The "Information graph" unit for every Monday chart is a new way for women to try and take you to the world of gender affairs with a picture. In 2016 in August, a random homicide occurred near the South Korean subway station, the murderer alleged that "because can not stand being ignored by women", and random murder of female students, this news shocked society, also brought out the society behind the Korean male Shang plot. This chart will give you an idea of South Korea's dislike of women and the reasons behind it. (Extended reading: Gender Watch: Fear of abandoned Obadhai, Korean drama other than the world of women )

What do you know about Korea? Some people to South Korea's impression, is the cultural entertainment industry output Big Country, whether is the popular idol drama "comes from the Star", "The Sun's descendant ", "W-two World ", or the recent very red movie corpse Speed Train , Have left a deep image in our hearts, but also in the global electronics industry, a high percentage of Samsung countries.

In addition to the image of the long legs of Yan value, delicious fried chicken, there are fierce competitive pressure and the alarming high suicide rate, in recent years, the attack of the incident, the frequency of attacks on women killed in the annual increase, you can clearly feel the Korean society with fierce competition, and began to have a dislike of women, Shang voice appeared.

Some people think that women do not have the responsibility to support the family, do not need to military service, but enjoy the same resources as men, competitive work and rank, so there is hatred and revenge on women.

Through this chart, we can see the difference between Korean dramas and Korea's reality. Korean men are not like TV Obadhai, in real life, South Korea has a serious male stereotypes, the survival of the pressure of society to give birth to hatred of the great man, so that women suffer from the physical and mental violence increased.

South Korea's women's rights, there is still a long way to go.

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