"I just want to be loved, why not?" "Six years ago, a very simple idea, let Yang complete the" Kiss Paris "plan, six years later, she stood on the TED stage to share" dear girls, you have to take back their body, lust, rights ", to comb the Asian Society for the sexual control of women. " Woman's room 003" Woman fans go to Taichung to interview Yang, she talks about "The Hundred Kiss Paris" the Girl to Hunt Yan, primary school third year's sexual awakening, she and the man built room, she is a world with absolute kindness.

"Woman, you will take back your body, your lust, your rights." "ted stage, Yang an atmosphere black dress, her words to society plainly cast shock bombs, my lust you have no way to intervene, many people wait for this moment for a long time. (same field Gayon: Yang Sunny TED speech full text )

I've thought about it many times what it would be like to meet Yang. I know her from the other side of the screen, her posture is bright, bold rebellion and this oblique society dances, think of her, I always have a big red in my head.

And Yang about in Taichung See, far from the past, that is the building of ordinary houses, the door slanting hung a rainbow flag, I move forward, Yang open the door waved to greet me, I was so dangling into his boyfriend and the living together to build. When they came into their house, the light was spilling down.

Yang is not tall, the nose is very good, think things carefully thinking after moving, talking about their very cautious, she is not as I guess, the whole world, she is not to the world of excess anger, but with absolute goodwill.

Yang gave me the impression that, like the day the daylight of the living room, she is like the light of people, can go anywhere.

Downright erotic: A kiss from a girl in Paris

There is something wrong in the growing world, everything is a metaphor, we have to uneconomical the meaning of the event. Yang has a childlike purity, and a lot of things are almost intuitive to her. People always asked her what she wanted to fight in Paris, and she was too late to say, and the crowd had been hurriedly explaining it to her. She smiled and said to me, often asked about the "meaning" of the Hundred Kiss Paris, she was overwhelmed.

Yang's favorite picture of a kiss from Paris, the shadow on the wall is just love. Photographer: Xiao Bai

"The Kiss Paris is with the Hing, I want to do, so to do, it is so simple." The meaning of all meanings is attached afterwards. I can understand that we hope that this scheme will be justified so that they can help me to speak. 」

That year, the Hundred Kiss Paris was published in Taiwan media, Yang's blog One day into hundreds of thousands of people, a faction accused her of losing the face of Taiwanese girls, a school for her to argue that the art is not erotic, she stuck in the middle, with the lust of the horizontal, always feel embarrassed.

"At the time, I was really amazed. Never thought this thing would be pulled into the public domain criticism. I remember there was a message from the Paris International to me, told me to walk on the road carefully. 」

The Hundred Kisses Paris is the wild girl to Hunt Yan to remember, the maiden in strange foreign land chooses the prey to come forward to kiss, flees for own lust, with kisses sealed the scenery memory of Paris. "There is no need for me to argue that this works from the beginning to the end of lust." 」

But the girl's lust is the most feared aspect of society. After that, Yang first began to think about the dividing line between the private and public spheres, and realized that it was "sex" that made many people ambivalent. Kiss Paris is a continuous negative revolution, accidentally knocking on the yang as the spirit of the hands of the girls, and their own sexual dialogue. (Recommended reading: The negative demon of the global Desire City: When Taiwanese women meet Western men )

Creating an erotic environment: kissing never lets a girl lose anything

Six years later, the kiss of Paris remains like a ghost, haunting people's memories. But the kiss, never let the girl lose what, but summon the social lust panic. (Recommended to you: strangers kiss one!) Kiss, the art of Beauty in the world )

Photographer Nicolas Djavanshir

"The kiss is very close to me and I can take it on my own." For me, it's not a "hug" or "kiss" option for me, but a kiss from the beginning. 」

I and Yang chat up not be included in the book, was refused to kiss, "some people will ask me" I am so old, why do you want to kiss me? "Some people will say," I have a partner, not easy to kiss you, but also some people are gushing to guide my thoughts, asked me why I want to be loved everywhere? 」

"I think kissing can express intimacy, and lust is only one of them." For many people, "kissing" can only occur when interacting with the object of lust. But I occasionally feel that someone is very cute, but also a impulse to kiss his mouth, kissing has a sense of intimacy, a special link. 」

Kiss Paris Flips The imaginary relationship between "kiss" and "Kiss", a kiss is a relationship, the meaning of a kiss, or a kiss on the other person after the lips have left. "Because the kiss is very close, so the moment of kissing, both sides will inadvertently reveal the" kiss "idea. I remember very clearly, some people agreed, kiss the time instead of the lips trembling, very nervous ...

Exiled and regulated lust suddenly had a clear shape of social concern, it was a kiss, Yang became a momentary dislike of female target and the erotic mailbox of girls. Someone scolded him and someone thanked him. Yang said he just thought, "I want to kiss these people, why not?" "is the attention of later society, let her from her own experience to think about crawling comb." (same field Gayon: The age of infamy wounds: misogyny)

Six years later, Yang stood on TED's podium and invited everyone to be a slut and create their own erotic environment. "Standing in the public domain, I deliberately let myself appear as" feminine "appearance. I want to let society see feminine also can, the woman does not have to be masculine to have leeway to talk. I just want to wear a dress, to the big red lip, I later watch the video, but also regret how did not take my cleavage ...

It is not just the erotic environment, the negative qualities that are derogatory and belittled, but also free airing occasions. The next step in the hundred-kiss Paris is the Hundred-kiss Taiwan, which pulls the scene back to Taiwan, Yang the tie-rope division and kissed his father to kiss the cultural context of Taiwan.

Photographer: Zhang Yixi

The first third grade of sexual lust Awakening: This is a deception of the society AH

and tables of tables and chairs, covered with a jacket nap, the huaiguitai of the two pupils whispering, this is yang to the desire to awaken memories. Every day, she and her classmates next door, cover their heads with their coats, exchanging their own erotic data, they dictate the nude of men and women, for the first few students, it is broadcast version AV.

"The two of us are very clear, this thing can not be said to others, this is our secret." 」

Since when do you realize that sex is taboo in other people's mouths? So we in front of people trying to publicize their body to sex and clean, talk about having sex, we rose red face, said I was not so dirty.

But from what moment does sex become dirty? I think with Yang all the way back, always can't remember. "We all know that sex exists, but why have we been cheating collectively?" Probably afraid to say it out to become a heterogeneous. You just feel it and say it and you'll be punished. If a girl sits down and is warned not to be seen in her underwear, she will not be stupid enough to say to the world, "I masturbate and put my hand in it." "(How does masturbation feel comfortable?) All blushing red, come on. Special Topic )

Photographer: Zhang Yixi

I looked at her, and I felt that the theory of the root-and-wrong verse in front of her all became straightforward. Yang want to be the backing of other girls, the society more afraid, she will speak. Yang smiled and said, "I used to think about being a merry authoress, but then I realized I didn't have the skills." 」

"In those years of being single, if I wanted to live a uninhibited life, I could." But in fact, this is not so simple to open the lust, open the body so simple, I really like to establish a relationship between this matter, and then give up the possibility of many lines of development. 」

I talk to Yang at her home table, she stirred flour cookies, and sometimes into the kitchen, lust three-dimensional like her baked handmade cookies, such a beautiful picture harmonious. There is no such thing as a more progressive or outdated sex, the woman who struggles in the workplace does not need to look back on the housewife; we can be sluts, we can be kitchen maids, and the place where women are free is no longer a place to tie her up.

Can you treat me as a yang, not as a girl?

Yang with her boyfriend in Taichung Swing dance know, Yang originally to "live" called him, he bypassed many mines survived. "I have a lot of mines, he stepped on me a lot of mines, I incredibly can accept." For example, I hate people to report the trip, but we know, he always reported what to eat today, where to go, just at the beginning he did this thing, I do not care, and later found that he did not hate me. 」

Yang described the Taiwanese boys as having a collective possessed, when friends are peaceful, once the beginning of ambiguous, "I am a girl, suddenly become more important than I am yang", male holi Hu Tu began to walk the so-called "pursuit" model, in accordance with the "good for girls" Idol drama template, let Yang to do their appetites. I just want to ask, can you treat me as a yang, not as a girl's sex?

"I know that men do not intentionally, to observe the ability of girls and weak to No, had to have all the data at hand, imagine girls like such men, imagine all girls are eager to be protected." 」

Society also to help, repeatedly tell the single oath, as if happiness can only be huangxiaoming "Let me protect you, you are my life princess" or Qin "I am responsible for making money, Iraq can be static and responsible beauty such as flowers." "So it seems like there's only one formula left, and it doesn't matter who we are, what gender is important." (Recommended thinking: "A girl so brave," the protection curse! Taiwan Observatory for Girls in Hong Kong )

"I think he is not affected by Taiwan education, no I am a boy, you are a girl, so there are some things I am above your dislike." I was more comfortable with him. 」

We nest in the dinner table chat, alive to stay in the room to work, two people gave each other absolute freedom, after together, is a bigger world.

Yang and Survivors ' room: no need to prove the existence of "me"

I slipped into Yang's room, and it was actually a double, yang with her boyfriend to build a life of imagination. The room was clean and empty, they left a position so that light could come in and go.

"My room is transparent to the golden. In the past, I love to decorate the room, the room everywhere is the girl heart. Now changed, the decoration and decorate also do not pursue, I now like the room in the light of the wind, these two things will always change, no moment is the same, but like every day, I like the very small difference. The light is golden, the wind is transparent, I think the room is almost the two colors in different proportions every day. 」

Yang's description is beautiful, two people live together, "I" began to transform, but did not disappear. "I'm always comfortable here," so I found that I didn't have to prove "I" with all kinds of "Yang" objects.

On the windowsill of the room lay a row of many meat plants, she counted the number of points, with a fingertip inventory this is the lace girl, this is called talons, Yang look at the plant's eyes lovingly, the plant is very mobile, every moment is changing, but humans do not see it.

The bed was laid with perfume and massage oil, and a m&m small box, Yang asked me to know what? I shook my head, and she said it was the ashes of a love dog Nini, her favorite object in the room. Nini accompanied her to a solid life in Paris, Nini left, with another silent way to nest in her lives.

I later thought that talking about "Yang's room" is not very accurate, yang and space interaction is not a matter of course "own", but with the space to establish a dense relationship. She likes to sit in bed, like to take care of plants in the courtyard, like to cook cookies in the kitchen, like to do nothing in the bathroom (the bathroom is her favorite space), she passed each space, gently Qiao, left over the mark. (same site recommended:"Women's Room 001" Interview Wang Yu: I finally do not have to please you )

In ancient and modern times if there is a woman's room can let you enter ...

Yang want to buckle pianist Agrich door, "heard her day and night upside down, all the time, play enough to practice the piano, practice until dawn." Her children say that the door is always open, and that there will always be a wide variety of people in and out of the house. I am full of curiosity and admiration for such a woman, she and different men have children, but in fact, do not know how to take care of children, often lost children, so the first husband to "not qualified as a mother" Sue please divorce ... A lot of stories about Agrich, often let me charmed. 」

"Want to enter her world, always feel that there is very different from my world, but I think I will understand." 」

Yang Psychology room: I like to believe that everyone is a good person.

"Easy to believe, I do not know how to describe more accurate, easy to believe is not necessarily naïve, but I like the default everyone is a good person." Because it is easy to believe, so has been suffering, but bitter, I now have with the "easy to believe" related, so I also eat a lot of sweetness. 」

Yang, who is nicknamed "King" by fans, laughs that his philosophy of life is that she has no philosophies, but she never knows what other people really like and hates about her, but that doesn't hinder her from living freely. By writing diaries and sit-ins, Yang said that her mastery of herself was high enough to make her face a lot of setbacks.

"I probably have" afraid of their own disease ", once found that they may have psychological trauma, on the study and then find a way to recover, probably called the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Perhaps because of this, people think I am very inspirational, because I can always heal in the predicament, but also enjoy. "(Recommended reading: be your own therapist: A simple four-grid game that builds your self-worth )

Photographer: Marcel Sauder

She is regarded as a girl's passion, she said Taiwan too many "single values" of the problem, she does not have to provide a standard answer. someone threatened, intimidated, ridiculed, and hurt her, and she knew that before public, she was an interpreter, and everyone was able to pick out the jitters from the words. She will also be hurt and pain, but never give up believing.

The real counterattack, perhaps, is the absolute tolerance of the world.

That afternoon, Holi Hu Tu chat for three hours, in retrospect, I remember more is scattered fragments. For example, Yang baked cookies aroma, she in court outside the courtyard to pick up the water pipe count This is guava seeds, the trees will contend for resources, as well as her arms around her boyfriend, grinning when the spirit behind. Afterwards think, that is a very five sense of space, what can also happen, that time very negative, not bland not fire, much like my memory of the yang.