Single diary--a tribute to the single women in the movie drama. She ancient Ling Strange, she lonely old, she arrogant uninhibited, she eagerly, thousand odd hundred form single state: Woman head up, woman someone ever to cry. Every single woman's predecessor, there are "witch house Nasty " girl Kiki figure, she lost, gave up, hesitation, later, she no longer imitate the beautiful characteristics, because the most valuable things, already exist in her soul. (same field Gayon:"single woman Sixth volume" Snow Son: If Life rejects you, go beyond it )

Witch Kiki only a magic, flying let her look at the city, see very high, but also lonely.

"Witch House Nasty" in the Exile of Qi Qi, is our generation will face the group-leave the home, leave the city, leave the country, overseas travel study, urban learning work ... We always have to leave the comfort zone before we can find a balance of dependence and independence. That is to have a "integrity of their" practice, in the face of warm and cold to know the human feelings, came to the city of a hurry to rub shoulders, learn to grow is not a climb but to move forward; see the reality is finally more than the history of the class, you know the hard and valuable goodness.

As a single girl, Kiki with their "identity" live into the bustling, she always take off their dark blue witch skirts, in the face of such a beautiful world, she unadorned not publicity of the blue How no sense of existence. Thought this is an advance of the arena, only to know that this is a struggle with their own.

A person's time, you worry oneself not to be loved, you are disturbed is I not good enough, until the life is long, you understand two things: imitate others can not let oneself really satisfied, each person has his innate characteristic.

A person to eat a walk, a person to go shopping home, a person survived the sudden rain, a person sick helpless, a popularity the moon, Miss family friends of the festival , you have gone through those most silent days, no longer attached to the eyes, no need to follow whose footsteps, your maturity so that you have enough to face all, your applause than anyone's praise is still loud and strong.

"Don't rely too much on anyone in this world, because when you struggle in the dark, even your shadow will leave you." 」

The seventh volume of a single woman: not to be left behind is to grow, to stay down to make you yourself

Before you fly to the distance, you need to set the anchor first. Later, when you wear your own ordinary magic female blue shirt also not inferiority, you like yourself, so not afraid of others hate, then, you ride a broom fly high far is not lonely, because growth teaches you to walk into the crowd, still retain their own.

Kiki has a small black cat, as a child she likes to talk to Black cat Gigi, finally, Kiki can no longer talk with Gigi, that is the price of growth. In fact, she does not need to invent another self to identify herself, because Kiki's expectations, and Kiki itself, have become complete. When she has an independent personality, brave enough to face everything, no longer need a tree hole.

Dear Single woman, I hope you follow the road like Kiki's journey, the weather will malfunction, rain upset your itinerary, but there is always a warm orange light fell on the way home, gently hug you.