Rio Olympic events, women fans are also particularly concerned about the gender phenomenon in the tournament: the oldest female gymnastics contestants , runners for the refugees , young and indeed full of the attention of the Simone Biles, every sports woman, All for their professional efforts to the full. Of course, there is no lack of a good body on the playground, this time, the gender observation, let us dismantle their gaze, no matter whether you have sex in the limelight, the lust of others are worthy of being respected, together from the girls want to tear down the little trousers to talk about! (same field Gayon: The sex flow of Rio Olympic Games!) Cross-sex supermodel Lea t:"more important than sex is that you have to know who you are on the pitch.

During the Olympics, if you turn on the TV and just stop at the diving project, perhaps you will see a few scenes of suspected pornographic images, the man's stature strong and vigorous, the system of fractional version just fell on his personal triangle trousers, you thought, God, his mermaid line, this pants down a little more. Immediately you are ashamed of your thoughts, in this race full of sportsmanship, your eyes will not tarnish the playground?

In fact, you are not alone, a group of netizens looking at small trousers, and even launched a #Freethespeedo activities: Please, do not block my appreciation of the infinite spring, quickly take off the scoreboard.

How can a girl fantasize? The desire to watch a peep and the crime of

If you are a girl, you may start to wonder, how familiar it feels--a pair of hot eyes that can peel your clothes and devour you in your fantasies. I use my eyes desire, are you a nuisance? I'm looking at the sun's carcass sexual fantasies is not too wretched? The answer, let's start with the gaze.

The reason why #Freethespeedo activities are not worshipped by men, even by men, is that "a group of women who do not know how to exercise" is because we have become accustomed to the visual culture of "men watching, women being watched". Since ancient times male gaze (male gaze). has been the human way of life, from watching competitions, movies to life, attention to beauty, no one can stop the vast number of men with the idea of a fantasy anyone. So the news several titles "Rio Olympic 20 sexy female athletes, which way is your dish?" "and" Blood spray! Female athlete photo ", such a big stab to women to start the body to let people desire, a #Freethespeedo what sin? (Bare extension discussion: What is the meaning of dew point?) About # FreeTheNipple's ten questions sorted out)

Why can we get pleasure from watching? Let's understand the desire to see (Scopophilia) Everyone has the right to "control and occupy" from watching. We think of this theory in the logic of male viewing, and men like to watch and enjoy rights because they can examine women through controlled peering. But you are not curious, women do not have sexual fantasies?

"Sex dictionary" Scopophilia: refers to the sexual pleasure from watching. The individual has a sexual instinct to watch others, and this concentration of viewing can cause special desires and satisfaction, but not direct gratification of sexual intercourse with the genital organs.

Such desires do not only exist in men, who used to explain why men want to take eye and even action to control women, but they cannot explain the desire to flow in women. Women have been watching all the time, but no one is taking it seriously. (same field Gayon: Yang Sunny TED speech Full text: "Dear girl, you want to take back your body, lust, right")

Both men and women, professional and have sex.

I remember high school, every time the NBA playoffs, the class must circulate a variety of Star magazine, the Bell knocked everyone fell asleep, because stay up to watch the two o'clock in the morning game. At that time, the NBA is a mainstream movement, not only boys to buy star sneakers, girls also follow the night to join the topic. "You girls are only looking at the handsome guys. "Male students always have to blame the" layman to see the busy women.

Now, it seems that women do not know professional to shut up, "This is my home" of the male manifesto. When men stare at men, they ask for self-identification, while men gaze at women to satisfy their desires. No matter which one, girls can not subvert their world view, sports field, women are relatively inferior, less professional, more suitable to be watched.

I would like to use this to extend the discussion of the accusation that "#Freethespeedo" does not understand the divine movement. So women looking at panties are less professional? So, in looking at women's beach volleyball men, more understand the female body, or more understand the professional?

This year's Olympic Games are held in Rio, just in winter, so women beach volleyball players on the field, many people choose not to wear a bikini, but also the Muslim faith of the body covered with the debut, a "No Play" lament, confirmed that the men watching the tournament, but also the desire of the female body, but also want to be met from the naked body of bodybuilding. However, we did not say that this group of men, do not respect sports, do not understand the profession.

My major is not related to my desires. This is not to say that we cannot use morality to examine a person, but to "moral propriety", and may also cross the dividing line of personal freedom. Perhaps watching the young girl feelings of male athletes is always poetry, but girls ah, also understand three seconds violation, layup assists ... We cannot accuse him of being an "inferior" spectator in a race, a single way to overturn the "male gaze", and there are many views that can be viewed by one person. Both men and women, watching a sunny and sweaty race, can also project their own imagination.

no one can say #Freethespeedo supporters are unprofessional and at the same time respecting the profession, we to retain the right to peep at themselves.

The dividing line between sexual freedom and individual rights

We do not have to advocate that anything can be advocated by lust, but we must protect the freedom to produce lust for one thing.

One more thing, how do we control ourselves if athletes don't want others to fantasize about him? In fact, no one can know whether the stars or contestants on the screen are willing to be imagined by others through their thoughts, and then the flow line of "lust and propriety".

For example, we thought it was disturbing that many men joked at friends ' gatherings, and in fact many of the sisters ' gatherings had never ceased. What is the difference between the two? This is a problem without a standard answer, but we can try to think in the following ways:

First, on the occasion of speaking: there are differences between the public and private spheres of conversation, and the jokes that are acceptable in serious and relaxed situations are different.
Second, the object of the speech: whether it will interfere with the interests of the parties or undermine his self-esteem and personal freedom, whether the parties feel violated insult?
Third, the authenticity of the content: you pass the idea does not represent my position, only on behalf of your own imagination. It is not a sexual joke to exercise a stigma, it is also a link to sex violence.

The desire to be magnanimous, no matter who's lust flow can be upright. We are living in a time of the reconstruction of the free line of lust, and we expect that no matter the sex, no one can respect their passions without hurting others, and not be sorry not to shyness, to desire to live.

Every one for their own struggle to jump, are worthy of professional and appreciation of the applause

Finally, whether you are looking at pants or bikinis, we should not fall into the masculine and feminine two-dollar confrontation, the idea of the "male/goddess Model" into the ultimate. Like skating, gymnastics, rhythmic swimming, diving, etc. can show the beautiful lines of women, in line with men's expectations of the movement is good-looking, does not mean that we can taekwondo, women boxing and other strong image into the "No sex", does not mean we can laugh at the young Williams swing posture. (Recommended reading: Gender watch: Liberate your Barbie complex!) Stop asking "beautiful" Xushu where to go? )

I want to keep more of the yuan in our vision, the diversity is not the same value for different things to maintain the same point of view, but let that person's things have their value of the right to interpret. I hope that one day our world no longer distinguishes between male gaze and negative gaze, and we will no longer be able to shape others ' bodies by watching them. First of all, let us begin with the imagination of the living, that we are not born to be watched, for we live by ourselves, live to enjoy, and satisfy the gaze of others.