single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. Rolling Stone love story finally back to "Wish you happiness", say such a word, not easy, and there are many stories. I wish you happiness, is the continuation of my love you, I wish you happiness , because I do not have the ability to give you happiness. (same field Gayon: single diary: We love each other, we can forgive ourselves )

"No one is left, no one can witness the youth without a round-trip." 」

You have grown into a grown-up, but always like the one he spoiled you, little friend.

There is a person who teaches you what love is, and he gives you the most precious gift of your life, that is no time to keep. He is willing to use the only time to write a love letter, accompany you walk home long distant road, love too short you have to waste.

"Are you a poet who loves me, or a man who loves me?" The girl asked
"Your poetry is Your man." "The man said

A man can be a girl's father, they look at the girl's innocent face and the man's wrinkled corner of the eye, Love became a trial. Those who chase in the days of poetry, not enough to testify in the church. When the whole world abandons you, he touches the hate of your eyes, until life becomes dull, and the poetry and the words that you love.

"We comfort each other and think that happiness is no more than that. 」

You always think, why do you fall in love with him so hard to love. As you prefer to read poetry, poetry is unpopular and not flattering, you fill in your own professional column poet, I am afraid Yama will laugh at you. You are not surrendering by the rules of literature, not by the truth of Love. You are the metaphor that loves him as you live.

The first time in love with people, life is always to obstructive. I want you to take a little detour and look back, or not you. Just sometimes, the time of the waves too high too fierce, the tie to play far.

True love once after, you talk about love in the future is not enjoyable. If Total true love is hard to survive, it's not as if we love each other.

"Now I most want to hear a blessing, also can't hear, but, I still want to thank him, thank him for giving me a period of the most precious time, he let me know, what is called Love." 」

It 's never time to tear us apart, it's not brave enough. Dear, you are happy, I can safely exit.

"I am very happy, really happy, but still feel reluctant." His shoulder, give me strength to put you. 」