Feel life is powerless, lose direction , travel is a good choice for a lot of people distraction. Like the adventure of the August, embark on a trip and a hard journey, traveled through Yunnan, Tibet, with their own way to travel, but also on the road to find the most authentic self . She turned her journey into a novel , with words to convey every moment of understanding, to bring readers a new experience in tourism. Now, follow the footsteps of women fans, together to see the journey of the August! (Gayon: 13 Life topics for travellers: Remember to embrace fear )

Women fans and The times of the "reading of the salon " on July 15 for the first time, invited the author August to the park and readers to share a new book. At seven o'clock in the evening, the reader continued to enter the land, someone came alone, but also some people go together, but presumably everyone is holding a look forward to the heart of paradise!

Looking at more and more readers to the scene at the same time I found that August is like a warm owner, shuttle in the crowd, to everyone--originally, there are many August friends, heard the August book, take this time to share with you the new book "On the road, meet myself" attracted to come, A glimpse of a friend who publishes the first novel. Because of the good popularity of the August, so that the atmosphere of the salon activities more and more hot, it feels like a homecoming.

In order for readers to attend the salon, as easily and warmly as a friend's home, the times specially prepared a cut of French bread and pear bubbles for readers to enjoy. Originally thought this is already rich enough, also because August friend Dora brought oneself elaborate "sea salt orange fragrant chocolate pound cake" more icing on the cake, let the paradise drift thick chocolate and bread incense.

When everything is ready, readers and the August and moderator Times published editor-in-chief Yu Yifang, together in meditation and sit together, with the August travel story, and life reconciliation.

Author of August (figure left) and newspaper editor Yu Yifang (figure right)

The providence of God has given me the gift of travel, the birth of a novel.

"I think the August text has a magical power, looking at his words, it will naturally be brought into his description of the situation, and then moved." "Moderator Yi Fang Editor-in-Chief mentioned that the first contact with the creation of the August novel, the atmosphere is particularly peculiar, so a look can not stop, and in the novel inside constantly get not the same move." "But I am very curious, you such a woman wandering around, traveling everywhere, and the location is to make the journey more laborious Yunnan, Tibet, do not have tired, lonely, sick, insecure time?" The editor of Yi Fang looked at August with curious eyes.

August smiled and said: "I think God is very kind to me, travel is like my talent, my talent." Every trip is like a small angel with me, even if I encountered difficulties in the journey, setbacks, although the present will be distressed, but in the end can be solved. But August also said that his life was not as smooth as the journey, in his life, had touched two times the big turn.

The first turn was, before the age of 30, he hopes to become a strong woman, the daily life of the goal is to work, until a karma meeting, to travel to Britain, leaving the competitive, stressful work environment, and get along well with themselves after the August this found that the original "happy to live" than the cause of success more important. Back in Taiwan, the heart has been "want to live Happy" and "want to succeed" on both sides of the struggle, work encountered a bottleneck. So, August decided to embark on a journey for themselves, life also came to the second turn. (same field Gayon: don't dismantle own wings, after 30 years old to go out the invariable life )

The second corner of Life, August to the southwestern part of China: Yunnan, Tibet, Sichuan area. "Traveling here, or wandering around, getting the kind of spiritual pleasure that I've never experienced," he said. Let me over there, only a second visit, but also the birth of this novel. "August firmly said.

"What makes you a writer from a traveler?" "The question of the editor-in-chief of Yi Fang should be curious to many readers at the scene," he said.

In the past, August has been shared through blogs and Facebook. "Gradually I found that there are many people can write travel articles, but the simple travel introduction article, the author's own moved more than the reader, the reader has not received the author's emotions will not be moved." So I started thinking, what can I write? "In the August, I began to think, what kind of way can I convey my emotion?" A trip in Yunnan, the epiphany in the bath when the meditation, tell yourself: Can you fuse all the feelings of travel, into a heart-growing novel?

"On the road, meet myself", a combination of travel scenery, spiritual feelings, coupled with the August fantasy strokes of the novel, so the embryonic form.

Every single thing that comes up is the best arrangement.

"I want to tell you that:" Nature at any time in different ways, tell us the difference in life, but we have no intention to feel. "August said, this is the most want to convey to the reader of a concept." When August comes to this, the editor of the Yi Fang nodded his approval.

August also share with you: "Everyone's experience of pain, may be more than their own frustration more bone marrow, the world's suffering not only you have suffered." "When we are worried about why we bear so much pain, and fear that others can not understand their own pain, let their body and mind go wandering!" To experience the wandering journey, nature will ease your pain through tangible or intangible ways, and let yourself find your own solution.

Once, August through travel to let their hearts go wandering, to feel the nature of the unreserved pay, successfully spent the life of two sharp turns. Now, he hopes through the power of the novel, tell more readers, brave to break out a trip of their own! Nature can give us, much more than we think. In this salon, August also shared the beauty of their journey, with folk music from Yunnan, and read out the book of their most satisfied with a few paragraphs. Beautiful music, plus the warm voice of August, readers are all attentive to listen, some people look serious, there are people with a smile, we followed the August into the trip that originally belonged to him, this trip, but also because of the August sharing, become more powerful. (same field Gayon: wandering 400 days after life change: persistence, is the best smell )

The whole salon was so focused on listening to the August sharing, and the readers were taking notes very seriously, as if they had a full harvest in the salon. At the end of the salon, the interaction between the reader and the August is still very hot.

My journey is provided to you for reference, hoping that you may live out your own story

"Do you write an article every time you go on a trip?" "There is a reader who likes to travel around and asks," Every time I travel back, I try to use a word record, but I tend to be defeated by laziness, or I feel I'm not good enough at writing, so I give up when I write. 」

August smiled and said: "Some authors of the way is:" Every day must be forced to write, will progress ", but for me, I like to be kind to myself. Because I know myself very well, I knew I couldn't write it when I couldn't. "Here, August stopped a bit, feeling and said:" We are accustomed to envy others, have forgotten that they are also worthy of being envied by others. Life has so many ways to make it work, and when you find out that it's not going to work, it's just another way, maybe you can make it. My story is only to give you a reference and inspiration, your own story is the most wonderful. 」

A reader who has been taking notes seriously, put down his pen and asked for the August: "You have experienced such a wonderful journey, return to the real life again, not very painful?" 」

"The mainstream value is that the rush to camp, to achieve the peak of the cause of success." This kind of mainstream values in my love of freedom, of course, will cause a lot of conflict in my heart, this is a test, but still will not stop me to travel. Everyone has a different definition of success, but we all have to be true to our choices, and to be able to understand that there are gains and losses. "August slowly answered. In his eyes, I saw the August of the persistence of travel, the understanding of life. Such resolute emotions also infect the readers present.

At the end of the salon, readers communicate with each other and in the August they hug and take photos with their friends. Warm and hot atmosphere, from the beginning to the end, have not disappeared. A salon that was born because of the creation of the August novel, I think it's not just a new book, it's a very nice warm party for me and for the readers, because we saw the August journey, and because of the party, we started imagining our own journey. (same field Gayon: buy a diary!) Research shows: Writing makes you feel better and less likely to get sick .

A night of your own independence, dating yourself.