Single diary--a tribute to the single women in the movie drama. She ancient Ling Strange, she lonely old, she arrogant uninhibited, she eagerly, thousand odd hundred form single state: Woman head up, woman someone ever to cry. Tanabata season (8/9), they accompany you to remember the time of the dead water. Single women in the first volume, talk about "a generation of Master" in the palace two. (same field Gayon: single Diary: The Glory of the leftover, I do not marry I do not apologize )

In the martial arts will have temperament, she is not who confidante, is not a troubled times, Gang solitary life, not infringe on whose territory, not wronged.

Why do knives have scabbard, not to kill, but to hide.

The Guru of the generation

When it comes to being single, I don't think anyone is more beautiful than Gong. Gang's skills and routines are also martial in love.

"Like people do not make the law, but I can only to like so far." "Finish, put things on hold, Gang will gradually happy towards death, Gang all his life want to win, she did not win Mr Ye, but won a more meticulous than love a button." That is more close to cherish and cherish the meaning, you may have met such a person, he brilliant heroic spirit pressing, you silk no less than, iron, the female man like you, only he sniffed your tenderness.

Some women can do beauty, some women can be a hero, can be a hero is rare, good time to leave the dew should not stay, only give you talent not to give you the age of people is not true love. So Gang to live let people sentimentally attached to the 64 hand, do not you white rose, you will do the cinnabar mole on your chest.

The first volume of a single woman: instead of being a short one, you might as well be a hero to yourself.

In fact, love does not love is meaningless, I like her brow smile, she to the enemy 忾 the death of the style, Gang confessed to repent of the bent, that is the most beautiful. Feasting brothel, there is a trace of pale, it is a woman's sharp, demeanor and calm color.

She put her own languish into chicken soup, wish people alive still can leave a little vain, don't become the shadow of people kungfu, to do their own heroes.