At the end of last month, there were a number of strong cases that shocked the world at home and abroad , the most surprising of which was the circumstanzas of the victim.In the case of forced violence, it was clearly a victim of a crime victimless, and there was always someone who would ask, " Why is she wearing so little?I don't like it" Who asked her to drink?" She's late, so she deserves it?"This an intribated argument that has always been repeated in the case of forced violence, and what exactly did these people do?In addition to gender parity, psychology provides another possible cause.(Laughter) A gender perspective: Sexual assault on me is not alcohol, but it is a letter from the victims of your history of sex abuse to society )

the past two months, cases of rape-related cases have occurred in China and abroad. The situation of the victims in these cases has shown that women are deeply affected by the culture and culture of rape in society.What is puzzling is that these cases of straddling different countries, regions and cultures have a common phenomenon: the perpetrators are not accused of being accused of being victimless.

In addition to the recent incidents of special attention in the news media, it is also common for the victims to blame the victims in the past violent cases.We cannot help but ask why in the case of a violent crime, even if it is clearly the fault of the perpetrator, why is it always the responsibility of the victims' voices?I want to try to explain from a psychological point of view that this is obviously absurd and is constantly unfolding before our eyes.(Recommended reading: Public letters of transgender against rape: I am sexually assaulted, not me )

Is the world supposed to be fair?Potential belief drives absurd human reactions

Just-World Bellief, a psychologist named Lerner, is a psychology concept [note 1] that describes a possible belief in human cognitive thinking: human beings want to have a reasonable consequence of their behavior, so that human behavior makes sense, and can be paid in return for their own effort.The degree of this belief varies from person to person.The proverb that we often hear, "melon and melon," is the best way to write this belief.

The function of human beings in the sense of justice in the world is that it provides the meaning of human behavior and makes human beings have the power to act and plan their own lives and future.The importance of this is that if a person's behavior does not have a reasonable corresponding result, humans will be at a loss, and we cannot convince ourselves that the outcome of what is expected is what we can expect.(Recommended reading: Psychological therapy: To decide how to interpret the past, constructing the future )

only, this belief may not be able to enclose the true way of the world: we also often see a situation where "melon is not available, caste does not have beans".

There will still be a bad thing to do in life, which may conflict with the world's belief in the world of justice in the human cognition.When the world's righteous beliefs were threatened by an unspecified threat to the event, psychologists found that there would be a strategy to respond to the effects of the events, and one of the strategies was to find the cause of the incident to explain the occurrence of the incident.Such a strategy may be used by such a group of victims who are responsible for the victim's responsibility in the case of forced violence.

Humans tend to find a reason to convince themselves that they can escape the misfortune of the future!

the case of rape, the person who stated that the victim was born alive could be the cause of the world's belief that the world's just belief in the world is higher than that of ordinary people. The people who are unable to find a controllable cause are intolerable. So choosing to find a reason or explain themselves in the event to convince themselves that the belief in the brain can be maintained, so that we can convince ourselves that we do not have to face the misfortune of this kind of uncertainty.(Recommended reading: Breaking the myth of rape )

They identified the victims' clothing and behavior as an explanation of the incident from the violent incident, as the victim could control their behavior: she could choose to drink or not to drink, choose to go to the club or not, and choose to wear exposure or disrespect, such as a controlled interpretation, which seems to be a response to the later rape.

Because it is only in these places that the reason for rape can be attributed to the factors that cannot be controlled by the person: that is, the randomness of the intent and intent of others.There is no need to further recognize the brutality of the world: a fait accompli today makes it possible for a person to be raped or even be raped, even if he is not drunk or even raped. Therefore, it is actually totally illogical to get a chance to be raped.

Be brave to face the misfortune to prevent it from happening again

The implications of the world's sense of justice have allowed some people to defend the ideal world in their own minds in the way of condemning the victims, hiding behind the defences of the defender, ignoring the randomness of the violent offenders, which may continue to be played out in the future.

In the past, in the face of cases of forced violence, we often interpret this absurd by gender. In addition to explaining that women are being treated unfairly, psychologists have also put forward the idea of a world justice that allows us to look at it from another perspective, reminding the public of the need to move from the victim to the perpetrators.(Recommended reading: Women are raped, prosecuted for rape and rape )

should not recognize that these random events cannot be controlled. Instead, they should review why the randomness of the perpetrators hurts others and correct the people and culture of the entire society, with a view to reducing the number of such violent cases.