Writing in the case of a major sexual assault , Emmahuasen said in a United Nations speech: " as long as there is a victim, the whole society should rise to revolt," Jie Sika Rade in the TED speech also mentioned the bad situation of school sexual assault, Can we give the sexual assault victim the assistance he really needs? That we no longer need to live in a world where 99% of rapists can go unpunished? (same field Gayon:"When you are raped, you will know" ubiquitous cyber violence )

Hanna rose to college and was delighted with his new identity. She met a boy at the party, named Michael, who drank wine together. The next day, Hanna wakes up in a severe headache, and she remembers only fragments. 」

"But she does remember vomiting in the hallway outside Mike's room, she remembers that when Mike violated her, she looked silently at the wall, hoping it would stop, and finally she walked home trembling, feeling very uncomfortable, but she thought, would it be that I misunderstood? This is the sex life of college students? 」

TED speaker Jessica Sika Rade The story of Hannah the University girl, and what we want to know is how many of these Hanna and Michael's in this world?

How many Hanna think this is his problem? How many of them have finally become violent offenders on campus?

In Taiwan, the major sexual assault has aroused heated discussion, and one out of every five women and 13 males in American campuses may have been sexually abused during college.

2014, the elder brother Emma Sulkowicz carrying the incident mattress complaint rape culture , 2016, Stanford sexual assault case, the victim wrote, "sexually assaulted me is not alcohol, but you" confessions , the campus should not become a hotbed of nourishing sexual invasion, The problem is being seen slowly.

Campus sexual assault: A victim who cannot be notified, a habitual offender who continues to flee

"Despite the prevalence of sexual abuse on campus, less than 10% of the victims will be notified to the authorities," Sika Rade. The average person who chose to report the report was 11 months after the incident. 」

"90% of sexual assault cases are committed by habitual offenders, but because of the low reporting rate, even if repeated crimes will not be expose." Second, only 6% of the perpetrators of sexual assault reported to the police were eventually brought to justice. 」

The campus is still unsafe, and the victims are not notified, not because they are "unwilling", but because there is no reliable communication between the communications channel and the export-speaking atmosphere.

She may be inclined to blame and review herself, she may feel that she is "the only victim" and does not know how to tell the story, even though she may feel unwell during the briefing, and it is more likely that the person she is talking to does not believe her and will hurt her by two degrees. (same field Gayon: Gender Observation: psychological analysis, why do people often say "rape is what she deserved"? )

In this case, the Working Group in Taiwan's large sexual assault cases has a similar situation, allowing the victim to bear more psychological burdens than the incident.

I think of the Irish philosopher Edmund. Burke's remark, "The evil triumph, the only need, just the good people to stand idly by." 」

Goodness how hard, and evil how easy, when appeasement becomes our daily, what else can we do?

Anonymous notification of sexual assault platform: Honey, you're not the only victim.

Jessica Sika Rade Her experience by interviewing sexually abused victims on campus, and she wants to create an anonymous notification system that the victims of sexual assault really want.

"We build websites that contain clear written data and take electronic procedures to make a report, and they don't have to start with conversations with people who might or may not trust them." 」

Through Web services, victims can create a security, and with a timestamp, record the files of the incident. At the same time, she retains the right to be informed, leaving evidence in the form of information trusts prior to notification.

Let the victim have a reassuring communication system, and let the victim know that he is not the only one suffering from pain.

"One of the most important things about this system is that when someone else reports the same perpetrator, the site returns, and it changes a lot when you know you're not the only victim," he said. You will change your view of the experience and change your thoughts about the perpetrator. You will know that if you come forward, you will get the support of the other side, you will be the other side of the backing. 」

From a more assured record of the incident, and then to the more willing to inform, provide victims of independent units to save data, only in her prior consent to the conditions, will be provided to third parties, so that victims can justice, but also in time to prevent repeat offenders of the next line. (same field Gayon: after survival: Victims of sexual violence need more tenderness in the world )

"System-assisted victims are more likely to be informed and more likely to be believed, while habitual offenders Michael may be kicked out of school, sent to prison, or at least given the counselling assistance he needs." 」

We don't have to live in a world where 99% of rapists go unpunished.

"We don't have to live in a world where 99% of rapists can go unpunished," says Jessica Sika Rade, and that should be done now.

It is not just campus, the masculine-dominated military and the gender inequality of the workplace, but also the use of such a notification system. What we have to do is to create a world in which the perpetrators are held accountable and the victims receive the assistance and justice they deserve, effectively deterring anyone's rights from being violated again.

The big sexual assault event Snowball rolling more and more, I always feel, Jessica's speech is a good reminder, as we gaze far from the abyss, the Abyss is also staring at us, and monsters fighting people, be careful not to become a monster. Put down the hate speech of the curse of the perpetrator, put down the threat, release the teacher data of the large working group for a while, let go of all the possibilities that make you a part of hate.

I wish we could remember the tender possibilities at the most difficult times, and still remember that we are trying to solve the problems of our time and still remember that we have so much unspeakable anger and sadness in mind that we are looking for a better world.

And when we can be gentle, we will see that there are a lot of w students in Taiwan, they may have their own pain, there is no chance to say, they may be the Southern special students, they may be the campus of the dark corner of the students, we have to do is let now affect the future, more victims to tell their stories without fear, It's not just an event, but a world that can change. (Recommended reading:"Because of feeling, so action" sex hacker pine: Anger, can change the world )

If I can, I would like to invite you to use technology to solve the problem of gender violence in the Times.

Women are obsessed with sex and believe that action can change the world!
As long as you stand out, you can let more people live in a free, reassuring world.