Women are obsessed with the August " pregnancy topic ", the gorgeous or desolate pregnancy, we all care. See the different pregnant mother figure, we hope each article topic launches, can have the follow-up report, through the unceasing discussion and the reflection, expects a better world. Woman fan interview Little mother -June and son Lun Lun, 19-year-old girls and 10-month-old children, they are very hard, very hard, also very happy. (same field Gayon: you have not imagined the feminine sadness!) "I need the Pill because ..."

A dazzling array of toys on the stack, Lun Lun in the inside like a little king flexibility to let each toy is spoiled, a moment to pick up the piano knock, and then put down playing with the building blocks. The world was so big and distracting, and my intrusion made him raise his head to put down his toys and detect the 3C devices on my body.

His teeth, said the words, such as his innocence and not understand the language, side of the mother June but see children want to sleep. The smile on LUN Lun's face squeezed his eyes into a curved crescent moon. June took him into his arms, clothes a lift is breast-feeding, skilled not like the age of 19 years. Lun Lun Naughty bit The mother, just a long tooth he want to taste, small June hey the sound pain, endure pain continue to nurse.

This kind of pain to June really nothing, like the experience of pregnancy since she does not feel bitter, just hope to live well. Herron is still 18 years old, Xiao June lives in the man (Xiaolun father) home, I bought a pregnancy test, only to be the other parents take to obstetrics and gynecology, at first the home is not know, she in the husband's family days more lonely, no one recognized Ken this young pregnant girl, Lun Lun father not work was home driven out: "After a while, just tell the family , I am afraid they are angry, my mother told me to take off, I want to stay, want them to be a grandfather early grandma, or. 」

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He cries and I cry

outside work through friends to introduce Lun Lun Dad, she big sigh This boy did not go to do actor pity, after the birth of Lun Lun, The man is hard to believe. "With him so, before I was a little girl ah, very dependent on each other, now must self-reliance." "

Less than 20 years old MOM data will be referred to the health Bureau of the Foundation, Xiao June so there is another group of people with her, nursing division, volunteers, during the pregnancy to help June do guardian guidance, learn how to be a mother from the beginning. "He was just born when I was in confinement, he cried, and I watched him cry." They (the man's parents) are responsible for playing with the children, I am going crazy. When you were pregnant, you were moving, and you were getting a baby. They have a bad attitude, they put me under house arrest , they want kids, not me. (Recommended reading:"The topic of pregnancy" from the backpack to the back of the child, small parents a mile road )

Small June head also not return to leave that home, because Lun Lun father a child is not my. When the child takes away, the name has not taken, the person must stay has the root, only then may have the name.

She now lives with her parents, full time with children, after the LUN Lun, xiao June Hard also happy, said oneself really like live over: "Can realize when mom is what, I feel that I grew a lot." My mother will teach me how to take it, but the previous band method is not the same. Now the child is super fine, like my mother can not bring him, he said Lun Lun difficult to bring, I just say you do not understand his needs. Like he is now want to eat to sleep still play, because people want to be spoiled. "Roentgen went out to be particularly happy, because the family environment is small, cannot let him be alive and kicking, came to the city corner Lai Xin for the child set small room, he like to break into a big world."

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Pregnancy to production: having a child is more painful than heartache

My head is empty, and I see a wall and the day of a crying baby has passed. Learn how to be pregnant, learn how to be a mother, June from the network blog Climb Wen, face Book Group, women and Children magazine Crawl out of a mother's appearance, do the mother is to work hard, life from big to small all think, she often private care division, ask how to clap belch, children vomit how to do ...

Lun Lun was born 10 months, June spoke with a knack for changing diapers, holding up a small body, one hand ripped the diaper sticky place. "I'm so hot, bro." "The way she speaks is still young, the warmth of the palm is ripe."

I asked Lun Lun if you were messing with your own life plan? June shook his head: "I would have wanted to graduate from high school, do not love to study, and then my mother told me to continue to read, she will still ask me to go to college." After that I want to go to work, now have in the public private state of the baby. "Xiao June out of society early, the country began odd jobs, one side of school subsidized home." "Early work also made me socialized earlier, including being a mother now." 」

at the beginning did not specifically with who said that they were pregnant, but also in the school's senior three, only instructors and best friends know. June said he was still reckless, mobility is later. Have a child pain does not hurt, she said that the pain, than the first time lovelorn still pain, but fortunately living. After all, the pain of having a child is not enough. Is full of Lotte, what all said is not bitter, perhaps the little mother is particularly lucky, lucky from the small June don't care about the outside eye, just thinking how happy. (Recommended reading:"The topic of pregnancy" from the backpack to the back of the child, small parents a mile road )

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Passers-by, no right to meddle in the life of a little mother

I asked June how to think of his "little Mother and single mother" identity, she does not particularly care about this small print, it is said, very strange ah, the ancient people early, now the society feel wrong, early born also wrong: "In fact, do not pay special attention to the identity of the mother, feel that they are different from others." Other people give me special vision is also some, like he now no father, many people will feel bad, advised me to send a raise [Note 1], I would like to say that they take it, it is a responsibility and learning. A person's maturity is not related to raising a child, anything can be learned. "

Not only the people around, even passers-by want to meddle in the lives of others: "Sometimes people on the road, will tell me, send the child out, you can find better young." I have smiled and brought, they are not me, do not know what I have experienced, but said that they know everything. And now the single parent is nothing, I will take the child well. 」

When he was not born, June hesitated, the child should not send out raises, is not afraid cannot raise, but is afraid the child is laborious: "The most worried is his future environment, later decided to stay, is because I thought that, the single parent is not bad, the economy oneself on the hard point, gives him the best." "Maybe when you say that, you will really forget her 19-year-old, pulling out 10-month-old children." (same field Gayon: This is not the inspirational story you imagine, single parent confession: "Incomplete family, complete my Own")

I asked Lai Xin's volunteer partners, their eyes, what is the young gentleman? "Very serious want to become a mother, she has been very hard to learn how to become a mother." "So a helpless 18-year-old girl, rolled up her sleeve is a tough mother, from the children Spit Milk crying life epic, fill their life story."

"According to their own ideas, do not regret the decision, is their own responsibility." "That's her mantras faith, take responsibility, Little mama, choose a life without looking back."

When he laughs, I laugh.

"There he will have me, without him without me." 」

June said to take a son than love more happiness: "This will only listen to me, can teach, boyfriend will not." "She will always remember this feeling, Lun Lun in the belly of the fetal movement:" Then he was very lively, kicking and kicking. 」

Now life, where the child, home is: "He is very interesting every day, even just change the diaper is also, have him I will be more happy, without him in fact I do not know in the dry hemp." I am a natural person, has been no center of gravity, many people say I have no dream. This is also true, I do not know what I will do in the future, so there are Lun Lun, is very important thing. I was so moved when the child called the first mother. June eyes open round and big, very confident said.

One side share Lun Lun just born photos, Red, is the young June bred mature intact soul, she slipped the mobile phone, and smiled.

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When writing an interview, I used to listen to the audio file dictation, clanking Qiang Qiang in the conversation, is Lun Lun to my 3C products are particularly curious, as a toy plug mouth, a bit of hammering, is lively. A long blank is the child sleeping in the arms of his mother, we silenced him to sleep peacefully, only the sound of the air conditioner running quiet. That sweet blank, let one side write I smile. I was only involved in their day in the war with life, but the child appeared in a girl's life of the lively and the beacon, never stop.