woman fan of the fifth year, the third woman fan I love My festival came to the Taipei municipal Government Square. "Love Yourself" is never a simple thing, embracing pluralism, we talk about men and feminism, we talk about the informal female body, we talk about the process of marriage equality, you are not only a look, the world is not just a look.

This year's 528 good times, women fans for the first time with the four municipal Bureau of Taipei Cross-border Cooperation, the first time in Xiang Causeway Road planning large Women's room special exhibition, is also the first time to hold 14 relay speeches, all kinds of the first time let women fans break through the outside " Impossible "Suspicion, such behavior seems to be almost crazy, but we are not afraid of madness, only not to do exhausted efforts. How we would like to be a light in the world, not because of the darkness ahead of the retreat.

Women fans of the activities of the purpose is to hope to take up the hands of everyone, together bravely to the world declared: "I love me, I am my favorite appearance!" 」

On the same day, the partners came to the Taipei municipal government Square in the morning at eight, the intensive activities of the fine flow of repeated drills, and constantly revise the field seat and hard equipment, in the sun simulation of a variety of unexpected conditions. One day the partners on the face with a bright smile and hot eyes, we are proud to be able to work with women fans to create a good era, so that all like the readers of women fans can feel this sincerity. Our efforts may be a bit clumsy, but very sincere, just because we want to dedicate the best activities to each and every one of you who come.

The event is divided into career women, her stories and the embrace of pluralism, hoping that these three lectures will allow all those who participated in the 528 good times to hear the world and the value of diversity. Although the lecture area is not big, we still see the audience waiting in the sinister weather, the eyes flashing to listen to the speaker to share the "self."

It is not easy to love yourself, but we believe that a person walking is lonely, a group of people walk is to embrace the courage of loneliness.

I feel the cohesion between the speaker and the audience in the field, only to find that the speaker is not only telling their own stories and ideas, it is also a society under you and you and all the truth of the relationship. Regardless of the strength of the workplace, the value of life or gender significance, are clear love their own contours. In the process of emotional flow, we will begin to believe that only ourselves can determine their own appearance, and through each person's frankness, to create a good time for everyone!

Purple, the representative embraces the pluralistic speculation

We set the purple to embrace the diversity of theme colors, purple symbolizes the power of pluralistic thinking, we hope to be able to pass this power to all listeners, when you embrace the diversity of the world, speculative brings not attack, but the understanding of the world.

We invite long-term attention to gay sports and gender issues Lu Xinjie as the introduction, the same day, her humorous and cheerful presided over 5 different styles of speakers, from the sexual liberation of the sister, Wang Yu, Zhou, Kang Tingyu and then to Xu Xiuwen lawyer, each lecture is bursting with the charm.

The sexual liberation of the school sister: Seniors also understand feminism!

"Oppression and discrimination are not necessarily, but choices." This lecture is actually an invitation to invite all the men and women in the world to be optimistic about changing society and join this sex war! 」

Embracing the diversity of the first lecture, we invited the "Fan of the liberated sex" to talk to us about the direction of the gender issue after the #FreeTheNipple. As the only physical male of the 14 speakers, Fan also wants to share with you why men should also focus on gender issues. At the beginning of the lecture, Fan with his own experience, sad memories are usually unwilling to face the fragile, but he first dissected his past.

"We all know the Ye Yongji incident, when I know the time is actually very sad, because I have been because of personal gender temperament and suffer discrimination, I avoid the crowd cry, afraid they will love to cry with a sissy link, but, why love to cry must be a sissy, sissy and what is wrong? Fan admits that if he is not an optimist who faces sexism, it is likely to be the next Ye Yongji, but 16 years on, how many people in every corner of Taiwan's society are in such sexism? Because of life's past experience, today, Fan is more able to have a different view of discrimination that is considered "natural".

"Why do men have to bear the burden of breadwinner, why men have to be masculine and what men should be?" "In this society, many people ignore the fact that men should also pay attention to gender issues, which are taken for granted by the gender chains that are actually oppressive to men." In #freethenipple's activities, some men prevent women from pursuing sexual autonomy, physical autonomy, and gender equality, but they are not much help for such a gender situation if they simply point to a man's nose and scold chauvinism.

"This society requires men to be men, and they are taught to be the role of society in the process of becoming men, so they do not know that men and women can actually do more." "If men don't understand the importance of gender issues, can never understand men and women in their respective gender oppression and defects, only women do this thing is not enough to shake the existing gender structure of society, therefore, Fan with a physiological male role, I hope all men should face gender issues.

"When there is no sex discrimination on our body, it does not mean that sex discrimination does not exist!" "Fan mentions that in the gender issue, we also have to face social problems such as class and ethnicity, and some women can be a new role in economic independence, but there are also many women at the bottom of society who cannot be free." "Oppression and discrimination are not necessarily, but choices." "Fan believe that every one of us has the ability to change this society, we should create more social scripts so that everyone can live by their own scripts, rather than make our society look like one."

"What we're going to do is not really focus on what sex discrimination a woman or a man has suffered, or what women are struggling with gender, and what we're going to do is actually shake that sex structure." "It's not easy to shake this structure, but that's why we should practice it," he said.

Before the end of the lecture, Fan invited everyone to join in this gender war, and I deeply believe that this war is not for the sake of Life-and-death, but to let people know more about this society, and to embrace the possibility of society. (Extended reading: halfway decent feminism!) The sexual liberation of the sister Fan: "The liberation of not only lust, but also the freedom of all people")

Wang Yu: The female monster movement of the unqualified body

"The shackles of society, as long as you do not agree, it does not exist." 」

"I'm going to stand here today because of a taxi." Wang Yu to introduce himself with the amusing opening remarks, the instant narrowed the distance with the audience. Because the movie singing in the taxi was put on the network and burst red, but also because of the form and in the network caused a curse war. "There are a lot of people under the message tag people say:" Hey, you Maziya! 』。 Strange, did these people pass my consent? Wang Yu's directness made the audience laugh.

Because of these unfriendly responses, Wang Yu wrote: "I don't want a boyfriend, you don't have to pick me, I'm not an object." I'm not warming up your bed, so whether you like my body or not is not related to me. "Because this phrase caused the Apple Daily Reporter's attention, Wang Yu again red."

After this series of experiences, many people begin to ask why Wang Yu can live so confidently? But in the process of question and answer, Wang Yu found that everyone will her special inspirational, positioning her in the "positive energy Wang Yu ~~~~" of the infinite brilliance, but forget that she is just a living human beings, will also encounter setbacks. " Wang Yu not because of the positive personality traits of the present appearance, but because she is incomplete, so it looks like light.

"When I found out that people often used flattened imaginations to label me, I began to wonder if it was a terrible thing to define others in the same flat imagination." "In this society, it seems that fat people have the courage to speak is positive optimism, and the victim's mother should cry earth-shattering, but each person's characteristics are diverse, and can not be single label."

Next, Wang Yu and everyone talked about her self-confidence three main points, the 1th is "self-confidence from self-awareness, and consciously from the understanding of the world." "The process of falling in society, Wang Yu began to look for" why. Many people blame her for her size, Wang Yu later understood: "In the patriarchal system, the female body is a single image!" "So she found that the more we know about the world, the more we can forgive it, and even the inability to understand it is an opportunity to change it."

2nd, because Wang Yu itself is a performer, must let his body is very comfortable to be watched, in the process of performance can also examine their body and heart, and then understand the ego.

The 3rd is because Wang Yu does not care what others think, "the so-called social shackles, as long as you do not agree, it does not exist." "No one can make us hate ourselves. Wang Yu quoted the Chinese writer Yang Jiang's a passage close to his own words: "We have so much hope that the outside world to give us recognition, but in the end we know that the world is their own, and others have nothing to do." "No matter how hard we struggle with external oppression, ultimately, we still have to return to the harmony with ourselves, which is the biggest source of self-confidence."

In a society where everyone is diligent in labeling others, Wang Yu decides to use a label to define himself-the female monster. "The Goddess, the ugly, the demon girl, these adjectives that describe women are all made." "From the ancient times, women are often the chosen side, so let us actively become the shape of their own hope."

"If you think you're pretty, but disdain to be worshipped, if you think you are humorous, but do not think you are ugly, if you do not feel malicious to become a demon woman, if you feel that you are angry with the patriarchal and you feel that you are a freak, you are welcome to call yourself a female monster. "Wang Yu Welcome everybody, join the female strange movement together!" (Extended reading: Cherish the untimely thorns!) Interview Wang Yu: I finally don't have to please you.

Zhou: To be a pro-independence feminist: two good pits, not jump?

"Whether it is Taiwan independence or feminism, the ultimate attribution is to return to yourself, to find the person you want to be." One is to return to the ego, one is to return to the land of self. 」

"Hello everyone, I am Zhi Xuan, I am not a district legislator loser." Zhou smiled and said he liked to introduce himself with the loser. Because in past abusive quarrels, women are often scolded for sexist words such as "hookers," but when the other person knows this is useless for feminists, they choose to use the word "loser" to satirize her. But it is strange that legislators should speak loudly, or do they have to go home and cry for three days? "In the opening session, we saw Zhou with a cheerful and fearless attitude to meet all the audience."

In Taiwanese society, the pro-independence movement and the feminist movement seem to have nothing to do with each other, so in the course of the lecture, Zhou as a feminist who does the independence movement and shares the links between the two. For Zhou, the Taiwan independence movement is a pit, feminism is another pit, two pits together is an endless abyss, may be subjected to endless abuse.

At the beginning of the lecture, Zhou put the "thorn mushroom" picture, "he is a long look, but the heart is very gentle role." "Zhou wants to express that many of the people who are engaged in sports are such roles." Most people think these people are very cynical, but in fact they are gentle and good, and such gentleness is not a narrow reference to the label of women, it is more likely to be a force of resistance.

Does Taiwan independence conflict with gender equality? As an advocate of Taiwan independence and Gender equality, Zhou that there is no conflict between the two, but there are many common ground, the reason is that people feel conflict, because many people feel that their concerns than other issues of importance, and each person has a different life experience and ideas, We should all give each other a space to hold more value for thought.

There are many social issues that are covered by the gender issue, and so are Taiwan independence, many overlapping relationships. In the field of Taiwan independence, we often use the relationship between men and women as a sovereign metaphor, "some people will say that Taiwan is a poor woman, often oppressed by the Republic of China." But why would anything bad be pushed to a woman? 」

In Taiwan's political society, when people criticize a political figure in the form of gender discrimination or physical discrimination as a means of attack, "we can say Sean Lien self-righteous Shing, why do you always have to attack with the appearance that he is even d?" "In addition, Zhou that there will be feminist discrimination in the Taiwan independence movement, because the pro-independence movement is itself a power-struggle, and when faced with a situation of scarcity, the patriarchal system of society will be tough to intervene."

What is Taiwan independence? Zhou a rhetorical question to the audience below. Taiwan independence may have different answers in everyone's mind, "for me, the pro-independence movement is a place for people to understand their own process again." "We all have to try to understand what happened in the past and fight for the right to decide the future," he said. What is feminism? Feminism is a movement back to the self that allows men and women to jump out of the rigid frame and live what they want. 」

Whether it is Taiwan independence or feminism, the ultimate attribution is to return to yourself, to find the person you want to be. One is to return to the ego, one is to return to the land of the ego, both in helping us to find ourselves, and from oppression of liberation. Although the two pits were an endless abyss, Zhou still let us see her without hesitation. Coincidentally, at the end of the final speech, there was a flag song outside the shed, and the joke of the ceremony called everyone not to stand up, this is an authoritarian symbol, for the end of the speech brought a funny reflection. (Extended reading: My mother is the bone!) Zhou's full speech: Who stole 15 minutes of your concern for politics? )

Kang Tingyu: The erotic flow of "beautiful new women" in the media

"In a pluralistic society, if women outside the middle class can achieve gender emancipation, that is the real change," he said. 」

"As a woman, who do you want to have a life?" The audience whispered, "I want to be myself." Kang Tingyu said many of the students she taught answered Emma Waston, and in the past generations the response might have been as gentle and virtuous as Caishan. In the transition between generations, the appearance of the ideal woman that emerges in our minds has changed.

In the past, the media advocated the appearance of a beautiful woman, is the ideal man's object of desire, women are the object of gaze. In these years of media presence, women and men in the flow of lust between the change, is the younger sister news is not the only bright spot in the media, "small meat" image began to float on the surface, men can also become women gaze at the object of desire.

"The sex of a woman before is a man's plaything, and now a woman's sexuality is used to conquer men." "From Madonna's" Material Girl ", can see behind the ideology, women in society are often materialized and oppression, therefore, Madonna in turn the woman's active materialization as a means of seizing power to men, to the sexual seizure of power, subversion of women's imagination. In Taiwan's media, contemporary Taiwanese women can begin to talk about the need for lust in the program, or the desire to be a man, which is impossible in the media of the past.

Kang Tingyu also mentioned the current "spicy mom culture", from the British Victorian Beckham, the American Angelina Jolie Jolie to 隋棠 in Taiwan, the media is now preaching a new feminine culture in which women are sexually and even comeback after when they become mothers, and now women can have sex when they are mothers.

In drama, Kang Tingyu the film "Control" and TV series "sharp Wife" to express the new life model of women, in the present drama content, the woman in the intimate relations manifests is the independent appearance, before loves each other also must understand loves oneself, if in the intimate relationship hurts, also must study the active revenge, Don't let yourself suffer any grievance.

In addition, the sister Amoy is also a very important role outside of love, family and love is not a woman's whole, the oath of life can not be a woman's salvation. From the movie "The Black Witch", "Snow and ice", tell us that the prince is not the only cure for women's life, but sisterhood may save us.

The new trends, such as sexual seizure of power, spicy mother culture and love for themselves, have been dubbed "post-feminism" by scholars, seemingly reaching the utopia of feminism, in fact, there is still much room for effort. "We used to ask girls to be beautiful and sexy, and now ask mom and grandma to be pretty sexy," she said. "In the wake of this trend, the media demand for women's physical beauty has not diminished, but from a man's request to become a woman must have the consciousness, and even we expect women body beauty by the media to examine the age of the more and more."

On the other hand, many people began to praise the new woman can win men, new women in love and sex can dominate, but behind a trap, "the media will suggest how women can revenge and control men, the answer is women to be beautiful, that woman how to be beautiful?" To meet the expectations of the reduction of fat, buy an anti-aging products, you have to spend to be beautiful, you have to be beautiful to dominate men. "Metropolitan women seem to have the advantage of class and economy to make up for gender disadvantage, but the fundamental gender structure has not changed, and in a pluralistic society, if women outside the middle class can get a gender liberation, that is the real change."

Finally, Kang Tingyu teachers hope that women in economic resources can consciously understand the gender inequality outside the class, and try to use their own power to change the structure, as long as we are willing, each one of us will be a great help to change the future! (Extended reading: the world does not need more goddesses!) Interview Kang Tingyu: "Not every woman can become Cai English")

Xu Xiuwen: Love is the hardest test-multiple families, the path of equality

"There are so many heterosexual marriage systems, so many comrades involved in helping heterosexuals to survive in the marriage system, but these comrades have no way of marrying the people they like, and I think this is the time to stop," he said. 」

"Love is a problem we all have in life." "The Xu Xiuwen lawyer is gentle, share with all the sincere to face love oneself and love others of firm belief." A young woman holding the "non-marriage" feminist, and finally set foot on the road to promote marriage equality, this road is not easy, but she walked all the way, no regrets, also never flinched.

"Hiding is actually a small death. One day, Xu Xiuwen's mother cried and told her why she didn't talk to her mother anymore. After Xu Xiuwen found out that he was gay, his distance with his family grew farther away. Many comrades find themselves sexually, often fall into a sweet and sad situation, like a person is emotional sweet, but in the excitement of joy, at the same time because of social taboos, in the emotional setbacks and lost, unable to find the outlet to confide.

When we conceal our true self, we also destroy the relationship between kinship, friendship and love in intimate relationships, and many things become blank because we do not expose them. But these pains cannot unilaterally accuse comrades of being not brave enough, many times because the environment is not friendly enough to cause comrades to hide themselves in the cupboard.

Xu Xiuwen also mentioned that he had no vision of marriage at first. As a child, she could not imagine what she was like in her marital relationship, on the other hand it was distrust of the marital system. Since she first liked people, she was caught in a maze of multiple relationships, because we all may at the same stage, naturally to appreciate different people, so after liking, also have to deal with jealousy and possession in the emotional problems, if the marriage system is exclusive, may not be suitable for the confusion of their own.

"Marriage can actually have many versions, and it may have different meanings," he said. "After growing up, Xu Xiuwen lawyers gradually understand that the moral values in marriage is what, in fact, there can be a lot of negotiation possible, the most fear is that people should be intimate relationship between the" good "value applied to each person's different life. This is why Xu Xiuwen began working with a group of like-minded partners to develop a draft of a companion system and a family system.

"Many couples in the decision to divorce, the first time they opened the civil law relatives, found that the original rights and obligations of the relationship." The man at the bottom couldn't help laughing. When many couples decide to go into marriage, they are relieved to entrust their marriage to the government's normative rights and obligations, but in a way they deprive their partners of the possibility of arranging their rights and obligations. This is why, Xu Xiuwen lawyers hope that in the partner system and family system, let the parties themselves to deal with the rights and obligations of life, the development of the diversity of the system, do not deny the possibility of marriage equality.

The marriage stance of heterosexual hegemony, many people will question marriage equality for sexual and emotional contract establishment. Same-sex couples are often criticized for being infertile, but when we think about it, do we have to be sexually fertile in marriage? and is sex in marriage right? "We don't stop them from getting married because they can't have sex or want to have a baby, so why would gay marriage be questioned?" "All these problems must come back to us, to be honest and to think and face."

On the other hand, many people fear that the companion system allows unilateral Jian, but in fact there is no way for the law to force anyone to stay in an emotional relationship, and those who attempt to use the law to enforce the maintenance of a relationship are, to some extent, evading freedom. What the law can do, in fact, is to guarantee and distribute the rights and obligations of the establishment, process and termination of our relationship. 」

Everyone has the right to love, in this emotional relationship of the survival system, we must first learn to love ourselves, respect for others, to truly love others. Everyone will continue to love in this test of love, in addition to the need for a lot of personal efforts and a little luck, institutional support is also very necessary.

In the last one, the audience raised their hands and asked Xu Xiuwen: "How can we help a heterosexual who supports marriage equality?" "Xu Xiuwen lawyers believe that as long as all heterosexual friends who support marriage equality are willing to stand up and break the silence, it will be a support." Many people are afraid of their own way can not really help gay friends, but in fact, everyone is standing on the road to learn from each other, as long as we are willing to give their little strength, can help the promotion of marriage equality.

In the atmosphere of communication, I saw the self-confidence and firmness of love from the smile of Xu Xiuwen lawyer. (Extended reading: Interview Partner Alliance CEO Xu Xiuwen: "To win is not the protector, is the right to Love")

Five relay short Talk end, heart throb still remain in my heart. Speakers have their own spirit of expression, multiple issues, and ultimately return to learning how to face themselves.

Because we know what we really look like, do not need to feel inferior to their own gender characteristics, do not need to be affected by others because of their physical appearance, do not need to be influenced by the media mainstream advocacy and the appearance of women, and do not need to restrict the possibility of love because of the legal framework. Feminism, is to find the true self.

We need to embrace diversity because our understanding of the world is always less, no one can put their own life background on another person, but we can do is understanding, tolerance and face. In the process of understanding pluralism, it is possible for everyone to discover the self that has appeared in the social circulation and be bravely displayed by another person.

I was both excited and scared before I began to embrace the diversity of lectures. I do not know whether the diversity of these speakers is sufficient to be loaded with words, I am afraid of the diversity of speakers so that I can not capture, and I am very excited to tell myself that I am very fortunate to be able to sit here and put these strong and powerful stories into my life value. In the end, I understand that fear is superfluous, and we cannot replicate one's thoughts, but we can draw energy from them.

Learning is the basic act of embracing pluralism.

In these five speeches, I see everyone in each other's world, the concatenation of a belong to you, belong to me, belong to all the good times. Today's speech, is a starting point, and the real flight, lies in your wings.