"The president is good, vice President Good, the scene cast salute 21 Sound, the national anthem sings, the scene guest please rise." "Woman fan for you online real-time update Tsai President's real-time speech updates, welcome and women fascinated by the 14th President of the Republic of China and Vice-president of the inauguration ceremony." Cai said that this is a new era, history is no longer regressive, the new government will try to solve all the problems in Taiwan. (Recommended reading: Tsai Inaugural Address: young people, you deserve a better society )

The heads of our friends, and the distinguished guests, ambassadors and representatives of various countries in Taiwan, the scene of good friends, all the compatriots, everyone good, everyone good (Taiwanese), everyone good (Hakka), just in the presidential palace, I and Jen have officially declared the official oath, as the 14th President and Vice President of the Republic of China.

We would like to thank the land for the cultivation of us, to thank the people for their confidence in us and, above all, to thank the democratic mechanism of this country for the third round of political party rotation through the peaceful electoral process.

And overcome the uncertainties of the factors smoothly through the four-month transition period to complete the peaceful transfer of power. Taiwan, once again, tells the world that, as a group of democracies and free men, we have a firm conviction to defend a democratic and free way of life. Every one of us is involved in this journey, dear Taiwanese we have done it. (Recommended review:"Fastest real-time" the first woman President Tsai speech: I will use the action to tell the world, Taiwan is equal to democracy, democracy equals Taiwan )

I would like to tell you that I have never had any other way of interpreting the results of the January 16 election, and the people have chosen the new president and the new Government, expecting four words: "Problem solving."

I will not forget that Taiwan is in a difficult situation at this moment and desperately needs the indomitable of the rulers. I also want to tell you that all the difficulties in front of us need our honest face, we need our common commitment, so today's speech is an invitation, I would like to invite all compatriots to come together to carry the future of this country.

The country will not be great because of the leaders, the common struggle of all the people to make this country great. President, United is not only a supporter, the president should unite the whole country, unity is to change, this is my deepest hope for this country. Here, I would like to appeal sincerely, please give this country a chance, let us cast aside the prejudice of the past, we together to complete the new era entrusted to our mission.

In the process of our common struggle, as president, I would like to declare to the people of the country that in the future I and the new government will lead the reform of this country, show determination and never shrink back.

The road ahead is not good, and Taiwan needs a new government that faces all the challenges, and it is my responsibility to lead the new government.

Our annuity system, if not changed, will go bankrupt, our rigid education system, has gradually disconnected from the social pulsation, our energy and resources are very limited, our economy lacks kinetic energy. The old foundry model faces bottlenecks, the whole country and the weak economic development model. Our population is rapidly aging, long photo is not yet sound, our fertility rate continues to be low and weak, the perfect system of care, always in the foreseeable future, our environmental pollution problem is still serious, our financial is not optimistic, the judiciary has lost the trust of people, our food safety problems, troubled all families, our rich and poor gap, More and more serious, our social safety nets, there are a lot of holes.

Most importantly, I would like to stress that our young people are in a low salary situation, their lives are not moving, the future is full of helplessness and confusion, the future of young people is the responsibility of the Government. The unfriendly structure has not changed, and the emergence of a great number of individual elites is not enough to make the overall situation of young people better.

I expect myself, in the future term, to take a step-by-step approach to the fundamental structure of the country's problems. This is what I want to do for young people in Taiwan. Although I have no way to help all young people raise wages immediately, but I am willing to promise that the new government will act immediately, please give us a little time, please join us on the path of reform.

Changing the situation of young people is changing the situation of the country. A country without a future, the country must have no future. It is the great responsibility of the new government to put a better country in the hands of the next generation.

To build a better country, a few things will be done by the new government in the future. The first is to let Taiwan's economic restructuring, which is the new government must bear the most arduous mission. Do not belittle yourself, do not lose confidence, Taiwan has many other countries do not have the advantage, we have the vitality and resilience of the marine economy, pragmatic and reliable engineers, a complete industrial chain, agile and flexible small and medium-sized enterprises, and never yield to entrepreneurial spirit. If we are to make Taiwan's economy a new one, we must be determined from now on to come out of the other way and build a fresh model of Taiwan's economic development.

The new government will create "innovation", "employment", "distribution" as the core value, the pursuit of a sustainable new economic model.

The first step is to strengthen the vitality and autonomy of the economy, strengthen the links with the global and regional, actively participate in multilateral and bilateral economic cooperation and economic negotiations, TPP,RCEP and so on, promote the "New South Policy" and promote the external pattern and pluralism. To say goodbye to the phenomenon of over-reliance on a single market, the new government believes that only by stimulating the growth of kinetic energy, can let the stagnant economic recovery, export and domestic demand, people's life and economic development of each other, in the economic and foreign trade links. The five major innovation programs will drive to reshape Taiwan's global competitiveness. Actively promote labour productivity, protect the rights and interests of workers, so that wages and economic growth synchronized upgrade.

This is a crucial moment for Taiwan's economic development, and I have the determination and the ability to communicate. We have systematically planned that the future will be " Cross-Ministries will join hands "in a way that is assembled to spawn new patterns and economic development while do not forget the responsibility for the environment, economic responsibility and land planning and environmental sustainability of the integration, industrial distribution and land use should be abandoned piecemeal planning and short-sighted close to the eye, we must pursue the development of regional habitat, which requires central planning integration, the hope that local governments play regional Combined with the spirit of governance.

We can no longer like the past to squander natural resources and national health, so for all kinds of pollution control, we will be strict, we have to let Taiwan to the era of recycling economy. Turning waste into renewable resources and energy options will be gradually adjusted to the concept of sustainability, and the new government will take a serious view of climate change, land conservation, and related issues of victimization.

We have only one Earth, and only one Taiwan.

The second thing the new government should undertake is to strengthen Taiwan's social safety net. A few incidents of child safety and random homicide have shocked society. A government cannot be shocked forever, he must have empathy. No one can afford to suffer for the victims ' families, but a government, the frontline, must let the victims and families feel that the unfortunate incident has occurred and the government is standing next to them. In addition to empathy, the government should put forward solutions to prevent tragedies from recurring, and to fill up the holes, especially public order and anti-drug work, from the aspects of law and order, education, mental health, social security and social work, so that the new government will face up to the most serious attitude and action. (same field Gayon:"Psychological analysis" from Zheng Jie to small bulbs, when the "problem" of the people disappeared? )

The reform of annuity is crucial to the vital reform of Taiwan's survival. Should not hesitate, also can not be impatient. The Annuity Reform Commission, chaired by Jen, is in intensive position. In the past, the government had tried, but lacked social participation. The new Government's practice is to initiate collective bargaining, because annuity reform is a process of uniting all people through consultation, and we have to convene an annuity reform country, with different strata, on the basis of social cohesion, to consult together. We will put forward a workable reform package, that is, whether it is labour or civil servants, the retirement life of every citizen should be given fair protection.

In the long-term care of the issue, we will be quality, parity, universal long photo system set up.

The third thing the new government should undertake is the fairness and justice of society, and the new government will continue to work together with civil society to make Taiwan's policy more equitable and transparent, to protect the value of human rights and to allow democratic institutions to evolve.

We must first find out, in the face of the past, that I will set up a truth reconciliation commission to deal with history in a rigorous manner. The pursuit of transition justice is the pursuit of real reconciliation. Not to continue the mistakes of that time.
We will proceed from the truth investigation, in three years to complete the transformation of Justice report, the new government will carry out follow-up work, Dig the truth, bridged flat scars, clear responsibility. (Recommended reading:"Miao Boya Special article" Transformation Justice, is to avoid the next 228 )

History is no longer the cause of our division, but the power to move forward.

Also in fairness and justice, I will uphold the same principle, today's ceremony, the First Nations to sing their ancient tune, we do not forget the order of the island arrival, we will rebuild the concept of people's history, and gradually promote autonomy and enhance the individual cultural security, this is the change I want to promote.

Next, we will actively promote judicial reform, which is the most concerned issue for the Taiwanese at this stage. The judiciary is not trusted by the people to fight crime effectively, which is the common feeling of the people, and in order to show the new Government's determination, we held a meeting in October this year to promote judicial reform through the participation of the people. Justice must be responsive to the needs of the people and become a universal justice. Judicial reform is not a chore for the judiciary, but a universal participation, which is what we look forward to.

The fourth thing the new government should undertake is the peaceful development of the region and the handling of cross-strait relations. For the past 30 years, both Asia and the world have been the most volatile periods. Taiwan has always been an indispensable factor in regional development, and if Taiwan is not able to use its strengths and chips to participate actively in its affairs, it will become insignificant and marginalized and lose its future autonomy.

We have a crisis, but also a turnaround, Taiwan's economic development at this stage, and the regional countries are highly complementary, through the Asia-Pacific Regional cooperation, and jointly shape the future development strategy, through innovation, structural adjustment and sustainable development, we can also establish a close economic Community with regional members awareness. We want to share resources and talents with other countries, the new South policy is based on this spirit, and regional members of the broad exchange of cooperation, especially with the East Association, India, so we are willing to exchange views with the opposite side, and seek cooperation and co-operation of the possibility.

In the positive development of the economy at the same time, the Asia-Pacific region security problems are more complex, cross-strait relations construction is more important, Taiwan will be a staunch defender of peace. Active participation, never absent. We will promote reconciliation and demonstrate our external position. Dialogue and communication is the key to achieving the goal, Taiwan to become an active communicator of peace, the new government will establish a normal communication mechanism to effectively solve justice. We will abide by the principles of peace and benefit sharing to deal with the relevant justice.

I am elected President in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of China, I have the right to defend the sovereignty and territory of the Republic of China, disputes over the South China Sea, we advocate co-development. On both sides, we also follow existing mechanisms. 1992 reached a number of common understanding, I respect this historical fact, 92 years later, more than 20 years of bilateral exchanges and consultations, the two sides should cherish and maintain, on the basis of both facts and politics, to continuously promote the peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations. The new government deals with cross-strait affairs in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of China and relevant laws. The ruling party of the two sides should put aside historical baggage and start benign dialogue for the benefit of the people.

I say the political basis is based on the fact that the 1992 cross-strait consensus historical facts, and seek common ground. The second is the constitutional system of the Republic of China. The third is the more than 20 years of exchange and interactive results. The Forth is Taiwan's democratic principle and general public opinion.

The fifth thing is to do a good job of earth citizenship. Let Taiwan go to the world and let the world into Taiwan. There are many leaders and envoys from all over the scene, and I would like to thank them for giving us an opportunity to participate in international affairs, and in the future we will share Taiwan's development experience and forge a partnership with our friends. Taiwan, as a model student of the global civil society, has always adhered to the universal values of liberal democracy, and we will join the global community and continue to deepen the friendly relations between the European countries of the United States and Japan. Actively participate in international economic and trade cooperation and rule-making, and firmly maintain the global economic order, we will not be in the fight against global warming, climate change issues absent. We will set up a carbon reduction office in the Executive Yuan, under the Paris Agreement, regular review, and other countries to work together to maintain the sustainable Earth. At the same time, the new government supports and participates in the emerging issues of cooperation, humanitarian relief, counter-terrorism cooperation, and the fight against transnational crime, making Taiwan an indispensable international partner. (Recommended reading: after the snow: when we are "financial crisis" and "climate change" leprosy )

1996 Taiwan's first direct election to the President, today is just 20 years. We have successfully weathered the difficulties that many emerging democracies have to face, and we have had many touching moments and stories, just as in other countries, we have been anxious, disturbed, conflicted and antagonistic. We see social confrontation, environment and development, political awareness of the opposition, which has stimulated election energy, but also let democracy lose the ability to solve problems.

Democracy is a process, and every age worker must be aware of the responsibilities it bears.

Democracy will go backwards and democracy will move forward. Today I stand here to tell you that backwards is not our option.

The former democracy is the election win or lose, now democracy is about people's happiness. Democracy in the past is a clash of values, and now democracy is a dialogue of values, a unity democracy that is not kidnapped by ideology, a democracy that responds to social and economic problems, and a pragmatic democracy that can actually take care of the people, which is the meaning of a new era. as long as we believe that the new era will come, as long as the national Master has a firm belief, a new era, will certainly be born in the hands of our generation.

Dear Taiwanese people, my speech is coming to an end, the reform is about to begin, and from this moment, the burden of this country is on the new government, and I will let you see the change of this country.

History will remember our brave generation, the prosperity, the dignity, the unity, the self-confidence and the righteousness of this nation, and all traces of us. History remembers our bravery, and in 2016 we took the country to the next direction. Everyone is proud to be part of the country's change.

There was a song on the show, and one of the words moved me: "It is now a brave Taiwanese." 」

Fellow countrymen, 23 million Taiwanese people, the waiting is over, now, that day. Every day in the future, we will be the guardian of democracy, the freedom of the Taiwanese people. Thank you.

5/28 invite you to stand up and create a great time in Taiwan