'll be fine when I need it. He is always in my room. Every time I work very tired home, he is there, you hold him up, play some chords, he will not speechless, you talk with friends too much may be awkward, but with the guitar will not have such a result. I asked, "good friend?" A lot of people's guitars are girlfriends. 」

Lu Guangzhong very serious contemplative, thought for a long time to answer: "I know why my girlfriend is not!" I can have eight brothers, but I can't have eight girlfriends. 」

His love for the guitar is not to be underestimated, when the first "I Love Guitar Club" is done, Guang Zhong or college students, when Tim Wing only three people, a pedestrian driving a very old car, the trunk plug a speaker, an old guitar, on to Nankai: "I love Guitar Society" For me is a kind of blood, and make friends. I like this way of acting, can directly see everyone response, and everyone's distance is very close, we can together Jam, enjoy the music is a pure moment, whenever this time, I think of the University guitar Society class. 」

"In the Guitar Club class, everyone holds a guitar." It's kind of like rowing a dragon. Ah, maybe more like we are all in a spaceship, all of us play the guitar together, it seems to be able to push something, can advance to a place we all want to go. That place is like a dream. 」

"That place is like a dream. "Every time Guang Zhong uttered such a comic, he would pop a laugh." Seems to be a little proud of himself to say such words, and seems a little shy.

Less happy than the dim light in the dark, to cherish

This album is more critical than previous creations, with two albums in the middle of Lu Guangzhong, "adults," and I asked him, what's the most different thing about making music these years?

Guang Zhong said: "In the past the first album, is completely happy, because I can not find the reason to fear, a bit like Santhio defying tigers, getting older, you know more, the more restrictions." Come to the fifth album, whether it is recording or writing songs, you will find that the state of happiness, unlike the previous 18, 19 years old, can be meaningless happiness. 」

"The more adult, the less the frequency of happiness." The more so, the more precious happiness. As you go down a dark wall, you will cherish it more when you see a glimmer in the dark. 」

Because happiness is not easy, so it is more valuable. Although happiness is reduced, it is more powerful than the happiness of 18 or 19 years old. "I embrace all my life, including negative emotions, and I think this is the whole life," says Guang Zhong. (Extended reading: a parable for Monseigneur!) "Animal City": Who are you and who do you want to be? )

"What a Folk!!!!!! "very much like the other watershed of Guang Zhong, officially announced that he is an adult:" This album, really accept a lot of people to help, such as Sichuan Island birds are not paid to shoot, Qi Zhen also participate in recording write words, the tiger is really my life mentor. I have a feeling that what I am doing is not just to make myself good, but that I can't make people lose face, so I have to work harder. 」

If life could only leave a message, I would say yeah

Because it is a grown-up, everything becomes more difficult and more rare. Monseigneur, what is the state of the Lu Guangzhong of positive energy? These three years, perhaps is "adult":"the past three years, I have a long time can not write a song." I just thought, if I can't create, then what is my meaning. I know this is the life I want to choose--music. If you know this, you are an adult. Because of the willing, will be willing to follow the pain. 」

"Recently feel to become an adult for a moment, as if it was Mother's Day that days, I found my parents ' white hair, I know must change me to take care of them." It's like a grown-up, you've got it. 」

To become an adult, he readily accepted: "I will not resist becoming an adult, because I also hope that I will be able to hand over to others." Get the stick, I'll try my best. No one can escape, become an adult this matter. Then do it well. 」

Guang Zhong encourages all who want to be adults: "The reality of your imagination is not that you have a good education and you have a good future." Life is not two yuan, want to know what you are good at, what you like, ask what you really want to do? College students, you still have youth memories when the patron, this time the most afraid! "(Recommended reading: Moving graduation speech!) Taiwan University graduates speech: When the power is greater, please remember your 22-year-old eyes.

I asked him what kind of adult I wanted to be. He said to think of one thing, if life, can only leave a message, what will it be?

"It should be a font, it looks very playful, looks very happy" yeah. The font to be very cute, see all want to yeah. 」

Just walking on the ground smiling is the act of protecting the Earth.

He is such a person, sincere to you for his fear of being cheated, optimistic that you doubt the world is suitable for him. But you will be very glad, thank Lu Guangzhong yeah generally exist.

Guang Zhong's fans, all shouted his little captain. His relationship with his fans is cool, like "friends who have the same beliefs but don't often talk". "They are part of my music, like the beauty of morning morning," said Guang Zhong. Yes, I don't think I have any meaning in writing this song. They sang together as if they were together say yes to the world. From the first show to now, nearly 1000, we are collectively growing. I will always share my experience, and I want you to share it with me. 」

The combination of the group is not to aid Lu Guangzhong, but to help the earth: "You do not feel very much like us to defend the world?" You are walking on the ground smiling, is to protect the Earth's behavior. 」

Kwong Zhong's agent, said that he could not stand the people around him unhappy. His love for the earth is that he cares about society and cares for the people around him. Whenever a friend is obviously unhappy, Guang Zhong will do his best to amuse him.

I asked Guang Zhong, where is your optimism coming from? He said: "I think life is like a song, there are beautiful and miserable, why not use a kind of enjoyment, to praise your life?" My open-minded, from I know myself, I am familiar with easily angry me, happy me. I feel open-minded, is a result of multiple thinking. I want to live in the world and get along with others. 」

Walk back to Tainan! The landscape of life will be diluted not happy

Guang Zhong knows how to get along with the world, from the often alone, those who make the music when alone, is Lu Guangzhong three years of life record, I asked him to talk about loneliness: "Every emotion, is precious." I walked back to Tainan from Taipei last year, and when you continue to walk without an end to an industrial road with few cars and almost no homes, that moment is lonely. But you will also feel that this is the choice of their own, no one forced you, this loneliness is what I have to bear. 」

Guang Zhong has gone more than 300 kilometers, step by step, set foot on the home road: " then check Google from Taipei to my home near the country small distance, only 70 hours, I decided to go." I don't feel like I've ever seen a place outside my city, and I'm curious how they all live. Walk, you can slow down, want to stay more attention to see other people's lives. 」

Results Guang Zhong This way, walked 11 days to get home: "Go down, you will see a lot of life traces, I was holding urine for too long, and a peasant woman borrowed the toilet, that toilet is two plank a hole of the kind." I just think, there are people who live like this! I think seeing a lot of living traces, the unpleasant life, will be diluted. 」

"I used to walk to break the pattern that was inherent in my life. I go back to my former life, is my choice. It is because I have a dream, I want to do, I have to go back to Taipei to work. The mood of life is the risk of a dream. 」

Happiness is a principle, confusion is an obligation

What is your dream? He did not hesitate to answer: "My dream is that everyone is happy." In fact, because everyone is happy, I am very happy, because I want to be happy, I do to make people happy things. This is a selfish starting point. I think this will promote a kind of love of the gears (laughter). 」

In the face of all, Guang Zhong said, happiness is my choice of layout. His unhappiness is also very able to cope with: "I think I will have a split personality, unhappy, there will be several of me, such as anger me, comfort me, we sit down to chat, ask how, in fact, full of useful." Or with my split personality in the room looking at the mirror is ugly laugh, smile. 」

Handling emotions is a step out of the self, Guang Zhong said: "I feel sometimes unhappy, but the brain reflex." For example, you hate waiting for a red light, the brain helps you record your emotions. We want to be our own masters, you are taller than your brain, understand their emotions, when their own higher self. 」

I am very curious, such he, there is no life the most frustrated confused time. Guang Zhong said, of course, I was puzzled all the time: "No matter when, people will be confused." Confusion is the consequence of your enjoyment of freedom. Just like you have a dream, but you have eight ways to go, then you are confused. Confusion is, you will need to decide which way to go, there is no choice you are not confused. When you feel lost, you must know that you are infinitely free. (Recommended reading:20 years old, confused very well: do not give up for any lost to find the answer )

He said that confusion has become a good luck: "Confusion is an obligation, we must be very willing, even in the confusion can be very handsome ah." For example, you can hold the chin confused, light smoke but do not smoke confusion. Let others see your confusion, can also be very pleasing to the eye. 」

Love your flaws: I can't leave it, I'll hug it

Lu Guangzhong, is the most handsome man I have ever seen in my soul. I feel that no matter the hearts of the girls, or the heart of a young man, will love him.

His handsome comes from, no matter how bad the world is, still believe in the arrival of tomorrow, even if life is difficult, or to do simple people, maybe others want to hurt you, but never do hurt others.

Lu Guangzhong Dare to fight the silk without fear, in the hearts of women fans, is a super woman obsessed with the spirit of the music people. Last year, we invited him to write songs for me to Love my festival, and he did not hesitate to agree, and I asked him if he had time and no reward, why would he?

Guang Zhong said: "Because, I do not think of the reasons for rejection, I like singing, but also like to write songs, I also agree with women fans." 」

Kwong Zhong doesn't seem to think he's helping a woman, it's intuition doing something right. "Love Myself", he wanted to write is very simple: "Everyone's first appearance, is the best." You don't need a nice shoe, a nice bag, you don't need any packaging. Accept all your self, embrace yourself, love yourself, and be the most beautiful and confident. 」

"Just like when I accept that I'm on stage, the glasses just get foggy." Also a bit like I walk, before walking back to Tainan, the fifth day I think that backpack makes me very angry, but I found that one but I put the bag of bags with very tight, let it become part of my body, that bag does not seem to exist. 」

Flaws and imperfections are the same for Guang Zhong: "I can't leave it, I'll hug it." Accept all that belongs to you, but want to push out, and then you can run. 」

The great times in Lu Guangzhong: Thanks, courtesy and determination

This year I love my Festival good times, Kwong Zhong also synchronized support, he and we talk about the ideal of the good times, is everyone must have three things.

Thank you: "From the moment we wake up, even when you are asleep, the world is working because someone is moving, not by your own efforts, you can always find something to thank." Thanks will make you cherish, or you will feel that our life is not worth it. Because there is no thanks, everything is taken for granted, you will not be happy. 」

Politeness: "I also want others to be polite to me, and empathy will bring us closer to each other." Polite you will not take things K people's heads, you will not make arms, the world will be very good. 」

Determination: "I feel to push myself forward, especially when growing up more things, energy is cut very broken, the determination is, constantly from very small things slowly completed, can cover an ideal building, have a good time." "(same field Gayon:525 Women of the Age: Love let us do not divide gender, create a good era )

In the end, Guang Zhong gave the woman fan a song: "must believe oneself", this song's MV is I walk back to Tainan with Go-pro clap the process. I later looked at those pictures, think of the country's small textbooks, the pain will pass, the United States will stay. The final results, are their own, so you must believe that you can. 」

The little captain said, must believe that the world will be good, if even believe all luxury, live still have what good Hope? After an interview with Lu Guangzhong, I suddenly feel that life is not difficult to imagine, grow up, do the simplest thing, but become the most thankless thing, but he is fearless, a yeah can dissolve embarrassment. He is the man who wants to sing the song that the grandfather understands, and the campus singer who smiles and cries for the world, and if there is a pure natural warm man, it should be him.

Invite you to join the extension team, with a smile to defend the earth.