Women fans of the Olympic women's special feature , take you into the 2016 Rio Olympic scene, see the dazzling female figure. Today, for you to introduce the recent explosion of red Chinese swimming good Fu, she smiled in the video that she used the force of the prehistoric, for their instant red, she said that everyone tastes very heavy. After laughing, want to take you know fu yuan Hui 's efforts story, her prehistoric power, perhaps has been her own. (same field Gayon:"Olympic women's special edition" break the rut to achieve oneself! The first time to challenge the Olympic Games Simone Biles)

"I was swimming with my life, and I had a cramp in my legs," he said. Swimming when the brain chaos, feeling very tired, and know that they have to work hard, and then turned the eyes to swim to the end. 」

The Olympic Games boarded the hot list, as well as the 20-year-old swimmer from China, Fu. On the shore, she was panting, the media pressed to know that they have just 58 seconds 76 of the results, won the women's 100-meter bronze, and Canadian players tied third.

Did not take the gold medal she not dejected, she is self-deprecating perhaps hand is too short only then 0.01 seconds, is not the champion also to drink picks, because already surpassed oneself. (same field Gayon:"Rare love LUN" prepare for Olympic Games!) The efforts of the female contestants )

Don't say pain, just swim! Fu Garden hui : "I did not take the championship, but I have surpassed myself."

Fu this year only 20 years old, her swimming career early, 5 years old because of asthma began swimming, 10-Year-old won the Provincial games Championship, her growth course and lane accompanied, people shout her swimming dazzling nova, but she walked all the hard solid, not easy. (Recommended to you: athletes: Courage to swim out of their own life Lin Yu such as )

2015 Kazan World Championship finals, Fu waist accident injury, unable to carry out intensity training, must rest, under the expectations, she thought better give up Rio Olympic. Partner one sentence to retain, "You do not play, what should we do?" She bit her teeth and ran to Australia for intensive training.

Fu's parents said, daughter is this hard temper. April training so far, they have not only once to persuade their daughter to give up, Fu insist never agree. "She was more nervous than a race, she didn't want to harm others, she felt bad practice sorry teammates, sorry coach." 」

She smiled and said, "The Devil knows what I've been through, and I often feel like I'm going to die." Experienced a lot of pain, but I do not want to tell people, because the words will really tears. 」

Do not say pain, just swim it, in short Lane can see the partner, feel oneself.

Do your own sports spirit! Fu Garden The power of wisdom is her own

Because the video is popular, the video her stare big eyes straight shout, do not know oneself swims so fast, already is the best achievement try. Netizens sought after her is the expression and the hand (note 1), for her out of the expression package and the golden sentence quotations, fu yuan Hui informed after the mouth, "I did not think of the net red, I think I was so good, do yourself!" I never thought that there are so many people like me, so that I am under a lot of pressure, we will not be too heavy flavor point? 」

If we are willing to understand, a swimmer has a long and long way to train. During the training, every day to swim 15,000 meters, swimmer's body to be resistant to rapid high pressure, and must have a long-term adherence to toughness. Years of exhaustion, with a trained body, may suffer from heart disease and lumbar disc herniation, or risk of paralysis. On the other hand, the streamlined design of bathing suits, while reducing water resistance and reducing muscle energy consumption, is quite uncomfortable for female players. (Recommended to you: How the Olympic athletes eat )

During the Rio tournament, Fu yuan hui also had lumbar disc protruding, waist ache shoulder acid, hand cannot lift, fu yuan Hui 's bronze medal never was born, But a lot of people didn't see how long she swam.

Fu Garden hui Share, expression exaggeration is oneself as an athlete's vent. "In order to relieve the pressure, I will turn off all the lights, and feel very carefully, all the things that feel sad, it is not important." "She stopped," everything is not happy important. You do anything, there is a high achievement, if not happy, it is useless. (Recommended reading:"instead of managing the time, manage the pressure" to improve the efficiency of the 10 secrets )

There is no standard question and answer, not necessarily win the game, she only mind whether she had fun. She let us see, swimming good is not to please the country's machinery, not to rob several gold medals and live, she flesh and blood, will be noisy, she embarked on the movement of this road, not to meet the party, is to meet their own.

I would say, perhaps the Fu of the force is her own.