The Kaohsiung Film Festival chooses the film to bring you a gender perspective in the movie . "Forbidden love crosses the line", six directors, six cities, six romantic imaginations, this movie knocks out all the impressions you have of love, invites you to an adult Alice in Wonderland, talk about postpartum depression, talk about lust , talk about marital violence, talk about soul mates , and give you the imagination to love. (At the end of this article there is a film exchange volume free tickets, do not miss)

New YORK, black teenager dragged his footsteps in the street wandering, the multitude of thinking of their own is not normal; in India, young women slide over adult films with their mobile phones, with their hair shaved and trembling with excitement; Britain, the bride wearing blue eye shadow, met with blood of the former lovers; Argentina, an afternoon, a pair of lovers, a new life suddenly and far away Australia, the melancholy mother in the pool to think, that crumpled child is my child, Japan, the body staggered, sexual awakening tantalize love Enlightenment.

They all want to know, what is the love in our mouth? "Forbidden love crosses the line" The English is madly, this world how the screen abandons the love, but everybody is crazy yearns for the love, therefore we all have the qualifications, imagines the love.

Six cities of Love, six of love speculation, six in the name of love for the film competition, you will not know more about what love is, but you will understand that love is always wide. (same field Gayon: The late confession, early to the sex?) "Three Gu sex teaching desire" lust, no standard answer )

India: Clean shaven

Love is a black hair, love is an embarrassing question asked himself: After marriage, your body is still yours? What I see most in this video is that when Love comes into the family, when you are unaware of it, you are replaced with violence in person. (Recommended to you: 10 cassette You heal the wounds of Taiwan's home )

"Don't you want to see me?" I look at you every day. "This sentence becomes another kind of marriage night variations, I am watching you."

You may not even shave your hair, you might even make A mistake watching A movie, the husband can easily lock you up, easily can accuse you shifty, want you do not chiropractor oversteps moment, the rule is he ordered, you have no leeway, he feels with you married, he has the right to punish you, to a "hello" in the name.

Finally fled out, she first wanted to do is actually walked into the barber shop, dyed a pink color, you married me, but my hair does not belong to you all, I do not want to be your toys. There's a part of me that you can't have.

Love is resistance, you take back what you are, and do not want what.

Australia: Afterbirth

Love is a blood, gentle production enough gentle? A single mother in Australia gave birth to a child and suddenly became blue. She felt that she was incomplete, a life from its own body left, I am not complete? (Recommended reading: Mother's touching confession: Why do I choose to be gentle production?) )

The little guy in the incubator, yawning, and a small old man's face, he will have a, you take for him, the name of life.

She is all the time with the baby together, cooking time, bath time, sports, the baby kept crying, hoarse, they feel so close, and so alienated. How does a mother learn to grow into two different individuals from her own children?

She secretly watched the other mothers, she had a dream of stealing a baby, she sometimes feel that she "not enough like a mother", her body, both love and hate the child.

Having had a child, she felt that she was reborn, that she could practise, and leave the days not good enough for the past.

New York: Dance Dance Dance

Love is colorful, he and his black partner in the MRT performance, he shouted his brother, he wore his hat feel good close, he had to kiss his impulse, then he called his girl, pushed him far.

He went home and looked at the image of the Lord Jesus on the wall, said to her mother, "I am gay", in exchange for the father shouted at his face, what you just said, you take that sentence back, you are my son, God will not create a person like you. " (same field Gayon: anti-comrade couples to the scene of the Rainbow siege: we want to understand the son's "Love")

Is it true that God does not love the world? Why don't you love me? He thought, slowly walked into the room to pack his backpack, ran away from home, do not know where they are going, do not know where they belong.

He walked into a shelter that could not protect him, and the seemingly virtuous mistress said to him, "Have you ever been with a girl?" Enjoy it and you will no longer be confused. "Then someone took him away, he wandered into the street, the stranger's breath blowing his back hair, he was huddled body, why in the end, are the same?"

He's getting confused.

Tokyo: Love of Love

Love is, place: Tokyo, the physical lounging. Breathing, panting, moaning, through sex, more body, will not feel more what love is?

Father, mother, elder sister, sister husband, sister, sister of the marriage, the only one can quickly stir up the order, is a liberating sex. This is an adult Alice in Wonderland, the cup is finished, your organs will be opened in the way you have never seen before, you will know that you are more than you think.

The overcoat which is open tightly, forgets the propriety which has been learned from the small, inside is vest, sexy underwear and garter, Love is the religion of all people, sex is the worship of people, with strangers, is not love, you keep your question mark, here who has no answer, love love is filled or nothingness behind it? (Recommended to you: the first "Sex love": I Want your soul, but also your body )

When their feet are tied to each other, only the father is a good boy, eating cakes.

Argentina: The love of our life

Love is leaving traces and clues, he said, no one will die because of love, right? He said, "but the sea lions will, and we are not sea lions."

She had a baby, they went to a companion course, the teacher asked them in many couples, looking for their most agreeable team. It's like costume game, is love supposed to be like this? Is Dali and Carla, Dali crazy obsession with Carla, wild horse into a tame sheep, or Dakaro and Deyja brother, she grew up fantasy for him conceived a child, he is her more than the only romantic life.

They can not choose, the teacher frowned, said at least try, they do not know, they just can't find. The teacher said, you do not have the identity of the pattern of love, how you go to the future.

Love is a lot of many do not know how to overlap, I do not know why I love you, I do not know our future, but I know is, I do not want to go, I want to be with you.

They are with a lot of unaware, looking at the ultrasound in the gradual growth of the embryo, the answer is slowly growing up.

United Kingdom: I do

Love is dirty white yarn, skirt under the hide there are many secrets, is finished I do, afraid you see my heart have hesitated.

What happened is that on her wedding day, he rode on the machine, not to rob marriage, but to avoid enemies. He did not want her to come, but she eventually went, holding up her former lover's face, soiled her white yarn, also want to send him home. She was greedy, she said, will you still be here when I get married?

He was gone, leaving a scarf, she was looking for him in the woods, playing the former game, the tree behind, nothing, only her heartbeat, thump thump.

Finally, she returned to her bridal bed to be his bride.

She lay down, a pair of feet, a run of dirty, but finally clean heart.