Women fans of the female career interview, invite you to follow them together defying challenges, become the more and more brave themselves. On a visit to the CEO of Sulimei , when it comes to entrepreneurship, she says, "with a creative change of the times, that will determine the value of your being," she said of her family, and she says that it is extraordinary to be a daughter, and that it is valuable to have love, whether in work or in life. (Recommended to you: from Taiwan to New York dream!) Makeup artist Romana: The more difficult the dream, the more valuable.

"All hope is blind, and unless there is knowledge, all knowledge is vain, and unless there is work, all work is void unless love is therein." --Gibran

I hold the topic of entrepreneurship interview Sulimei, most of the time, she does not talk about high entrepreneurial terminology, she does not talk about business strategy, business model or KPI, entrepreneurship for her is not a stack vocabulary, than who, Love is always the firm core of action.

Sulimei said that if a person can embrace love, all things are valuable, without love, we rely on life is only responsibility.

The birth of the Dream field, she left work 15 years of media, since the abolition of martial arts, willing to return to zero, with time to make up for the cultural industry of Taiwan's long-term disregard, behind the reason is love.

Most people call her a sue executive long, but the end of the interview, I was most impressed is that she said she most cherish the identity of the daughter, do a daughter, that is the most extraordinary thing. Whether it is work or life, as long as there is love, can be solid.

Taiwan is worthy of our confidence, it has its own culture can grow

We talked about Taiwan's original culture first, her eyes bright, willing to wait for cultural growth.

"Dream Field wants to do is the cultural creativity industry, the culture needs the time accumulates, he absolutely is not today establishes, tomorrow has the result." Culture to look back, just understand where they come from, where to go, it will take a lot of time. "Sulimei jokes.

Dream field talk about Taiwan culture, not to talk about the Forbidden City, not the Chinese, they return to collect, back to life to do field adjustment lessons, with time achievements belong to Taiwan's exposition: From Alley Culture, Taiwan's native species to independent bookstores, they carefully look for unique cultural symbols, explore IP power.

Five years ago, when the dream Field talked about the independent bookstore, the crowd listened to the trance they are not anxious, through the drama "Lane Lane in the bookstore," the documentary film bookstore in the image of poetry, reading music bookstore slowly planted, seeing the cultural concept of the bud, 2016, "The bookstore in the video poem," The second quarter of the upcoming broadcast, foreign series invited uninvited , the independent bookstore today has become a daily concept for many Taiwanese people. (Recommended reading: The story of 400 independent bookstores in Taiwan: The more beautiful The human soul, the more beautiful The bookstore )

"I think that Taiwan has a unique style of life, and this issue can be connected with the world, independent bookstore is one of the first." "Sulimei changed a turn, remind of" I will think of a clear timeline for IP, but culture this thing to Inns, do not reluctantly. 」

IP These years good red, China succession of several quick action of original content remake; Japan uses 20 years of time and atmosphere to accumulate the magic treasure of Red, then Taiwan, Taiwan is willing to give their own IP more time?

Sulimei is quite confident about the cultural landscape of Taiwan, "I have to say that Taiwan is always easy to identify with foreign things, but there is very little applause and a lot of criticism." I have always believed that Taiwan has its own culture to grow, no problem. 」

Not to be understood by the hard, to understand their own happiness

Do cultural undertakings, must be hard.

What you do looks like a lot of trouble, smashing pebbles into ocean, watching ripples spread slightly outwards, unsure how far they can go.

Even now, Sulimei says, there are often people who do not understand or forgive. But she still believes that the cultural cause is the need for someone to build.

"I do not necessarily go to the end of the success, but I just on the road, it is extraordinary." I think ah, the culture that uses beginner's mind to build, even if in the present age not be able to be understood, in the future traceability also certainly has the value. 」

She shared, looked for IP, had to go back to life and think about what a unique culture there was in Taiwan, which took us all the way out and had the language and the issues that were common to the world. After awakening Taiwan's awareness of culture, her second step is to go out and cascade the world; The third step is to talk to the capital markets.

"Look at the former great civilizations, all of which are capital in service culture, why do we now become cultural service capital?" Next, we must communicate with the capitalist capitalism, prove that culture is a good business, but also the capital must serve a good business. 」

Cultural undertakings take a long time, often have not been understood hard, accompanied by their strong belief, strong enough to even lonely, can still be fanatical. Sulimei said, walking on the road of entrepreneurship, if you can achieve such an understanding, in fact, quite happy. ( same field Gayon: Read the text landscape: bookstore, sometimes moving not just books )

It's extraordinary to be a daughter, a good CEO is a small thing.

Is it happiness or what? Happiness is to understand the size and order of each role in your life, knowing that it is always difficult to ask for your own balance, but we can decide each role's priorities in our hearts. Sulimei to share his experience.

"For me, it is extraordinary to do a daughter well, to do a mother and wife is a big deal, do a good job, it is trivial." 」

Very few people will specifically remind us to remember the family, Sulimei said that they want to do the role of daughter, have to do two things, one is company, two is dependent.

"I remember long to write" watched ", there is a paragraph, she wrote her father's hand, let his father tread on her foot to learn to walk, she said:" You step by step slowly, I will pull you. " "I took my father's hand to see his back is about to leave, I also took the child's hand, he is going to leave me ..."

Dependence is the creation of the needs of parents, they feel that they are needed to not go. Every morning, Sulimei will yell, "Mom, you see my key is not ah", not for anything else, in order to make a still can rely on the parents of the daughter, let them understand that they have not gone far.

Sulimei went on to talk about father, as a child father very strict, the family gave birth to five daughters, father can give the most is strict upbringing, after middle school every daughter have to work for themselves, earn money to study.

"I was so angry that I thought he was very strict." It was not until I was out of society that I suddenly felt like a tough dad. 」

Sulimei think up, as a child, father has a lot of shabby pictures, most like to take Picasso's painting to motivate themselves. She put the Picasso's painting on the first page of the new book, and it says that the imagination is true.

"It seems easy to do the daughter thing, but it's really extraordinary." If I do, I will love myself very much. 」

The great thing about motherhood and wife: Our lives are always together.

A person can become what kind of person, the influence of the family is very deep. For Sulimei, when the daughter is extraordinary, when the mother and wife is a great event, with the child and the relationship between the husband, both continue to grow.

Dream Field began to do independent bookstore IP, Sulimei picked the English poetry to send son, English teacher is certainly will teach English, but the imagination is not teach. "I want my kids to read me, read all my things, so I let the kids work with me in a piece, both interacting with each other and deciding together." "(Recommended to you: lucky to meet a book: seven independent bookstores let you find a place in town)

Children do not like English poetry, good, then replace Yang mu deyi poetry to try, the child's feedback let mother know, both ends of the communication pipeline will grow out. "It's a big deal for me to have to find a way to grow together with my son, not to be a mother, but to teach a child." 」

Marriage is also, through reading and sharing, two of people grow up together, there is no rigid relationship. Work is relatively small, but also affect the small things, "although small, but must be important to Taiwan, but not the most urgent thing." 」

To measure the time and ability of owning, Sulimei is very clear about who he is, enthusiastic about what he is doing, and confident in his surroundings.

Not me to the youth stage, the young man gave me a chance

She finally mentioned that there is considerable confidence in Taiwan, but among them, the most indebted is to the next generation of young people. "It makes me feel guilty that our generation has produced results that are borne by the next generation," he said. "(Recommended reading: Taiwan's" small really lucky "behind the big pattern, real ambition, hard to be emboldened)

Perhaps because there have been similar experience, Sulimei particularly understand no background, no resources to feel, quite care for the younger generation, Help series network resources, also hit the funds and heart betting, the early this year, "Chai Chai Party" experiment is an example. Sulimei shook his head and said, "It is not really me to give the young people stage, is the young people give me the opportunity." "(Recommended reading: Workplace notes: Do your best to be worthy of your youth )

"If we really have a little more years of experience and intelligence, do not share, or not to the right people to use, it is really a waste." I believe that the future of Taiwan and the world is in the hands of young people, only young people have the opportunity to flip, change, redefine. 」

Have less, more opportunities to create, this generation of people if there is resources, do not waste. Sulimei with gratitude and modesty, young people help themselves too much, from them, see reversing the momentum of the Times and the value of originality.

Maybe it's like Jobs's torsion field, Sulimei want to do is to invite everyone to find their own application, and the era of dialogue, flip the current dissatisfaction with the situation, whether it is gender, whether through entrepreneurship, or more, do not forget sincere, along the direction of love, to find their own life value.

I remember her saying, "This is a minute, we still have the next minute, can make up, can live beautifully." "See in her eyes, there is love."

Entrepreneurship is such, not who the mouth of the wolf, not in the market for a while, instead of a long time to explore the self, through action to make up for the social gap, in the process of action to see their own life value, every minute is willing to live beautifully.