You have a headaches for the Pantone color ticket, and you always don't know where to put the two numbers at the bottom.Or don't always remember the red of the fire, the red, the number?Emilie de Griottes, food designer from France, has a good role to play in combining food and colour tickets, so that the Pantone color tickets look approbd-out and much better.

A series of food
Pantone color ticket is sweet and poorant

Pantone 1797 C represents the red berry fruit color

Pantone 715 C stands for citrus orange peel

Pantone 7507 C stands for banana, white chocolate like banana

What is "food designer"?

Emilie de Griottes is not only cooking, but also uses unique design and color-matching expertise to express the "color" of food, so that food is not only an appeasable satisfaction, but also a visual enjoyment!

The Pink of Emilie de Griottes alone is a sweet and happy feeling

Make life much more colorful!
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