Women are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with the motivation to motivate themselves and influence the environment, to share with you the gender-related current affairs observation. In the secondary, every 12 o'clock in the evening, there are a group of Cinderella to catch up with the curfew system for girls . We have to ask, what is the protection of access? Perhaps the only thing is to protect the society's pure imagination of women, but in fact, the female body and the freedom to set up a line of defense. And in the women set up a lot of norms and restrictions of society, we are not complementary to the big Cinderella? (Same field Gayon: The most humorous counterattack!) Turkish woman laughs in response to Deputy Prime minister's "laughter loses her virginity" theory

Before midnight, she bolted on the main campus, if more than 12 to return to her bed, the chief aunt and sister will accuse her of violating the curfew, and then punish her labor services, she secretly told herself, if so, it would be better to stay outside 7-11 to the morning 6:30 to return to the dormitory rest.

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She was always disturbed by the curfew imposed on her bed, she thought back to the dormitory is not feel at ease but feel afraid, she occasionally ride on the Express in order to worry about late, every half an hour, need more than two hours of labor service; then she would see the neighboring boys and girls in the room with a swipe card to return to bed, and he loved the time out It doesn't matter what time you come back. She could not understand why they had to be "protected" by the high pressure of the school.

The extortion of personal liberty in the name of "protection" made her almost breathless. She looked at the school saying "good for you" repeated lines, she always can't see what the "good" is what, just think that can let me speak for myself?

The curfew rule of the female host is more than 10 years old, and the curfew system of the whole Taiwan dormitory is almost completely lifted, while the auxiliary college students from 2009 to 2016, 7 years continuously to the school to reflect the bias of the curfew, the school has not been a positive response.

They have never been able to wait for the opportunity to speak, the world has already said to women, as women must be protected by the object and the weak, and they have no longer think of the "auxiliary Big Cinderella" future.

She used the most primitive way to express the protest, against the Great Sun, announced the hunger strike, she is Liao Yuwen, she is Wang Zixian, she is Lin Yahui, they want to be very simple, they want to reform the girl is no longer in the foreseeable future, they want to regain the freedom of women's rights. (same field Gayon:"A girl good Brave Oh" protection curse! Taiwan Observatory for Girls in Hong Kong )

I love them, I have to fight with the body, the school is willing to listen, and despite their physical collision, the school gave the response is "10 years later, it may be possible to abolish the curfew."

An ongoing Taiwan gender dialogue: Who's safe and who's protected

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"Girls are not weak, can not always be a" girls need to be protected "to limit the freedom of girls, this is a gender discrimination, the school should be done, should give us a safe campus, rather than lock us up, but the real problem turned a blind eye. --Wang Zixian

When the school said that for the sake of safety, the practice is to regulate the freedom of women, rather than to ensure the safety of the campus environment. We also have to ask, who established the "Girls need to be protected" system and the default position? And the so-called "protection", is not just playing "care" reputation, but in fact, when the tube? And the bundle behind is not repeatedly hinted that, as a girl, you are a society can bully the weak, and you can do, only constantly review their own is not too late to go home?

Students protested overnight in the campus, and the school did not do the will census and the depth of the students to understand the request, but back to ask the parents to see your daughters, do you want to? My father's gender surveillance was obvious, and it was outrageous.

In the eyes of the school, she has a lot of identity, she is a large female student, she is the daughter of parents, and she is not herself, unable to speak for themselves, unable to fight for their own.

And their demands are always very firm, they want to "comprehensively" abolish the curfew, the implementation of electronic credit card system, designated dormitory management personnel rights and responsibilities and the implementation of dormitory students autonomy; they want to always very simple, she wants her freedom, she wants her night walk right, she wants to refuse " Protect "The freedom she wants for a better environment, rather than more bound female bodies.

Photo Source: The big Cinderella .

This is not just a request from a few female students, it is not just a matter of a curfew, it is not just a tug of war between the school and the students, it is the question of how we perceive the rights of women as a group, which is the most direct gender dialogue in Taiwan. (Recommended reading: A woman's growth confession: Can you know me as a person, not just judge my gender )

The Ministry of Education, with a letter from the Assistant college students, promised to make a decision within one months and invited legal experts, sex groups, school administration representatives and student representatives to examine the limitations of existing laws and regulations, so that they no longer override gender rights.

We are all the great Cinderella: The Pure imagination of the female body, the free blackmail in the name of protection

If we look back, in 2009, the auxiliary Great Black Ditch Society launched the "Auxiliary Good Accommodation" parade, for the late return time to midnight; 2010, the auxiliary big female bed again to mention "The waste access control, to the hot water, also the privacy, wants the autonomy" four requests; in 2015, nearly 97% residents wanted to change to electronic card system, The school still has a resolution to maintain the curfew and manual review, and 2016 of the schools are still starving for a curfew, delaying the positive response.

The school is wearing a warm mask, repeatedly said, this is for you, this is to protect you, you do not ungrateful. However, access to the "protection" of what, as a living people do not understand, perhaps access protection, is the society's pure imagination of girls.

As a girl, we have heard too much from childhood. Do not open your feet, lest others see your underwear ; you should go home early lest you be bullied; you should Winliang to avoid conflict with others, and you should dress properly so as not to be tempting to commit crimes; You must protect yourself so that others will not hurt you; All reviews are returned to girls as if we were wrong. Rather than the insidious malice of the world. (same field Gayon: Gender Watch: Brazilian rounds of violence and minor sexual assault cases, their experience is not your joke )

This is the world's Bingyi on gender issues.

In fact, we are complementary to the big Cinderella, is in different ways, by the community, she was 30 years old and single became her charge; she was detained by the supervisor for her pregnancy, suspecting that she had performed poorly, and that she was injured, but she heard society say to her, "The corpse is a girl's deserved"; her story, her moods, her pain, Society had already spoken for her .

And how we want to say, can we no longer blackmail in the name of protection? Can you give me my freedom, can you give me my body, can you give me the right to speak? (Recommended reading: Yang Sunny TED speech: "Dear girls, you have to take back your body, lust, rights")