We can often see fashionable photos and aesthetic models in advertisements and magazines, but have you ever heard of the photographer 's mental history of these photos? Chen Shingi, a fashion photographer with unique vision , has come to share with you this year's great series of lectures, so let's review her wonderful speeches. (same field Gayon: next Supernatural woman Superman!) Interview Chen Shingi: "You have a story, so you are Beautiful")

Chen Shingi, fashion photographer. "Every photographer has his own expertise and is best at capturing women's beauty," she said. "For every shot, she is very hard, very attentively in the observation of each of the photographed, so that each person can be photographed in front of the lens to show their most unique beauty." Very attentively to taste life, take photos of the atmosphere and the picture also rely on intuition to feel.

Make good use of the chips we have, we have to compete with ourselves.

In this short talk, I would like to tell you first: From beginning to end, I did not want to compare with anyone, nor to deliberately compete with men. My only competitor is myself.

I help myself set goals, imagine, execute, back to the imagination, and continue to execute. If I have a chance in the future, I would like to share with you how to make the most of every day's work and spare time.

Let's talk about the two women of Taiwan president Tsai and US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as examples, I believe that these two women are not born to be the president, they just want to do the best, put the chips at hand to the maximum value. I am the same, my competitors are only their own, my goal is to have their own resources to use incisively and vividly. You can also make a list of the chips you have at your fingertips, such as your work, your children, etc., and try to make the best of everything, a way to use your chips.

But I think the world is fair. Imagine our life is playing poker, everyone has a hand, some people may have a good card, but he may lack of intelligence or some ability, then this person will not win the game. It's like someone born with a natural beauty or a silver spoon, but they don't have the heart to do their own advantage, and those who are naturally superior will not necessarily win other people. (same field Gayon: Workplace notes: You have to work very hard to look effortless)

We have to find a way to play our cards to the best, we can in their own life to show the best.

Accept the real yourself, make up for your own shortcomings, develop the unknown yourself

As a woman, we accept that we are a girl and that every different person has a different advantage. I used to cut my hair very short, and in public I had to wear a eight-o-year suit--because I wanted to tell men that you could be successful, you could look professional in suits, and I could do it.

But then, I found out that my idea was wrong. I have no need to make my appearance masculine, or to wear my clothes to highlight my differences. I just continue to strengthen my ability to prove to the world: I can.

Every year, I review my mistakes, examine my weaknesses, and try to be stronger. When I first came back to Taiwan, Chinese was not very good, so it was hard to find a job. At that time I have the only tool is the camera, I constantly practice, constantly want to break through the concept of their own photography and the speed of completion. Up to now, I can take 60 sets of clothes in eight hours and change 30 scenes. Photographer to do now, I began to try micro-movies, but also someone to me as a moderator, in addition to constantly enhance their own chips, I have been trying to increase the different chips, and constantly to learn, let me win the same victory.

There may be some fresh graduates in this room, and I encourage you to try new things, just do it, don't think too much. Before I contact new things, also met a lot of setbacks, but without those setbacks, there will not be the strong me now. (same field Gayon: a letter to the workplace fresh people "go their own way of life, so that work with you")

New things to your stimulation will bring growth, but also make your mind more and more strong. Hope you all don't underestimate yourself!