Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon:"The Illustration constellation column" Aquarius, Gemini, Libra: The sexy keyword of the wind sign )

Gemini (May 21 ~ June 20)

The focus of August is to make the most of your communication skills. Writing, editing, public speaking, teaching, coding, advertising copywriting, research, exploration, translation, marketing, social media, public relations, and other types of communication technology are all playing-now it's time to show your personal skills and show off. As a Gemini, these are your innate skills, and this new moon's friendliness, August 3, will give you a lot of opportunities to show it to more people.

In the end, your road to success is Yimapingchuan, and there are many things you can do without any opposing planets to make you fall behind. In fact, Saturn will be blessing you in this new moon, so if you focus on your own craft, chances are you'll have a chance to elevate your talents, experience and reputation to the next level. In fact, the new moon of August 3 brings the best New Moon of the year, and this focus on intelligence and communication lasts a whole month. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: You have to work very hard to look effortless )

The full moon of August 18 is a sign of your mutual tolerance, your Nineth house, a long distance trip, and the relationship with foreign people may attract your attention. You may travel very well, or you may work for a foreign company. Or you might be able to work for a company that is in your country, but find that the company's owners or headquarters are abroad.

This part of the chart is also associated with publishing, broadcasting, legal affairs, higher education, through your efforts to get a degree, or in college teaching. One of these issues will dominate, and in this respect you will see important opportunities and progress. The full moon of August 18 is called the "almost lunar eclipse" (meaning that the moon is almost not covered by the Earth's shadow)--that is, strictly not a very mature lunar eclipse--but even so, it will bring some important vertices.

New information will be received, or new adventures will be opened. There is always a strong energy before and after the full moon, not only for you, but for your entire team. The full moon focuses people together for a similar goal, and then accomplishes the goal by four days of the full moon period.

You may also take a few short trips this month, within a 500-mile radius of your location. It looks more like a job, but you still have a chance to visit your friends or siblings and probably spend a lot of time in your vacation home.

Also, this month, you may sign a document, or make progress on the book you are publishing, or have a movie studio intent on buying your screenplay, having the opportunity to host your TV, radio program, or important job opportunities in social media, and so on. Whatever the chances are, it may come suddenly, and your friend may be driving the start of things.

At the end of the month, it had the brightest phase of the two-year period. August 22, your Guardian star Mercury will encounter with the good luck of Jupiter, creating your annual best time. Family, property, family issues can bring light. On this day to sign a contract, not late this month. You can also use this day for other purposes, and you will benefit when you are done.

Next is August 28, and the Venus of Love will embrace the good fortune of Jupiter again, bringing you a favorable advance in property and family matters. Love Will shine at this time-so it would be doubly happy to have a party at home.

Mercury will be retrograde on August 30, until September 21, so enjoy this August and work more efficiently at the beginning of the month.

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Libra (September 23 ~ October 22)

August is one months of fun, so don't even think about working in the office. A friend will become an important part of your life when the New moon comes online August 2. Saturn is a great help to the new Leo Moon, so you may make a lifelong friend this month, or you may be friends with older people who can offer you a variety of advice and even a mentor in your career.

In the two weeks immediately following the new moon of August 2, you will often have lunch, dinner, concerts, museums, shopping, movies, and parties. When you meet a friend to make friends, in a state of the duck.

If you attend business exhibitions and other activities, many will be very popular and make sure you have enough business cards to send to people you want to get in touch with. You may find new money-making projects that can be introduced, or learn about newly open positions that you have the ability to make, because your background and experience are exactly the same. Your friends are even more than happy to give you referrals.

The full moon of August 18 is the only time this year of Aquarius Full moon that will light up your fifth house of True love. This will lead to positive emotional experiences. If you are interacting with people, you may want to decide where the relationship is heading towards a more serious and single-minded level. or an engagement? If you are not happy in this relationship, if you want, you may agree to end the relationship and be friends with each other.

If you're married, you might want to get pregnant and have a baby, or decide to do something together, like starting a long-awaited trip. This loving full moon may also bring an important end to creative projects, because the human imagination exists in the fifth house. Remember that Uranus is very active when it comes to surprises, so you should be satisfied with the results.

If you're working on your own home, but you're always distracted by something else, you're going to see a change when Saturn resumes its line of August 13. No matter what you're working on. Repairs, repairs, cleaning, buying, selling or renting your obstacles will be much less and you will see exciting opportunities.

August 24 Mars will be in a Sagittarius conjunction with Saturn, which is a dangerous day. Don't drive when you are sleepy, keep your new spare tires in the trunk, your phone is full of electricity, and remember to find a tame one (Sagittarius is related to large animals like horses and camels, but I don't think you can find a camel ride in minutes).

Draw a big pentagram on the two days of your calendar. The first is August 22, when mercury will be combined with Jupiter, which is an annual event. It's a good time to travel, sign documents, hold confidential meetings and interview. (Recommended reading:CEO column: Rookie veteran must learn the interview skills )

The second day will be more blind titanium alloy dog eye. August 27, your Guardian star Venus will be with the stars of Jupiter, this is also an annual event. This day will bring a sum of money to the recorded news, or blind dates will be very smooth. Annual events like the August 27 Jin Muha usually bring news that all aspects of life will shine brightly. Try to get something that's not easy to achieve. You can be impressive, persuasive, memorable, and the key point is that you are luckier than the elves.

Crawl (absorb a little nutrient every day, wait to bloom. )

Aquarius (January 20 ~ February 18)

August is a very important month, because relationships or business partnerships can be the focus of your attention. Fortunately, there will be no delays or repeat events in August. You are in the limelight until Mercury begins to retrograde on August 30. Before the water is reversed, you will get a lot, and you can look forward to the end of the month when you will become new to yourself.

At the beginning of the month, your life began to sparkle. August 1, Venus and Uranus into a three-phase, this is a very shiny phase, bringing the silent effects of drizzle. Venus will stay in the fiery constellation Leo, Uranus will be in the fire constellation Aries, these two constellations and the wind constellation you very much match.

August 2, the New moon in Leo can be a great help for you, and open the way for a relationship between you and your partner. It's not a nice new moon, it's full of sweetness and hot. If you feel you are at the stage of making a formal commitment, take action within 10 days of the new moon. Saturn is in harmony with this new moon, adding lasting effects to all your actions. If you are married or have a fixed partner, you can plan a new dream together.

Remember, if you need new agents, publishers, managers, lawyers, partners, or other people to help you move forward in your business, this crescent moon will allow you to stabilize your business with the choices you make now.

If you're single and you don't have a date, the best day for you is the August 1 I mentioned, and the August 16, when the sun and your star Uranus are divided into three phases.

The full moon of August 18 takes place in Aquarius, when some of the things that are important to you will come to an end. This is a very critical moment this year. You also need to think about your priorities, know where you're disappointed and what's missing, your strengths and your land, and then decide on your next plan.

In love, as you can see, a companion bottle will be especially happy. But, as I mentioned before, August 1 is a auspicious time, and you may suddenly feel that Cupid's arrow shot you. In the first four days of August, Venus will be in Leo, icing on the cake.

August 16, the Sun three points Uranus, you will be blessed again. Whether single or have company, that day belongs to the bottle. If you travel that week, this day becomes very important. Do you have company? The sun is the main star in the seven palaces of the bottle, in charge of partnership and marriage, plus Uranus and the sun in a triple phase, you will certainly get some exciting results. As you can see, it was good for all the bottles that day, whether single or not. (Recommended reading: The world does not change because of travel, but I began to change the world because of travel )

Another important day is August 27, when there will be an annual Jin Mu. What a good day to go to a faraway place. Alternatively, you may benefit by selling real estate or property in your home. Or to find a decoration of the House excellent design plan. Don't buy anything big and expensive until Mercury recovers next month. The idea of buying an electronic product also waits, for example, to buy a car, buy a computer, buy a smartphone, a camera, kitchen utensils, or other large electronic products.

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