"Never give up a gentle understanding," said Jianwengru, a political RII graduate representative at Taiwan University . Please remember you two 12-year-old eyes. "

Jianwen , political RII graduate representative of the Politics Department of Taiwan University,

Some of us will vote.

Some of us would be journalists, some would become civil servants, some would engage in academic research, some would work in NGO organizations, some would go to big businesses, and some would wander around the world.

Some of us will lose our jobs.

Dear family, today, out of this place, to get this diploma, our life will not be more smoothly. Our resume is still likely to be brushed off in the first round, we may be in the beginning of the community into a wall, we have encountered setbacks will be more and more and heavier.

But today, we can assure you that we will be an upright person, we will be honest with ourselves, and we will continue to learn how to get along with you tenderly. We will work hard to get there, we will plan ahead in advance, we will do all we can to begin to take responsibility and protect you. Please believe us, after four years of study in the Department of Political Science, we have become adults. (Recommended reading: go back to the original point of boldness!) Tammy: "Like to go all out, become worthy of their own adults")

These growth comes from four years of academic training. From these respectable teachers in front of us.

Although most of the theoretical names are not clear to us, I am afraid that it is impossible to write a second term explanation. But it's because in the old Academy of Social Sciences, which never leans into a chair, has gone through the social science research method and the Chinese political philosophy; I've learned to go to school to eat spicy duck blood in the constitutionalism; After listening to the teacher speak too fast, never too late to copy notes of international relations; Weber, new public management, Five public sex work together an entire school year of administration, should be in the grass class and see a lot of movies of Western political philosophy and modern political thought, because of these courses, we began to have the ability to judge and interpret, other people's mouth those beautiful words represent the true meaning. We can sort out the sequence of events from Dazzling's news reports, and even present our own views. We have the ability to discuss, negotiate, and debate with others with a soft enough attitude.

The growth comes from a variety of activities that allow us to return to our dormitories in the wee hours of the morning or not to go home for months: associations, departments, and faculties.

We have met God's general partners and Shenrei teammates, we have seen with them countless days, but also in the late evening, a corner of the big one to drink and cry, more likely at the end of the event after the intense, passionate hug. These things you may be present or absent, informed or uninformed, but today we want to tell you that it is this group of good friends who have relied on our college life to leave our home and have another haven. I am a child growing up at Keelung, and I want to tell my parents today that the decision to go to Taipei for political department is really not wrong.

to my dearest B00, dearest to you. I know I can't really represent either of you, but I think we grew up because we grew up in a very special age. We do not know whether the cross-strait reunification, we are not sure when there will be a random homicide case, we are not sure if the murderer will be sentenced to death, we do not know when there will be another soldier or alternative service in the army to be killed, We don't know how many people will commit suicide because of the forced relocation of the government and the vicious collapse of the enterprise . (Extended reading: Taiwanese people should not forget the name: to you!) Zheng Nanxi for freedom of speech

This is a very restless time, but this is our time. Now, we have to face it.

If "Graduation" has a meaning, I think so: in the university, when we are nothing, we can become anything, we can go to see, try every angle. But once today, once graduated, we will choose a role, a life.

We will start to choose a different position and we will start to be confrontational. We are in the heart of the big China or Taiwan Island, we attach importance to human rights or national development, we support the market competition or protect the weak, everything will be very different, everything will become increasingly sharp. As we get more and more position and power in our society, we will have more and more influence on the subject. Every choice will become more and more painful. (Recommended reading: Dear Mom and Dad, maybe the happiness in our eyes is different from what you think )

The pain is easy to give up, it is easy to make people want to say "impossible", "no hope" and so on frustrated words. But if the Diploma of political science has any meaning for us in this society, I think it is because we, who graduated from here, will never give up our concern for public affairs. Never give up trying to understand each other tenderly.

One of my favorite movies is the "Blue Gate", and the final mention of the movie is: "What kind of adult we become if we leave anything behind." "If today, after this graduation ceremony can leave something, I hope I can remember:" Never forget the children in mind, please remember your 22-year-old eyes. "(same field Gayon: making honest movies, easy wisdom: As creators, I want to speak for society )

We are from the Department of Political Science at Taiwan University, and I am a graduate representative of B00 theory group Jianwengru.

Thank you for everything that accompanies us along the way.

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