525 I love me after the festival, love their own action to continue! Good times film Hot online, we want to bring you behind the planning, interviews and shooting of moving stories. Loving yourself has been a very mysterious thing, and how we wish to let you know in a simple way that strength is always on your own. (same field Gayon: I love my big girl era: from the hundred meter dash to the marathon challenge )

Don't lie to you, I always think "Love Yourself" is a very mysterious thing.

I am in charge of this time I love my good times #let ' s do It together film filming of the Doris, the beginning of the project to start the heart is to hope that all of us through our message, so that more people start to believe that "love themselves" charm.

When I received this task, I was in fact a little overwhelmed, because I do not understand "love myself" in the end is what: many books on the market, many articles on the Internet, women fans also constantly discuss with readers "love themselves" this matter, but how to love yourself? How do you live your own life in this world? How not to feel lost and confused by your own incompatibility?

A variety of discourses and viewpoints, so that relatively simple to think I sometimes dizzy. Seemingly simple words are more complex to execute than you think.

So, 525 this year I love my good times, and we want to present "love ourselves" in a simpler and more straightforward way, with the deepest and easiest language to inspire more people who are still lost in the "love themselves" journey. (Recommended reading: The Most beautiful love, is to let you find love from yourself )

What can be remembered in the age of information explosion?

I ask myself, under the information explosion, what will we remember? I believe that the memory can be left with the most sincere eyes and sincere voice.

In this era of exploding information, a lot of messages abound in our lives, television, mobile phones, computers, tablets, various devices carrying thousands of messages, not only fast but also easily replaced by the next second message. In the process of sifting through the brain, which message will be left behind?

In the end, we choose to present it in the form of audio and video because can be memory left is the most sincere eyes and sincere voice, and we really want to feel the first line of moving more clearly passed to more people who are not in the scene, so that each audience with the heart closest to the distance to embrace their most authentic feelings, and connect their stories with themselves to talk.

To be honest, this is really not a simple matter, but it is also exciting and full of happiness.

However, to simply present it is not a simple matter, just like "Love Yourself".

Planning at the end of April, less than one months left, full of tension, anxiety, frustration and anxiety. Tense script content planning How to let everyone know how to feel, anxious dream of the candidate can be a good invitation, helpless limited time without more manpower to help;

However, fear is the illusion of their own, things do not really start, you absolutely do not know what you are about to gain.

To be honest, this is really not a trivial matter, but the real thing is to make people feel excited and happy. From the invitation to the photographer started, in fact, not only one person, I have the whole team with me to defeat the monster of their hearts scared to death.

We work together to invite the Dream list, together unfortunately, because the schedule is not arranged to be declined, unable to find a contact window or budget factors such as Waterloo, in the process of the knock over again, waiting for the next joy. At the same time, I also feel the happiness of writing in the process of writing script with edit Ab, and more importantly, we successfully invited the Director Zhang Jongwen, who was the winner of the When Mom Visits works at the Cool Children Film Festival, to work with his team. (same field Gayon:"Sex salon" can become oneself is happy! Zhang Jongwen and Lin Weishui out of the framework of life more comfortable )

Listen to the story of the weight, we are all happy

Every moment of filming, I enjoy this happiness with luxury.

Because I am close to the Dream list written on the paper, listen to each one has a good story of weight. Each interviewee is unique and tells a different story in a different tone, and the only thing is that when they say what they believe and hold on to, they can shine through their hearts and let me burst into tears as they stand before them.

Their voices were strong, and the noisy world was silent, their eyes very pure and blazing with the heart. Full three days of filming time, I feel like an unlimited amount of action power, constantly being charged with their story full charge.

In particular, I would like to share with you 3 of these people.

Liu Anting: Every man is a man with a tightrope.

"No matter how difficult and scary the world is under the tightrope, the vision ahead is still there, and I want to move on to a better place." --Liu Anting

First place, Liu Anting. When I first saw Liu Anting, I had a surprise in my heart, because I still had the impression that I was in a blue dress, and I was sharing the cookie-geek story with him. At that time he was radiant, energetic and now standing next to me in front of the Anting slightly different. While waiting for the machine to set up, at the side of the Anting, speak softly and look tired. But after the formal filming, he was filled with "power" by the words he shared. (Recommended to you: What are you lucky to do?) Interview Liu Anting: "Once you start walking, you know more than you can stay at the original point")

Which, to my surprise, he told me, in fact, he has been reviewing the speeches he shared at Ted, except thanks to the media for the TFT exposure, but also because of the extra personal aura he has been given, which blurs the core values he wanted to tell us.

Now the Anting keep practicing to minimize the ego, she wants to make everyone aware that Taiwan's educational resources are not the same problem that all Taiwanese people have to deal with and take action on, and that he thinks he is very lucky because he is working hard for the whole team, not just him alone.

He said: "We are the people walking the tightrope, the most important thing is not to look down but to look forward." The same is true of the strength that keeps us going, no matter how difficult and terrifying the world is under the tightrope, the vision that lies ahead remains. I want to move forward in a better place, "he said, sending a tremendous amount of energy from his thin body. This feeling reminds me when I was a child, the first time I was playing with my classmate, a very thin line, a line that conveys a surprising and shocking energy. (Same field Gayon: "exclusive" Liu Anting into the full text of graduation speech: "Find a place worth working, plant your Lucky")

Liu Anting, that's the kind of person.

Lara: When you feel your heart is breaking, you're going to grow up

We always rob for the heartbreak of sadness, but covered with the joy of growing up for us.

Second place, Lara. In learned that Lara and sister common entrepreneurial "Sister doll Multimedia" before, the impression of Lara has stayed in Nanquan mother voice very good singer. This time, I contacted the Lara I have not imagined, her big eyes clear as water, compared to the previous playful more than a gentle to the world.

I asked Lara to choose a difficult path from the group, what was her feeling? He said: "When the side of the wall to protect their own open, with that space after the opportunity to explore their own possibilities," so she began to like herself.

In the face of setbacks, Lara also found their own philosophy of life, he said: "When your heart feels broken, to feel happy, because your heart is going to grow up." "I was deeply touched by this philosophy, never thought of the original heartbreak can feel happy, do not know that this is actually the heart is ready to grow pains."

We always rob for the heartbreak of sadness, but cover the joy of growth for us. I recall the heartache that I remember deeply, the current pain always tears, but now I think of the joy far more than the pain and not huan, because every pain, I only remember that I get more. (same field Gayon: courage is not not afraid, but in fear can still move forward!) Big woman Lara & Esther interview )

Lu Guangzhong: Bring happiness to others and make yourself happy

Third place, Lu Guangzhong. To Guang Zhong's understanding, I and many people like his happy morning morning beauty, yes ah. I always remember his big thick frame glasses, laughing smiling smiling glasses with a large smile 咧咧 mouth. To Kwong Zhong Company, while the machine erection, one side saw far away, Guang Zhong very happy with his guitar. He plays the guitar like a elf in the company, as long as he walks through the place as if it were sprinkled with glitter. (Recommended reading: Leave a yeah to the world!) Interview Lu Guangzhong: "Happiness is principle, confusion is duty")

When I was filming, I was also moved by the warmth of the Tim Wing partner. The scene of the shooting because of the relationship between the space, I have to squat in order to be with the wide-Jones camera camera line of sight, so that the smooth interview shooting. In order for me to participate in the most comfortable way of filming, Kwong Zhong and his colleagues took some time to find the right chair for me, and they probably didn't know that their empathy embraced my whole busy little universe.

Guang Zhong is one of the most photographed people, most like friends. Interviewed with the tone of the talk, just as his song as approachable, he used such an ordinary word to share his heartfelt belief, true and sincere to do their own.

I asked Guang Zhong why would want to always bring everyone happy, Guang Zhong said: "Bring other people's happiness, in fact, from the most selfish behavior, because I want to be happy." "Yes ah, I often also because of consideration of others how to see, how others say, I do not meet the expectations of others and mood ups and downs, emotions, but forget to listen to their hearts."

Kwong Zhong used his sincere words to make the world shine.

After this shooting, I still Feel "love Myself" is very mysterious, but it is not the original kind of psycho, vague, feel the feeling, and can gradually outline the outline. Love oneself, is so slowly groping out.

I started trying to practice what I believed in, because I believe and make myself unique, and practice talking to myself in solitude, after I begin, I realize that I can find a way to love myself through dialogue with myself, and ask myself the happiest and most unhappy thing every day, and say why, Even in the unhappiness to find the happiness of drowning therein.

On the other hand, love oneself is actually in love with oneself, once someone told me, "the right person" is to help you make complex things simple, and I am very fortunate that this film, I have contact with these stories and people, these always seem to be my communication with the catalyst, there is a chemical change, gradually the complex of love itself to become simple, And slowly I also become the exclusive oneself that "right person". (Recommended reading: Love by Fate, loving oneself is the duty )

Looking back on all the experiences of the shooting, all the stories I heard, I felt lucky. Luckily I borrowed so much power from them that I could also embrace myself and love myself. In the end, I want to share this happiness with you.

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