Woman fan x sincere work together: the big Women 's book Fair, invited the big women from three angles for you to choose a book, tell her story, self-training, embracing multiple values, closing lectures please to the female fans of the famous Shishun , sharing from the woman fan column to "evil Female force" And then to the new book "The Girl Revolution" writing process, inviting the female teeth, all the way to comb the girls rebel path. (same field Gayon: writing "evil Female Force": reverse romance, every woman can write BJ single diary )

Shishun is the author I have always admired.

I would say he is a obsessed writer, writing as one of his ways to fight, he continued to write, very strict requirements of himself, a word a sentence should not be wrong. He never wants to be sloppy, and one of his columns often lists 10-15 bibliographies; he never careless of himself, a column will be repeatedly deleted many times, the note is not spared, only a clear conscience to hand out; he was more strict with himself than he was to all of us, and he made me see that you should do what you really like.

I always remember the year that I met him, that is 2014, we sent letters, I invited him, a day later, received his intention to plan the 12 series of themes, lightsome to carry out the extraterritorial approach of feminism. He wrote the academic circle of fashion life and death, writing feminist classroom thought "gender equality" of the different men, but also for CCR and kiss the yang of Paris overturned, known as the lace leader, lust, and the devil, negative lust and the main body, bared to be seen. (same field Gayon: negative Demon in the global Desire City: When Taiwanese women meet Western men )

And he continued to write, 2015 he published "evil Female Force", in Taiwan set off a wave of negative revival wave, lust Anchao surging, dark after the modern spirit, and 2016, he completed the "Girl Revolution", the girl's reactionary in the 20 years, many veins of the coming to this day, since then, A maiden would have a hidden bible of her own.

The closing lecture of the women's fans and the Grand women's book Fair I particularly want to invite him to listen to him say his writing in the mood, some people write in order to revolt against the world, some people write in order to find a place for themselves in the world, and his writing is always for those who are despised, vilified, neglected girls find a way, Can not tame also refused to please go. (Recommended reading: An interview with "Kiss Paris" Yang: The real counterattack, is the world with absolute tolerance )

I think this is the spirit of the big woman, refused to become, but also a way of living.

Shishun: A negative revolution: from the evil woman to the maiden revolution

"Evil female Power" is about the 90 's popular culture in the female subjects multiple turn, is not only the rise of lust, but also the revival of negative, is a postmodern tease. To challenge the desire of the marriage, the city of Lust, the Madonna of the feminine knowledge, and the deconstruction of the nature of sex, the complex escape route which differs from the mainstream feminism is excavated.

"Teenage Revolution" is written in 100 years not to be written into the feminist history, from the 20 's modern women, the 60 's single girl to the 90 girls, looking for the city of Desire, gold and the Madonna of the patriarch's grandmother, past life. (same field Gayon:"woman fan x Shishun" from Modern woman to cyborg: 12 Lectures on gender theory and cultural Studies )

From "the evil female force" to "the Girl Revolution", Shishun not only writes the negative revolution of the popular culture, but also constructs a feminist negative historical view.

Closing lecture at the Grand Women's book Fair: 6/11 19:00 Free admission

Lecturer: Shishun

Venue: Prudential Goods Bookstore Songyan Shop 3F Forum

Time: 6/11 19:00-21:00

  • 19:00-19:30 Free Admission + moderator (AB) opening
  • 19:30-20:30 Shishun
  • 20:30-21:00 Site Q&a Questions

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