You may have heard the story of the American Olympians, who have chosen to be their heroes for the rest of their lives. At this year's Olympic opening ceremony, there is also a particularly bright figure, she is a trans-gender model Lea T, the first time in the Olympic history of transgender people to participate, Lea with their own figure, so that the world can have more refused the same courage. (Recommended reading:"Olympic women's special edition," The oldest contestant Sovikina: "As long as I stand on stage, I am not just a 41-year-old mother")

The opening ceremony was opened at the Maracana Stadium (Maracana Stadium) at the Rio Olympic opening, at eight o ' seven o'clock in the morning in time, sixth in Taiwan, at fifth in the evening. Tennis superstar Kurten (Gustavo Kuerten) holds the torch and is lit by the Brazilian marathon athlete Lima. Brazilian supermodel Giselle State minister also performed together, with her on the show is the new name this year's high-profile, Lea T.

Pele lit the flame (photo source:Olympics)

Photo Source: Leacerezo

Who is she? Lea T,leandra Medeiros Cerezo, a Brazilian trans-sex supermodel, is also the first transgender person to participate in the opening ceremony of Olympic history. Such a face, you may have seen in the advertisement of Givenchy, she a red lip, eyes alone, like to see through you, let you understand the world is never simple. (Recommended reading: tough and gentle challenges sex Label: Babe Didrikson to write the history of women's sports with the body )

Lea appeared at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games to let the world see the cross gender ethnic groups, but also for the Rio Olympic smear more gender.

Before we look at the Olympic Games, let's get to know the name she's fighting for.

When love sprouts from the pain! Lea t:"Rio Olympic Games, let people see the possibility of diversity"

Lea's real name is Leondro Cerazo, born in Brazil, was born a man, his father is a football star Cerezo Toninho Cerezo. Early in the day he discovered that he was not keen on sports and felt that he was a little different from others.

Growing up in Italy, he has a passion for the fashion industry, and is looking back through the fashion industry. In 2008, she started taking women's hormones and doing feminine attire, "it's amazing to see your growing breasts and male sexuality." 」

In 2010, Givenchy's creative director, Ricardo Riccardo Tisci, dug her up, calling her muse, in opposition, to activate her as the Givenchy's chief model.

In March 2012, she decided to have a sex-reset operation in Thailand for a satisfactory body, saying "the process is hard because you are fighting the world, your family, and yourself." 」

After the surgery, she gave herself a new name, Leandra Cerezo, she said, please call me Lea t,t Express Gratitude Tisci let her embrace her inner appearance. (Recommended reading: interview Zengjia Core: "If you look at my body, can you also listen to my soul?" ")

Love sprouts from the pain, she said, more important than gender is always, you believe you are what kind of person.

In an interview, she said, "Everyone comes to this world as a messenger, and we are born with a mission to convey certain messages: not only transgender, but also gay, black, or Asian." There are all kinds of discrimination and suffering in the world, and we have so much to do. "(Recommended to you: does sex discrimination exist?) Google search engine to tell you )

A photo of Lea and Tisci

In an interview with the BBC at the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics, Lea said, "I think the message is clear that every person, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation, race or creed, is part of society." 」

"If there really is anything Rio Olympic wants to pass on to the world, then I think it's pluralistic." Brazil is a vast country, and our unique diversity should be seen by the world. 」

At the beginning of the first Olympic Games in 1896, more than 100 years of Olympic Games, this is the first time people can see on the Olympic Games transgender figure. 3 billion people watching the Olympic opening ceremony, Lea took her body, stepped on the stage with her favorite gesture, she and the Brazilian flag, let the world see her here, they are here: the masculine sports field should also be feminine flow, always the same world should have different appearance.

Exercise should be more honest and free.

The games on the sports ground, perhaps like Lea, are also similar to their own inquiries, my body is ready? Can I keep running? Do I still have the strength to hold on? Whether it is the sports scene, or the screen before us, or Lea T, in fact, are walking a more honest way to face their own.

The playground is not whose world, the playground is the story of everyone.

The opening ceremony of "The same field plus Ying" Turchi