Cameron that the definition of success is not false, happiness has nothing to do with fame, she said that it is always important to be honest with yourself.

Recently, a short monologue from Hollywood actress Maisong Diaz (Cameron Diaz) has been transmitted in Facebook. In just one minute of the short film, card Maisong slowly out of her heart happy in the name, in Hollywood, Cameron the highest number of female stars in the second, but she thought that happiness has nothing to do with fame.

In the latest documentary "People" (Human), shared by the "education, Enlightenment, change" organization (,"contentment comes from your sincerity," and Maisong a face to share the definition of success, To be serious is to be worthy of one's own life, not to seek pleasure from the admiration of others.

Outsiders always enviable actors can live under the spotlight, card Maisong But think, this is only part of the actor's work, rather frankly to ask what they want to pursue, rather than mistake the huge fame and fortune as the sum of happiness, from Cameron all the way to live through the trajectory, she really never forget their new appearance.

The definition of success is to be afraid of your own senility.

"When people tell me that I want to be you and be an actress and want to be like you, I always ask them:" Why? Really, why? To Americans, you are famous, which means that you are successful and you are happy. And I do the things I do, not because I want to be famous, it's part of my job to be famous. 」

Everyone shouted Cameron is Hollywood's sweet face, but her sunshine is not only in appearance, but live in their mature posture. Towards the age of 44, Cameron wrote his second book, "Longevity", to encourage people to resist the stigma of "old" and to embrace "getting older".

She also published her own vegetarian Genzhao on the social web site, showing no qualms about "senility" such as pouch, crow's feet and freckles. Everyone surprised her to her own frankness, she also shared with you in the old process, always do not move the faith, hoping to let the reader face the aging process, don't put " Old "As the veil of shame, we will go through this stage, and why not let ourselves relax, do not live in other people's beauty standards, in order to more gracefully deal with that intolerable pain."

Cameron also talked about his mood changes in an interview with the American Esquire magazine, at first she was as afraid of the 40-year-old as the other women, but after the years, she stubbornly lived out her own rules, and she also found that to be honest with herself, in order to exchange peace of good time, " This is the first time I feel very satisfied in my life. 」

She said excitedly during her visit that she had seen a better self than she was when she was 25 years old, over the age of 40. Do not inquire how far the road ahead, do not be afraid of the whispers of others, "Do your best to live in the present" is Cameron future goals. (Recommended reading:"ripe age nude album" Years have not withered! Women's body is not only because of "youth" but the United States

The definition of success is not to mean to say love

"When I'm at home, with friends and family, I don't have a name, I'm just me." I am Cameron, and fame does not define who I am. So, if you define yourself by asking for names, you will never be happy. You are always searching for happiness, and you never get it from your reputation. 」

Cameron once in a period of affection, and finally with small himself seven-year-old "Wild Charlotte" guitarist Bangemeden married. During the two years of her marriage, she temporarily put down her career and chose to return to the "Cameron" that was not defined by her reputation. A while ago "wild Charlotte" launched the new album "Youth Authority", she also hesitate to embrace her husband's talent, in Instagram wrote a voluminous essay, full of love and worship to her husband.

"One of my favorite things about marriage is that I'm very proud of my husband," says Maisong. I am proud of him every day, sometimes his generosity and dedication, sometimes his gentleness and thoughtfulness, sometimes he is fearless of all the protection of his love and care of the people, his integrity and honesty more let me reward. But today I am most proud of his talent and talent, his band "Wild Charlotte" after 6 years to launch the new album "Youth Authority", by his own music brand Mddn release, this album is really great! It is full of love, hope and truth, and about exercise and grasping love, I hope everyone can express their pain, fear, hope and dream through music creation, baby, you amaze me, congratulations! 」

In which, we see Cameron Happiness is not to be held in the palm of the pampered, but gently to gaze at the person's injury and desire, it is because of these people's companionship, you become the present you. She is also particularly aware that the definition of success comes from the people you love to share, so don't be stingy with love, say the feelings of the export in person, have the temperature.

Success is defined as the possibility of honesty in the face of relationships

"Looking back, what do you do for a lot of things?" That should not be a name, the fullness of satisfaction comes from your heart, from your sincerity, not from the name. 」

Cameron sincerely face himself, but also bravely embrace the various possibilities of the relationship. Cameron is not shy about her bisexual tendencies, she said in an interview with Glamour magazine, "I think women are beautiful, and in a way, every woman has sexual attraction in the eyes of other women." 」

When she boarded the program "Watch What Happens Live" propaganda film "the League of the Women and the enemy", more directly by the host asked "Have you ever been in a female's vagina?" "Cameron do not dodge the spotlight light under the flashing eyes, generous answer:" Yes, I have been with women. "Not in the light of the people of Hope, for Cameron, honest to the understanding of their desire, even more commendable." (Recommended reading:"Kro magic" of the Teenage School: girls, can be for anyone echocardiography )

After entering the marriage, facing the media is always waiting for Cameron good news, she does not want to conform to such expectations, admitting that pregnancy has never been in her life plan, "I chose not to have children, even if I married my husband, I still think it is a good decision." When the two of us met and decided to be together, life had already begun, not waiting for a child to realize "Ah! Our life has finally begun. "I am satisfied with this decision, so we both live more wonderful." 」

Why do you struggle to live according to the standards of others? Cameron let us know that all the encounters in the world have its meaning. Don't be afraid to lose will destroy you, this lets you cherish the present oneself's appearance more along the way, it is through those doubts to oneself, can learn after settling, recreate oneself life shape.