Look at "Change dress queen million Long Live," Hosu on the road to change, the line, wearing makeup hair, do his own that moment he felt sincere, the original life is never just survival.

Havana, Cuba, called the Dutch Jesus teenage boy, his mother died, his father left home when he was three years old, he has always been a personal life, he for the neighborhood hair-style support himself, most of the time, he stayed in the club, for the change of the Queen finishing modeling, witness all the details of the change.

He has a pair of beautiful eyes, in the back of the stage watching the Queen of the dress in front of the concert, he will silently tears, it is he felt the most powerful moment.

How magical it is to stroke the line, rub on the foundation, apply lipstick, put on a halter dress, wear a necklace, step on high heels, set on a wig, costume like replacement status, you can be any person you wish to be. (same field Gayon: Queen Mary disguised as a peasant girl)

"I feel so powerful, so beautiful, I want to do something for myself." 」

He sees through the negative characteristic is the study also plays, he staggered to stand on the stage, to ponder the eyebrow and flirt, he said my name is Viva, I want to shout for my life long live. At that moment, he felt that he had never been so sincere.

And his 15-year-old father suddenly appeared in the club, with the strength of the former boxer, gave him a hard punch.

100 minutes of the story, I watched in the movie theater and constantly shed tears. "Change dress queen million Long Live" is a gentle film, not sensational to let people understand that everyone has their own suffering, have their own way of living, who do not owe who.

I saw his father An Ho (Angel) face, he was once high-spirited boxer, back to his hometown, old outdated. He looked down at his fist, with the only desire to return to the ring, the only way he could clearly identify himself as alive.

I see Hosu (Jesus) Looking for the eyes, he listened to the CD old body can not help swaying, standing on the stage he is no longer lonely, and his father with the memory of the past outrageous back, want him to forget his feminine appearance, they open unfamiliar dialogue, quarrel and understanding, back to the head to find that the original is life. (Recommended reading: yours, mine, Father's appearance )

Atypical father and son: a repetitive dialogue between masculine and feminine

After the quarrel, he looked at An Ho's side face and remembered that he had been so old.

Father An Ho old, not only the old body, but also the spirit of the weak, he can no longer return to the boxing stage, he knew the field side of the people are waiting to see his jokes. He could not use his fist in exchange for his family, he was a helpless father, he had to drink.

Hosu The family expenses, he secretly back to the club, he was in the noisy area waiting for a strange body, Ann what this lifetime never understand the feminine characteristics, feed their common day. (Recommended to you:"I can only go back to prostitution" sex workers in the struggle between sex, money, homecoming )

An Ho Boxing stage fall, and son of the transition career is going to start, fist no longer for food and clothing, negative force is home Bread winner.

Boxing and dress, is the "masculine characteristics" and "feminine characteristics," the ultimate presentation of the repeated conflict between father and son, but also masculine and feminine characteristics of the continuous dialogue.

Boxing church Ann what worm, change outfit let Hosu understand oneself body also have strength. They understood that each of them had been a man of nothing, and in poor Havana, An Ho's fists and Hosu's costume, let them see their place in troubled times, the most they could give to themselves: life was too much to live. (Recommended reading: A transsexual queen who has been plucked: why should I prove to the world that I am a woman?) )

Hosu to An Ho said, "I want to go back to the club, you can be angry, but you can't stop me." "Why do you not listen to me?" he asked, as he recognized the look of his own eyes. He nodded forcefully.

The image of the great father fell down, so that he could embrace An Ho's weak and decrepit flesh.

Father is no longer just a father, but also a living accomplice, they stand on the broken roof overlooking, Havana has the world's most beautiful slum, their lives here tightly intertwined.

The poor Havana bears witness to all the traces of their fervent life. Masculine and feminine, not so fire and fire, Hosu (Jesus) and An Ho (Angel), as their name implies, would have alternate mutual structure. This atypical father/son/family relationship, the United States is real, like metaphor, open the next atypical family relationship of the establishment of the Dutch-Soviet. (Same thinking:"queer notes" naked wounds and tenderness, no longer need armed pride )

He was a cool family, living with a neighbor of hot, gay boys, and a baby girl.

Finally, it doesn't matter whether he becomes the queen of the changing outfit, as long as he starts singing, he feels his life is there, he shout out his name, he is Viva.

"Long live the Queen of change" free ticket activities

An Ho and Hosu, masculine and feminine performances and repeated dialogue, Ann Ho with fists worm, Hosu with toughness to carry the weight of a family, and they all let us understand that life is never just survival, each role is costume. The woman fan invites you to go into the theater together, follows Hosu to shout Viva together, in the crowd lives out own strength!

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