Single diary--a tribute to the single women in the movie drama. She ancient Ling Strange, she lonely old, she arrogant uninhibited, she eagerly, thousand odd hundred form single state: Woman head up, woman someone ever to cry. Haley Krishna, the whole world is obsessed with such a woman who fights for love, she is single, or in love, is waiting for a better temptation. (Recommended reading:"single woman Fourth volume" Huang: to give up your angular small man, want a can match your aloof person )

The joker:would you are die for me?
Harley Quinn:yes.

the movie "Suicide Commando" makes many men's magazines push Halle Kui Yin (Harley Quinn) for the most positive Shaw Po, 2016 new Sexy spokesperson.

In fact, Holly Kui had a fire in the DC series earlier. Originally just a supporting actress she gradually out of her own narrative, because the character of the bold style of daring to let readers love-clown women, are cute little neuropathy.

Halle Kui-Yin in the "suicide commando" was shaped into a crazy love with the clown role, she jumped into the chemical agent for his body, she turned herself from a psychiatrist to be a criminal. Many people say that Holly's love is great, in fact, she is only crazy for herself. She is not afraid to die, just don't want to live like this.

In the comics, Holly is not a love-loving image. She loves fire and fire for Love, is to satisfy themselves, even in the comics, Holly Kui also some of the traces of cheating cheating, in the late animation also developed with poison ivy lesbian love . No one knows the thread of her own lust, and Holly's obsession is not without regret, she loves the clown's fragile, bad, arrogant, neurotic, as she loves the ego as an alien gesture.

cheating is just a little thing, Holly. the obsession of the clown and seduce everyone, the world can love her, anyway, she always for herself crazy.

In the movie, Haley Krishna saw the clown on the plane crashed in front of her, she tears in the rain, with a tear in the neck with a puddin ( Harriet Kui the Clown nickname ) of the chain, Then he got up and went on with the battle.

Yes, Holly can escape her lover's cage at any time, and no one will be able to imprison this crazy woman when she is not willing to be a canary again. It was the clown who liberated her, but Halle had finished herself.

Such a girl, like to pretend cute with you (Why so serious?) And when it's time to rush, she doesn't retreat. "The world has done nothing for us," said Holly, in the movie. "But she has become the center of the team's forward, and when everyone is in a standstill, Haley will say"pussy, and so on. " " in the wickedness of Holly's Krishna, there is still a mediocre goodness."

The fifth volume of single women: Crazy For love, strong for themselves.

She is naïve and eccentric, outspoken straight line defying contemplation, she unruly madness, buckle love&hate pistol, lightly pick arrogant breakthrough encirclement.

Your life may also have such a woman, brokenhearted heart difficult not to pour her, the storm is just the scenery along the way. Every time I see her, it's as good as last time. She never says it's okay, it's OK. Life is only extreme and warm, because she does not want to live indifferent. The girl was like Holly, when she was in love, dead and alive, and righteous when she lived alone.