Seniors, poets , literature prizes, thermostat writers, that is a lot of people know the Lindayang. Lindayang Romantic, not the kind of romatic, his ideal and humble attributes, so that he walked out of the literary circle belong to their own way. Like "Slow Love Letter" This book, discard the aesthetic form and the literary hat , sincerely tell a deep youth . (Recommended reading: an interview with the editor-in-chief of the joint literature magazine Wang Congwei: "Do what you love, why stay )

"Gentle and kind people in this world, doomed to be unlucky injured ..." "I know. This is the place where gentleness and goodness are precious. "─── Lindayang" another Secret "

If there is a sentence that can make everyone know Lindayang, I think that is the sentence. Smiling face of life's bad luck, he is like a hot iron, with a lot of patience and waiting, the time, the hearts of iron flat.

Lindayang from the law to literature, the coronation of a literary prize gives him a reputation in the literary circle, from poetry to prose, and the gesture of his writing is no longer a form, only a matter of human beings. These two months, successive "fictitious sea", Lindayang also published "Slow Love Letter", after six years to look at the time of his own, he both treasure and respect. Respect the truth of the pain, that autumn followed the house outside the rain suddenly fell sweet.

A slow love letter to youth: I just want to survive

"Slow love letter" is such a book, it does not conform to any literary aesthetic form, its birth, is to support the Lindayang continued to survive: "I just want to live." "Lindayang in graduate school will go to the army, facing the life of an important emotional break, and their identity to swim."

"I was struggling with the employment imagination, from the University of Law, to the Master of Arts, to find a job in the future a lot of pull." At that time the employment environment is not like these two years of new atmosphere rich, and finally I decided to be editor first, I think you are great (laughter), everyone refueling. Lindayang Melancholy warm word, with the character of the joke temperament, he is such a close contemplation writer.

For the artistic creator of the Freedom of the soul, the black and white world is difficult, he described the feeling is "want to find a place in the world belong to their own, but the delay can not sit down." "Lindayang can't choose the side station, he decided to go out his own path." Did the writing related work, cannot satisfy the parents to his law department's anticipation, does not have the reference coordinate direction, although looks like is around the road, Zhang Manjuan teacher said to him "you do not have to write for the life, you may find a kind of life for the writing." 」。 Lindayang slowly get peace of mind "sit down" lifestyle. (Recommended reading: good writers, take a lot of road at a slow pace )

So, this place of his own does not need the world to give, he only told himself: "I want to play in the process of my growing up to help my writers." 」

The point of view of writing has changed, from pure literary writer to escape, he has the taste of writing from his own.

S, the eternal Southern summer

In addition to the future, "Slow love letter" is also lost in the portrayal: "Coupled with a great emotional frustration at that time, the life of the coordinates lost direction." Just like the graduation thesis did not hit the disk. 」

He smiled and said that his eyes were like the Four seasons. Write down, just to make yourself better: "In the end, this phase of the homework seems to have finished." "Slow love letter" is made up of a love letter to S, I asked him the symbol of S, he said: ""s may be the same as the summer in the south, by my will and good luck to prolong the adolescence bar. " 」

This is written, not the picture farewell, life important people how to really say good-bye? You can only tell yourself that this is the case with the status quo. We have all experienced a person that transcends the meaning of a name can carry. That person not only symbolizes love, but also a metaphor for the once powerful self.

Asked S, is still Lindayang hesitate the longest question, he always feel that he answered not good enough, said I think again, I can not think of more accurate description.

Perhaps this stack of many sad years of "slow love letter", it should be a lifetime to answer. Those brokenhearted days, Lindayang said is his own good luck, because the writing such a book, life appeared such a person, so know the way with the pain: "You have to know how to escape the prison, you have to know that you are in prison." Writing is not to save oneself, but to accompany and comb oneself. 」

Grow into adults: no longer easy to hurt people

In his "Slow Love Letter" in the first edition of the preface to write "We eventually have to grow into adults," growth and youth, from "Slow Love letter" to "Youth trivia Tree", has been a Lindayang concern. I asked him what he thought of being grown up. (same field Gayon: growth is not to become adults, but to know yourself )

He said: "It is not enough to love, but also to protect people, things, and value." It seems like one day to become like this, originally is the enthusiasm for the ideal, now is to think how to protect the ideal value. So the flames became a match in the little girl's hand, a guardian wish, and a burning in words.

"Guardian" two words for him, like many people like to call him "seniors." Lindayang Chong Yu three city literature prize, at that time has the cultural desert of Kaohsiung, more like an oasis, so far 18 years to nourish many literary people. Every session of Lin-Yang as a senior's identity back, with a session of the school to hold a literary prize, something, seniors can carry.

"My role as a companion is because I believe that the people I love are the things that have their own vitality." I want to protect them, not turn them into the way I want them to be. "To be a senior, to grow as."

Growth is aware of their identity more, Lindayang said that their nature is not suitable for growing up, but has been working hard. His rebellious, romantic, desperate life prototype, it is difficult to grow and wear luster.

"I am a person who, regardless of cost, is extremely idealistic and romantic." The change brought about by growth is one more thing to think about in such a character, that is, to make others hurt. How could you like to grow up? But can not always put themselves in such a position, we are living in the relationship. 」

Go back to yourself and unload the proof "I Can"

Everyone called him a thermostat writer, in fact, his character is clear and angular, was a teacher also headache of the hot prodigal son, listen to him Shang his rebellious experience, play fierce, book also read well, a pair of flowing sweat in the field layup hand, because Yang Mu deyi's "Yeshan prose set" put a pair of youth and the hands of the hand rubbed into a grinding word.

He scratched scratching and said the name of the thermostat writer was disturbing and thankful: "It really gave me so much that I could be identified." But I'm still embarrassed to be called that, because I'm not the only one, and even I have a lot of the opposite qualities. "I asked him what kind of creator he thought he was?"

"Go back to yourself and unload the proof" I can. " 」

Lindayang is written in the elite literature, 17-Year-old began writing career, like a collection of literary prize-like writing, no one refused to recognize his literary talent. "Slow Love Letter" appeared, let go of "not enough literature" accusation, he abandoned an arrogant, abandoned desire to be identified with the idea, write, just to survive.

"When I really needed words, it was never the finest literature that saved me, but the simplest words," said the king. "Discard the crown, Lindayang the idea of his writing identity has changed:" Originally is the desire, desire, then become a guardian, I look forward to their own not only the experience of literature, but other people in the life of important others. 」

Why should I be allowed to support me? Writing is a kind of gratitude.

Lindayang thanked the literary award for his success, admitting that he had been luckier than many people. But he looked back at himself, more to ask himself who to read?

"I published the fictional sea," a small Chinese classmate called me, we actually do not have any intersection, he is everyone's impression of the Kaohsiung Tian Qiao, stereotype think that kind of person is not going to read literature, when he called me in the sincere goods, I remember very deeply, I walked out of the classroom to pick up the phone, he went into the bookstore to support my book, And asked me what the meaning of the sentence was. "(The same field Gayon:" Lindayang Read Poems for You "no one has the same happiness as US )

Lindayang asked, why should I let these people support me?

"I have been helped by a lot of people all the way, I will feel that I wrote those words, really have the means to let people understand, I am very guilty, I do not have to write something they can understand it?" I want to write words that are not the people who create the scene. You say that my word is gentle, in fact I am repaying a favor. 」

His self-questioning of the sonorous has been in my heart, Lindayang can write like Zhang ailing general, low to dust in the bloom again. His pride and brilliance is not self-evident, facing the world, to do that gravity, so uneasy, let doubt, let confusion, located back to their own coordinates, so that the injured, can become a person complete reason.

Lindayang is everyone's youth should be left behind a senior, he is not constant temperature, sometimes the sun under the team big boys, sometimes like to accompany you blowing the wind overlooking the distant youth. His warmth is flowing, sometimes hot and sometimes warm. It's hard to imagine a boy who is humorous about his life, and he makes a seal and signs a sentence on the side of his book.

His words and laughter are like the southern evening breeze, warm and slow, gentle wrapped around the reader's loss. Let people accept the sad, accept the status quo, with the courage to continue life.