Women fans and the studio cooperation for a one-year "Women's fan x plant Theatre Drama Laboratory", we hope that with the play environmental responsibility of the small teacher and his team, together to promote the power of change. First-hand reporters will hit the scene, for you to bring good actors and directors of the Deep Hope! ( such as the Sun of Taiwan TV series!) Interview Wang: "Someone denies you, is the beginning of your growth")

This year, is the female fans strive to break through the year, we with people-oriented beginner's mind, eager to promote more beautiful value, and thus contributed to the encounter with the theatre.

Women have been fascinated by this year's five-year innovation in social media values. The theatre is not only a traditional drama, but also a drama cultivation experiment, with a whole year of eight plays, for Taiwan television continue to create the actual stage, so that more cutting-edge directors, actors exposed. "Innovation" is "the woman fan x Plant Theater drama" annual cooperation proposition-combine two innovative team creativity, I believe will bring a different spark for Taiwan's entertainment.

With the first annual partnership, "Women's Fan X-Sik theatre drama Laboratory", through the community and salon activities to gather the power of the story, we will have a series of in-depth discussions, drama discussion, will extend the tension of drama to the community entity activities to try to break the sense of distance. (same field Gayon: Good Times "Her story" straight hit: Why should we be perfect? It's up to me to decide how to live .

This day, women fans invited 30 "Women fan W Club" Dear members to move forward to the scene to Plant Theater reporter, the site has host Yang Dajing and Cai Chan, Wang teachers and directors and writers, actors Rainie, Zhang Shuhao, Lan Zhengrong, Shinan, Ancenia and other outstanding actors to visit, talk about Taiwan drama, Also talk about the responsibility in the theater world.

We invite you to participate in this dramatic event--and we hope that the Taiwanese can tell their story.

The best director, script, Actor: Join hands to build Taiwan's drama environment

"In our decision to unite, see can do a little thing before, each of us are very small, each in their own way to go very hard, today we see a grand scene, but also because everyone has a little bit of good thinking and perseverance, because of this, we will continue to have a beautiful in Taiwan's endless. --Wang

Teacher Xiao Di's deep expectation and practice of drama, let everyone warm applause. "Plant Theater" team by Wang, Tsai, Chen Yuxun, Guo Youning, Wang Ming Taiwan, Hu Jiehui, Xu Yunjun and Angeyi and other eight gold Majing directors, and invited Xu Xian Court, Wen Yufang and other Admiralty writers, as well as the North village Feng Qing, Lio Shan, Koshanian and other outstanding directors joined together.

Each drama invites the egg star to carry on the performance, the press conference officially announced the play name and the card division, contains "Love Sandstorm" Wu Kang Ren, "Tea hydroxyindole" Rainie, "ginger teacher, you have talked about Love" Lan Zhengrong, "Building blocks" Shinan, "dark Please close your eyes" Zhang Shuhao, Jiang and " Five bazhen of the years "peace of mind, such as people participate." (same field Gayon: lucky to be abused by the show!) An interview with Wu Kang Ren: "Harmony is the way, lack of angle to let you succeed")

Good scenery CEO Yangsia to the theatre series of Confidence: "This is the dream of eight directors and an entrepreneur, want to give love to the performing people a growing opportunity and healthy way, but also to love the creative director a platform for performance." They say I am a professional manager, I should be the luckiest professional manager in the world, because I have the opportunity to come here and do such a good thing with everyone. 」

New actor and Old butt intersection: Have a teacher, is a kind of lucky

"For those who like to perform, there is a mentor who instructs you not to be bitter, but to be lucky." --Cai Chan.

Host Cai Chan have to talk about their own into the showbiz, full of thanks to have Wang General mentor. The studio team found that Taiwan was not a good actor, but an environment that did not produce good actors. So, they create Q place such places, let rookie and veteran confrontation study. (Recommended reading: imperfection is more memorable than perfection!) Interview Shei: "How many goddesses?" I am Myself ")

Rainie Special said that this participation in "Tea Hydroxyindole" and the new couple have a lot of sparks, feel particularly hard because in a too good team: "This kind of pressure is not eager, but the team is really too good, I hope that they are parallel to them." So no matter how many times, you will want to maintain the same score. 」

Chatting with his opponent's new actor Shing: "He would have been a more introverted person, so I will continue to empty him." I remember when the play was not even started, he wrote the card to me, or the role of the script to write, although I jokingly said: "The play has not started filming, he is serious about what", but in fact I am very happy, because I am afraid of people who are not serious. 」

The actors in the field also thanked the veteran for his leadership, and made a tribute to Crosstalk.

Stars are not born! Their way of play

Faced with the menacing of many new actors, these star actors see themselves in them and hope to create a better drama environment through good actors. Talk about their new actor experience, Rainie, Lan Zhengrong, Peace of mind, Zhang Shuhao, Shinan eyes in a lot of meaning is still not done.

Shinan said: "One of the lenses of my first play, a full NG more than 50 times, at that time will be sad to steal in the quilt, then I have only two acting classes, now have Q place such resources is very good, little di teachers hope to make this circle better, we are incumbent on. 」

"I think the best thing is that the Q place arrangement does not have seniority and age, and everyone is equal," replied Cheng. 」

Lan Zhengrong thinks that whether he is a new entrant or the present, he has the same caution: "No matter how much experience, the actors will still be nervous, not self-confidence, anxiety, this is the normal, it should be said that more can get along with this thing." "No matter how seasoned or tense you are, maybe it's the responsibility of being an actor--a person who cares about something that really matters.

Ancenia said that he had just entered the drama Circle is a guest idol drama: "I then felt that the act is so difficult, with the largest party is not the same." Fortunately I have predecessors can consult, they will teach me how to perform, this is a very valuable thing in showbiz. 」

Shinan listen to everyone said their own experience, cleverly made a summary: "You now see they are all Stars, so many new actors will be very yearning for the career of artists, but they are first good actor, just become a star." I now see Q Place's new blood is doing a lot of solid homework, including cleaning the classroom, mopping the ground, is a professional respect. 」

Acting, touching others with their own happiness

This gathering in the theater press conference, are excellent and willing to pay good actor, they see their role as an actor, not only the individual, but also the environment. Rainie in particular, she can not care about the reward, only the good script. After five years of acting, she finally waited until the "tea Hydroxyindole." (same field Gayon: Rainie: "In the best state to face every little thing in life")

Zhang Shuhao about his actors, because the partnership has learned a lot about new actors: "In any case, we still know that our actors are more experienced, but sometimes I feel like I have to learn from them." Actors often think of how to "perform", Hope not to be seen flaws, sometimes more deliberately. This time I was happy to arrange a lot of rehearsal class to interact with you, let me remember from some basic concepts, with the actor's most authentic emotions and intentions. 」

Shinan originally did not act, meet small di Teacher's insistence, he also deeply moved: "Acting this matter, I have not so like, received the play the first time I was pushed off, every one months received Xiao di teacher telephone, the teacher is very serious talk to me, I like this series, Taiwan does not have so many meta type of play. I think of myself into the circle of the original intention, although I am happy in the world of dessert, but really, this time back, I hope I can find that simple, like performance, I want to move other people's happiness. 」

Actors should be worthy of you like your people, but also to be worthy of their own

Five people gathered to talk about Taiwan's dramatic environment, they said, Taiwan's environment has a problem, less money, others are more and more strong, a new generation of lack of professional respect, often film on the scene mobile phone ring to think up, the camera box littering ... The emergence of the theatre is to gather the most professional cast script actors, create the environment. (same field Gayon: analysis of the dark corner of the actor: Chasing the Dream Road, frustration is my greatest achievement )

"Because of this, I decided to do what I want to do, happy things, let me move things, this is the reason why we are here today." --Shinan

Rainie agreed with Shinan's words: "I hate" the audience likes to see "this sentence, the audience is innocent, they have no choice. Why didn't I pick up the show in five years? I do not care about advertising, many plays, I care about their inner satisfaction, it is a real sense of achievement, I also want to like my fans responsible. 」

Every actor in this room speaks specifically about this: in addition to being responsible for someone who likes you, be responsible for yourself and be an actor with a clear conscience. The theatre will work with 24 new actors, 5 cast eggs and 8 outstanding directors to promote Taiwan's delicate drama environment.

"The same game" together with the theater to promote good works

The first "Love Dust storm" since 8/19, Taiwan view every Friday night 10:00-12:00 broadcast, eight major every Saturday night 10:00-12:00 broadcast, Archie Network exclusive broadcast.

"Women fans" we are about to start the annual series of cooperation, each drama will have at least a deep salon activities, inviting the actors, directors or playwrights to close face-to-face with everyone, from the play to discuss the extension, details, please lock the " female fan x plant Theatre drama ".