Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. GD and Komatsu in private according to exposure, fans reaction poles, together to see, those who love dearly Obadhai Korean rice, may also be the South Korean culture has been suppressed for a long time women. (same field Gayon:"Information chart" Korean dramas and the reality of the gap!) Korean women's Dislike event book )

South Korean idol GD and Komatsu The gossip in the Typhoon night swept the community, GD's private account was up, a woman sitting on the GD leg photos, a lie on the bed of intimate feet, a small pine vegetables in the spa photo .... Media Center, capture fan Heartbreak moment, a title: "GD Love small 8-year-old Japanese tender model private bath hot and flee", "into the bath bed photo all outflow! Komatsu is only hanging towels ", bared teeth to tear the privacy of people, the former water original Shizi also was the spotlight into GD's gossip headlines."

News Ituge, there are readers in the report under the cold water: "All said to be a private photo, please respect other people's privacy, OK". Taiwan Korean rice Rational maintenance Aubao greasy private space, but the media operators of the gossip of the way sophisticated also mature, shaping the antagonism between the fans and Komatsu, as long as the next "Fan wrath" title.

Private rice and anti rice: Be careful I kill you.

This kind of culture comes from, although Taiwan powder defends idol privacy, the media can not pay. In Korea, the relationship between the idol and the fans is love and hate, there are "private rice" and "anti rice" argument, as the name suggests, the private rice love to card death, keep in your downstairs, follow you home, in your life place to install the camera ... Anti rice in general on the network for spoof attacks, malicious synthesis camouflage photos, send viruses to idols, speech defamation and untrue rumors ....

In this case, the IG version of Komatsu is a lot more anti powder, shouting to let go of the boy, opening intimidation: "bitch (cheap)," garbage "," willful, to hide a little better ", in addition to being cursed to break up soon, there are crazy fan message scare" Don't let me see you in Canada, or I will kill you. " (Recommended reading:"sick" of all the people, there are signs of disgust )

Many people jokingly called GD all love such a "weary face", "magic Sex Woman", magic sex woman is from the Japanese pop culture out of vocabulary, but also the meaning of meat female, specifically means clever, slightly a smile very qingcheng women. Komatsu and Suwon Shizi, burdened with the sin of dowager, like the ruin of whose future generally, was wantonly denounced.

Fans dislike not the actress itself, but the GD from public wealth into a private wealth of "woman identity." The bad boy image of GD, can only be exclusive fans of the bad boy, his sexy and evil smile, are performances, is a fan patent. His "exclusive" of a person's lust is not recognized, because this thing is too dangerous, may deprive Han Rice originally owned GD.

Compared to Korean rice, Taiwanese idol marriage or gossip is much more inclusive, Korean idol is regarded as a "public wealth", the national husband and girlfriend's privacy is at stake. The Korean community also has a "Golden Cranberry" award, which is awarded annually to the pesky actresses.

Those pesky women: being a lame little card.

IU (picture source )

IU, known as the national sister, has been on the list a few times, in 2012 she posted a close photo with Eunhyuk on Twitter, alone in the pajamas she caused South Korean national lambasting, they accuse IU should not destroy their pure and well-behaved image. Not only that, because the "Meteor garden" in Taiwan famous GHS also because of clever image was questioned over hypocrisy; F (x) Shirley generous Open love, also by many Korean rice because of "princess disease" boycott, because they think the company will never indulge an idol such love, the company is too pet Shirley.

The actress was black special attack reason strange, well-behaved to be well-behaved just right, bad still have to stop etiquette. In the Republic of Korea, under the nationalist and father's system, girls have to obey the rules before they get hurt. In addition, in a community-fastidious Korean society, it is natural to be isolated if it does not conform to the ideas of most people.

Korean women also often have to showcase their "incompetence" to achieve "Obadhai" of prestige. South Koreans expect women to be taken care of, men to release their masculine temperament, to be a gentleman to rely on. So if the female idol is bold and too revealing her passions, she will be attacked by the media.

Good-bye, Komatsu, Obadhai's all yours.

As an idol, being liked by fans is of course important, but why should idols be respectful to their fans? Korean rice is not just their food and clothing parents, the level of devotion to idols is like love, Korean fans, not only with the idol interaction, but also from the community, develop their own response and action model.

This group of powder (fan) has the following characteristics in its definition: There are fanatical, excited mass behavior, the text of production fans (such as birthday handmade gifts for idols), the organization of the community, dense into the imagination of the relationship, so the same community of powder, in the emotional common worship to produce an ideological identity, and other people have the distinction between the line.

Malice is the most convenient way to organize a community with a centripetal force. Therefore, to consolidate the powerful power of idol is to attack another idol. Hate comes from strong love, so Komatsu and water original Shizi are the victims of GD crazy powder, fans hate GD, have to hate as the same female position of "she", because Komatsu and water original Shizi occupy fans fantasy space. (Extended reading: Gender Watch: Fear of abandoned Obadhai, Korean drama other than the world of women )

This is undoubtedly a form of support to the state of mind, in fact, many of South Korea's male idols are faced with "the gaze of the fans control" situation. Trainees system let idol very early learn to fiddle with their most good-looking appearance, they know that others like their own point of view, sometimes handsome, sometimes sprinkle a little jiao, nature to show their own set of operations appropriately. The boys used to be in the position of being stared, the fan and Idol formed a power relationship, as a condensate, think they have the power to imagine the other side should be the appearance. This set of patriarchal rules of the game, quietly embodied in the Korean stream culture above.

Do you want to be a likeable idol and give up your life? Let the fans decide how he should live, assign him to whom?

I think this problem, we have the answer in mind, but, the popular culture Obadhai, people can not restrain fantasy, Obadhai forever Single, Obadhai and better than their own conditions of women together, women are Choufso.

Idols often say: "Obadhai is always Yours", what a terrible promise.