Woman fan editor into the S.H.E 15th classic exhibition " reunion One in", Taiwan only this group can do such a thing! The exhibition is full of S.H.E precious memories of time and private tokens of the first exposure. The only time can see the intimate details of the girls dormitory, together into the S.H.E of those youth! (Recommended reading: There is a kind of friendship called S.H.E: we become better people together )

"You are the power, you are the light, you are the only myth, I Only love you, your Are my superstar."

They are symbols of the times, symbolizing the story of a group of teenage sisters. S.H.E from "Girls dormitory" to "always in" (2016 EP), 15 sister discrete sometimes together sometimes, they fly out from the group, many habitats in various fields, but turn around that belongs to the boudoir Honey nest is always in. They experience the turmoil and glory of each other's lives, and a wife is the most intimate blessing. 15, S.H.E did not disappear, their efforts to open a flower of their own posture of flowers.

"Let the time and the Recollection reunion, lets then and the present reunion, lets the youth and the growth reunion, lets oneself and own reunion, lets you and our reunion." "S.H.E 15 annual Special exhibition So, the years fade away, they remember you the most pure time. Go into the S.H.E 15th Classic show together with the editors and they are waiting for you to come home. Taiwan has never had a group to do such a thing, 15 years of not discrete, with good feelings to do an exhibition, they are from the heart of the preservation of each other's tokens, gifts, memories of the object.

Before you start, it's a good time to start by looking at this set of golden songs and pick up those days with S.H.E.

Reunion with the S.H.E, intimate contact with the woman

The whole show is like sitting in a round table with three women and talking about life, and the Voice guide is their intimate conversation with you. From the women's dormitory, you can hear Hebe share the then dormitory convention, see Selina for three people left time box, listen to Ella said their every concert of blood and tears.

The role of S.H.E in our lives is indeed the same, compared to stars like the next sister, in your puppy love, tell your lover not full, in your broken heart, want you to love. Full 35 minutes of voice navigation, is S.H.E and all the audience run out of memories, these years we are not easy, grow together, tears and laughter. (Same field Gayon: " not just Girl POWER:S.H.E let you see the new style of Shero )

At the scene there are three of sisters wax figures, they wear the dress of the "wife" of the suit, long-lasting friendship, but also to their long-lasting metaphor. The VR device at the scene makes you the best friend of S.H.E, in order to keep your surprise, only secretly notice three sisters with your intimate contact. Reunion, is to see them all carefully, the recent distance and S.H.E madness noisy gathered together, is the best celebration.

Reunion with sister youth, do not miss our madness

You remember, at that time you also collect S.H.E's doll, good sister one person. You remember when you were fascinated with the stickers, like they left a secret memory. S.H.E is the symbol of youth, moonlight shaking Tree shadow, and these women do not want to grow up, their album appearance is your full life to write.

A little bit to open their crazy traces, but also like to see you and my dear.

S.H.E's Pat-paste memory

Hebe to Selina Card

Reunion with oneself, S.H.E will remember your original appearance!

To the exhibition to relive the scene of S.H.E moved it! 360-degree concert ring scene, leaving their own three song Carnival time. Can't help singing along with them, do not know why so many years passed, that year, the first "beautiful New World" you still catchy.

S.H.E's attitude makes us understand a kind of independent girl, the appearance of firm friendship. even if the time lets you forget oneself, also has the good sister to help you remember oneself. At that time the company to their one is gentle, one is self-confidence, one is courage. 15 years ago, three girls seemed to have these qualities, each with a good elasticity and a sense of what they liked most. No one can interfere S.H.E should not be sweet youth, they said they grew up not to grow old, so dear fans, also have to be so justly wonderful go on.

15, we all grew up, thank S.H.E still in. Let us see, people are capable of becoming a favorite adult. Ella is still neutral, but she is more comfortable and more magnanimous to enjoy the sexy; Hebe is also Tianfu Veltzke, each identity, she does not stop progress; Selina is the most natural person, she passed a lot of hardships, her gentleness is strong. (Recommended reading: reborn after a fire kiss!) Not just Princess Selina: A better value than beauty

Reunion exhibition, not only with the way to accompany us to grow a good song together, but also with the hope that everyone can love their own S.H.E together. More with that also embrace a beautiful new world, I believe that you deserve happiness, good reunion.

"A woman like a girl is unwilling to be worldly, willing to take my sincerity as a gift, a complex world, simply to pay, even if the serious will lose." Women like girls sometimes cry, wounded but not afraid to embark on the journey, calculated the world walk their own footsteps, adhere to fly my naïve route. "--S.H.E" A woman like a girl "

No matter whose wife, daughter or woman you are, you will always be your own girl.

"The exhibition is the first to see"

S.H.E for Your Song

The concert clothes were still there.

Three people go to Hokkaido special Iron Box

Do you have all the albums of the year?

Feel like you have to be with a good sister.

S.H.E 15th Classic Exhibition "Reunion one in one"

Exhibition Date: 2016/8/26 (five) ~ 2016/09/19 (i)
Exhibition Time: Weekday -11:00-19:00 (last entry time 18:00)
Holiday/National holiday -10:00-20:00 (last entry time 19:00)
※ Holiday for Saturday, Sunday

Venue: No. Third Warehouse, Songshan-wen Chuang yuan
Exhibition Address: No. 133th, Xinyi District South Road, Taipei City

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