On April 16, Shu Qi passed her 40-year-old birthday. On September 3, her husband Shu Qi and Feng Dun-lun made public their wedding news. The proposal was simple. The wedding dress was simple, and love was also the same.Looking back at the age of 20, 30, and 40, she was particularly upset. When people quickly asked her about her past, she had already moved on. She went to a faraway place, and her life was like a mountain climber. The mountains were a scene of scenery, and the mountain was not a sad sight.(In the same crowd: The golden horse audience is the most unfortunate pearl in the hearts of the people!Shu Qi: I'm going to go one step down )

Shu Qi is the name that can afford the time.

her life, she was a "untruthful" actor who was portraying love and unloved cruelty. She was a lonely and unloved one, and she was looking for a similar look at the sea.(Recommended reading: Snig Nie Hidden Movie Theme )

She's the best time we've seen in this generation, and she's got a lot of stories that we've been through, going through, and so on.

In those years, the media said that she was the old woman, and she wasn't upset. She said, "Love is what you are." In that year, Nie's wife and actress lost their arms, and she laughingly wrote down, and she was always going to move on. I'm going to go the second step.

At the age of 20, 30, and 40 years old, when you first entered the entertainment circle, all roads, all the way, have always been trampland on the road.

20-year-old Shu Qi: Not a new person in life, but only desperately

she was 20 years old, she came to Hong Kong, and she didn't know what she was doing in Cantonese every day. She was so stupefied that she was not familiar with television and radio. She was unfamiliar with her life. She had a lot of work to do, and she didn't dare let up.

her performance, she performed the "Red Lantern District", and she cried out for her. She cried out for her. She wanted to play the role of red, and she wanted to play more, not just to take off.

In the same year, she met the "Sex and Sex" of the Winter's "Sex and Winter", and the "Three-Class" film, and she performed three classes of actors.In one of these scenes, Chang Kuo-jung, who is so intrigued by his feet, does not take away from her feelings of affecence. He has won the Hong Kong Award for Best New Artie and Best Women in the Hong Kong Film Awards for the film.

the last few years of the transition, many people have anxiously asked to press their questions, and there are many tears in their hearts. Most of them are in love with the 17-year-old, who still don't know what they want.In the last few years, Shu Qi said, "Several pieces of movies that have been performed since the end of the road can all be well at home.""

an interview, he said he had never had a drop in his heart." Life is like mountaineering, not always going to high, and it's time to go down to the bottom, and even walk around the mountain, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, and it's a pleasant experience." (Recommended reading: Select and take on your life, your life wants to climb stairs or climb trees?)

Shu Qi did not take the clothes off, and one piece of clothes was worn back; she had the right to take off and away from her, and regain her own hands.The past has passed, and the road ahead is still in the future.

The 30-year-old Shuqi: Hou Hsiao-hsien taught me to be an actor, and better teach me how to be a person.

the beginning of the "Millennium Manpo", a long-haired long hair and a colorless color, and a good look at the scene of the camera, the scene looks like Shu Qi and Hou Hsiao-hsien, and in the future there are three songs for the future of Shu qi and Hou Hsiao-hsien.(In the same place: Kimma 52 Three Ma Winner!)Hou Hsiao-hsien of Taiwan's Outstanding Film Worker, Hou Hsiao-hsien: "Film, I am willing"

That year, the whole world was greeting the twenty-first century, and Shu Qi met Hou Hsiao-hsien to celebrate his own return.

the time of the millennials, Shu Qi cried, and found that he could actually be like this in the screen. The original character could be a powerful one, and Shu Qi and Hou Hsiao-hsien have both achieved their own by looking at each other through the lens of each other.

After five years of the Millennium Mambo, Shu Qi then performed the "best time".Hou Hsiao-hsien found four years later that he had too many "performances" in his work, and he had a show of film, and then took her to the same group of scenes for five straight days.

, Shu Ch'i won the 42nd Golden Horse. The film was already on her, and she thanked Hou, who recognized her in the ocean. She said, "Hou's films, no scripts, no money, and she has also played a role."

the last part of the song, Shu Qi became a hidden mother, and she saw herself in the "Nie Hidden >" of her. She cried for three pages, tears, and no one, and she knew that Hou understood her.In preparation for ten years, the Sniang Nie has been filming for a period of five years, and he has always(Recommended reading: Looking for the same type in the Desolate Generation!)Chu Tien-niang: "Everyone has a lonely situation,"

The "Hou" sometimes says to me, "If you can get me early, it's going to be even better."In fact, I would like to tell him that it is only important to meet the best of the best."

There is no one who knows better than Shuqi, "he said." It's a step that she and Hou Hsiao-hsien want to make in 15 years."

The 40-year-old Shu Qi: 20 years of acquaintance, peace and quiet walk together

My name is Kana, my name is Jet."

This is the 1998 "Love of the American" snippets, the ice cream and the Feng Dylan started this way, and 20 years ago, they were quietly coming together.In the days when people say Shuqi and Feng Dellun were "good friends", they left their pictures of love to themselves.

The community's collective response to the Golden Remands has been very elegant in recent years.She says that love has to wait for the same kind of game. It doesn't make any guesses. Anyway, there is no pressure in the family. It is natural, because it is time to do it. Otherwise, it will not get married in a lifetime, and it will not be too tight.(Recommendations: Chih-ling doesn't get married. What is it about society?)

The 40-year-old Shu Qi, wasn't so sad. She and Feng Dylan announced their wedding on September 3, and they said, "Yes, we are married, we can be wrong. Don't miss him or her who loves you."

It's an environmental protection wedding dress, and the smile on the smile, Feng Dylan's shyly face, simplicity, simplicity, and no need for Zhang Yang to meet with someone you don't want to miss.

Ping-chi, a photographer for both Shu Qi and Feng Doren, said that a month after she had just started receiving a phone call, she said she wanted to make a wedding dress, and it was also a joke.In the Czech Republic, Shu Qi said that all the natural winds were taken, and the sea was set up with a hair ring. Three hours was finished, and they chose 30 photos to be read and laughed at, like a pair of simple lovers.