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You know what?As a matter of fact, it is almost 15 years since S.H.E was out.For the past few years, many of their songs have accompanied our laughter and tears.And their growth is not just the best expression of the sister's depth , but also the possibilities that we see in girls to women , which enriches our traditional imagination with respect to gender/sexuality.Let's grow up with S.H.E, use love, be gentle, and use it to shake the world's framework, to live up to its own brilliance! (More celebrity to teach you, different women's groups, Dream Girls )

More than Girl Power: S.H.E lets you see the SHERO new landscape

The 25th Golden Meloth Awards were announced at the end of last month.It is believed that many readers have been surprised or disappointed that the best female singers who accidentally fell on the track were surprised by the fact that they were seeing the list.But at the same time when we lament that the Jin Zhen's Golden Melody beads were the same as the Golden Melody beads, didn't we stop thinking about the lively heat that was brought about by the combined body of S.H.E?As the three of them grow from girls to women, S.H.E shows the Giry Power , which has always brought us courage and touch, and the stories that have happened to them have also challenged many of the people's imagination.Now, let's explore with S.H.E the other landscape of SHERO !

Selina: Brave to be your princess dream!

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Selina Melody's image in front of the screen allows her to get the nickname "Princess". She looks like a beautiful rose, and in many vermicelli, she blooms in the heart.

This adorable woman, all the way, has been using her gentle and kind woman character to realize the dream of a princess in her heart.After an unexpected demolition accident in 2010, the reborn Selina is more of a bravery and optimistic view of her, so we can see that the princesses of the princesses are so fragile that they have enriched our image-making.

Perhaps what happened to the Selina princess is a less perfect fairy tale story, but she also opens up our new imagination about fairy tales of the princess, and gives women the courage to move out of the happy endings of the women.

When a princess, perhaps, every woman once had a dream.And this willingness to be careful, with the fairy tales in front of the bed, has been a silent root in our hearts.

But the good fairy tale may also have contributed to the ideological thrust of the dualistic adversality. Honey, please think about it. Most of the fairy tales about princesses, are they all accustomed to pampered and feminine characteristics that are specific to women (and even intrinsic)?Men, on the other hand, are assigned tasks that show bravery and perseverance, such as princes or knights.From the stories of [Snow White], [Sleeping Beauty] and so on, we see the princesses waiting for the prince's relief to be passive and unresponsive.In recent years, the [Shrek], [the pocker's edge], while giving the princesses more initiative, still need to be able to get out of the castle's fetus and explore the new world of their castles in the high tower, the Princess of Europe and the Princess of Haira.The fairy tale may not be that beautiful: The cruel truth!If the Disney communes live in modern ... )

Judith Butler, a scholar, has proposed the of "gender performance" (gender performance) , emphasizing the externality of the gender characteristic of the externality, and by a series of social norms and customs, which we understand and evolve into the inherent intrinsic qualities of each gender.This is a series of counterproductive gender discourse, allowing us to have a congenital connection to our bodies, our bodies, and the specific characteristics of our bodies.

The gender characteristic of women's vulnerability and male perseverance is perhaps to be recognized and strengthened by the constant writing and narrating of fairy tales.

Traditional fairy tales have a weak image, and the contemporary society is making the word "Princess" laugh and tyranny, with the word "Princess", which gradually has a negative meaning.Many of the lovely ladies who have dreamed of the princess are forced to sign an equal sign on the labels of their sexual, impractical, and fragile nature.

Frankly, the Princess's dream is not wrong. What we need is more diversified imagination of the princess.

The imperfect fairy tale that happened to the princess Selina, and the perseverance and courage that she showed in the face of this huge challenge, let us see that the princess has more possibilities than passively waiting for rescue.When Selina is back in the interview, she confessed to tears and panics that she had in this huge nightmare.The selina reminds us that bravely and frail, perseverance and tenderness are never mutually contradictory, and are not subject to any physical gender. Women, why can't we dream of a princess and save our own brave knights? (Recommended reading: Don't wait for the prince to save, the princes belong to a war on their own )

Presmen, society gives us the right to be vulnerable in times of adversity, but don't forget that there is always a choice of bravery and aggressive action.Men, warriors, I know that society has given you a lot of expectations, and you have your persistence, but occasionally you step down and take a breath, and you will not be proud of you.Enlarges our gender imagination and untie us from binary thinking to rewrite the end of the fairy tale!

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Hebe: Why do we have to have a certain sexual orientation for why?

Hebe or Tian Bok Zhen, filled with the feminine appearance and the spirit style, created her image of goddess .To add a new strain of mystery to this image, she has always been a mystery to her.The enchanting of Hebe has allowed her affair to be killed, but it has also kept the public suspicious of her sexual orientation.In fact, Hebe is rarely positive for her feelings and the next explicit label.Her obscure attitude, and the accompanying aesthetic sensibility, let us be curious:

Do we have to have a certain sexual orientation?And do we have to be in a "certain", "completed" state of identity?Why can't we bravely recognize or embrace, sexual mobility and an affinence of passion?Do we have the courage to acknowledge the unknowable adventure of sexual identity with the courage to acknowledge it?(Sometimes life requires a little adventure: My Little Expedition 70 Voyager, rediscovering the passion of life

The two concepts of skepticism and fluid love may help us navigate deeper and deeper into the identity of the identity. term "questionings" refers to uncertainty or ambiguity about their sexuality. Honey, you and I don't know if you're wondering, why is society always advocating critical thinking, but not even banning-or even banning-we are skeptical or curious about our sexual identity?And why should society always assume that our gender or sexual identity should be in a state of precise, or complete, state of work?We always say, life is an exploration of self-positioning, and why can't we try, experiment, or explore each other's identity?Is it hard not to become our emotional identity that we really need to be black and white, and not to have the existing choice between the two? 'Fluxion' is an idea. We can all refuse to impose restrictions on gender/sexual orientation, and to feel the bountiful and lively nature of sexual identity.

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The sex affair of the Hebe male and female, and her past dispositions have expanded our obscurantism of sexual intimacy.Through the influence of popular culture, Hebe may have demonstrated the possibility of challenging or trying to challenge the existing heterosexual, gay, bisexual triple-3 architecture.

In an interview in 2006, Hebe mentioned that she was both a man and a woman, but she chose to love men.This answer may be disappointing to many of the lesbian identities, but on the positive side, it actually gives us the empowerment of love or a sense of erotic identity.Our sexual identity can be mobile, selectable, and not just a passive acceptance of society or the rule of God.

song "to hebe", Tian's song reminds me of the warmth of the world as a guardian of the audience and the audience.And we also want to see how we can challenge and feel the world's framework by way of reincarnation, by embracing the mobility of love, by embracing the mobility of love, by embracing the mobility of love, by curiosity and exploration of love.(Love is not the only one that looks like this: speak for love!A deep, gender-specific photo collection anywhere in the world )

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Ella: The beauty of neutrality is a rigid imagination for our gender and sexual orientation!

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Ella's screen image has always been a charming, neutral character since it was listed.Her pride, the sense of humour, the funny, and sometimes the sexy or cute one gives us a look at the possibilities of the face of women.Ella's popularity among fans of both sexes has also given us a view that all forms of beauty should be appreciated and appreciated.Her constant stream of peach blosage and now sweet marriage also challenges the inflexible imagination that has traditionally been associated with the sexual nature and sexual orientation of the gender.

Let's think about the image of an Asian drama that Asia has been accustomed to, is the image of a female lead that is either created or pampered with a gentle, or kind, and natural character?It is as if these clam qualities are the best way for women to identify and move toward a happy ending.Of course, in recent years, the comedy has also sought to show the diversity of the characters, and the main characters who are choking or forceful are gradually gaining the love of the audience.(Recommended reading: Screenplay: The only and first "I may not love you" and " I may not love you )

But when we think about it carefully, are these new women who are more "anti-bones" still inclined to be portraal of women by gender specific (more explicitly, "correct" female gender characteristics)?

the show, "I may not love you" for a strong and capable process, but the beauty of Cheng's "beautiful" and "beautiful" program is again regulated. Only women who have specific sexual traits can be given the privilege of being able to show the ability or personality of a young woman to a certain level of personality.(Think about it, [from the stars.] Didn't you see a pattern similar to that?)

And Ella's performance in a neutral or non-mainstream female character has been a great success in theater, so we can see-perhaps, we can actually present the different aspects of the female character outside the framework of the hegemonic normative framework of "women's beauty"!

character and shape of the "Ella" series, as well as the character of her play, are more of a character in the "Korean drama" than the characters in the Korean drama "The main character of the Japanese Korean film".

We recognize that girls, as well as girls, can perform a variety of different gender characteristics, and should not have any social norms or sexual ideology depriving them of the right to do the best actress.The diversity of the gender characteristics performed is worthy of being defined as beautiful, and is accepted by society!(Recommended you: They all want to say: Women, not just like one

adolescent girls

Day-of-day publicity photo of adolescent girls

Korea Edition adolescent girls ( [the beautiful you] ) publicity photo

Butler (Judith Butler), in his [gender wave], mentioned that heterosexual hegemony is closely related to the binary norms of male gender characteristics.

Under the heterosexual supremacy, heterosexual couples are considered to be the only basis of family or society, and thus enjoy social privilege.To consolidate heterosexual supremacy, men/women were given and regulated individual gender characteristics to deal with the division of roles in their society.Individuals who do not meet the social normative character are marginalised under the heterosexual supremacy, and their sexuality is easily questioned.This societal tendency is to penalize individuals who exhibit non-mainstream gender characteristics and to reinforce the dominant position of the heterosexual framework.

The gender characteristic is associated with a chainted link between sexual orientation, and under the rules of heterosexual supremacy, it becomes our vision of gender/sexual orientation, the only or the highest priority.

Ella's gender characteristic of the non-mainstream women has long been questioned by outsiders.But Ella's male peach blosden, as well as her husband's and her husband's dainting love, have pointed to the soft and femininity of the heterosexual nature of the heterosexual nature of the heterosexual nature of the heterosexual nature. Although Ella had no direct challenge or questioned heterosexual predominant social status, her neutral character was indeed untied of the link between gender and sexual orientation.(Extended Read: Neutral: Beautiful )

No matter whether you are a princess or a female knights, no one can question the power and choice of your lover!

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It is believed that S.H.E's popular songs have accompanied many women's fans.My dear, we hope that the story of the three of them will also be able to bring you a bit of feeling and courage when exploring the character of your SHERO.

Women's trivia

Gender Show : Personal performance, display and modeling of specific gender characteristics through the body.Example: girls have long hair, boys wear shorts.
gender personality : expectations that are shared in society, what personality or behavior the woman should have in the case of a man or woman.It is a kind of idealized construction of society.
doubted love : hesitant or uncertain attitudes towards sexual direction.
Streamative Love : Beluities are mobile.
Sexual Orientation, Sexual Orientation, Sexism : A person's preference for specific gender or sexual preference.

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