Single diary--a tribute to the single women in the movie drama. She ancient Ling Strange, she lonely old, she arrogant uninhibited, she eagerly, thousand odd hundred form single state: Woman head up, woman someone ever to cry. Tanabata season (8/9), they accompany you to remember the time of the dead water. Single woman third volume, each person's love history, has had a "love Summer 500 Days". (Recommended reading:"single Woman Second Volume" Emily: You are out of place, so you are a square )

Summer is a very ordinary girl in that level, she is not particularly attractive to the eyes and ears, nor too low-key, stealth in the crowd, summer always have her way, smile, find a unique frequency.

She likes the Beatles ' four Ringo Starr, Love Aerosmith, she Makes Love in IKEA, the evidence of crime, summer is like a lot of people in the life of the first B side, not the hottest, but it is the most profound remembered.

you're so special in summer, It's all fake in love. tie up Mawei, catch the bus, endure work, t.g.i.f! You are only one out of 10,000 of the woman who is serious about life. and you don't need to be eye-catching, you always know how to stare at yourself.

Summer love when hot and cold clear, she always like single without restraint. She can say good-bye, nothing happened to talk about the day-to-day things, she does not hold the love of pure coincidence, only trust their own heartbeat. She told the boy, I am the anus girl, do not believe that love only believe happiness. She is not just your girlfriend, your wife, not your love spokesperson, in these status before the summer that name is the most important.

Do not know who invented the word true love, miss a lot of waiting. Love is not destiny, not fate, but the most selfish want not want. Summer is not because love does not love who all lose, she has been in the situation for their own retreat, love is only the local contours of life-reflected in the short summer love.

The third volume of single women: Tell yourself bravely, it's not mine.

Love is not destined to fall in love It's just a coincidence that I'm not your SID, and you're not my south West. So he did not love, let him go. Not in the name of love, kidnapping love you all, that is your basic moral, not kidnapping not ambiguous, not drifting in love.

You live in a leisurely and not owe who, each break is a clear conscience of love to the dedication, every new beginning is loyal to their hormones. Don't give love too much metaphor, that's a long term rule for single women, because the more symbols you break up, the more you'll be a burden and a life joke. Don't let the label become the accessory meaning of love, as we live more honestly, I experienced, and then survived, everything is still pretty good, you?

Hey boy, when you love the fall, the summer of the woman, will be full of gratitude to bless you.