Roman history has a long history, and came to modern times, but bearing the infamy of not noble. Why is the text of popular and general public disgusted? Female Shadow Select film "Love Between the lines," Let us write their own negative history , small love, but the history of human evolution in the magnificent waves. (Recommended reading:"female film Choice" "Snow hug": cry, with tears to fight the Ghost in your Heart )

Men never Die in a hero movie, why do we condemn a woman's fairy-tale ending?

The lens focuses on one woman after another, and they face the camera with a sparkle. They are surgeons who can write three romantic histories a year, to regain self-confidence from creation, (a) African-American women who have established financial bases; The enthusiastic readers who are unable to stop the heat and snow are standing outside the bookstore's glass window, waiting for a long long dragon and a group of women partners who share each other at the book Fair: time, Region, birth, The identity of the reader or the author does not affect their bridging the gap and embracing each other.

In documentary form, the love between the lines pays attention to every aspect of the romance story industry. Romance has always been a bad stigma, no matter the professional or social status of women, as long as holding a romantic story, as if to be into a vulgar, love dream, unrealistic group. In the shot, the group of women who love to write and read romance, proudly and confidently proclaimed to the world:

"Who is the man who wrote the romance?" Every one. 」

Director Laurie Kahn

Each person is the author, is also the reader, they love romantic novels in love, loyalty, lust and cowardice, even if the dream plot and fairy tale ending is regarded as "hopeless optimism", but for them to bring the joy of life. Expectations and beliefs about sweet endings, in turn, affect their daily lives. (Recommended reading: The Sweet Revenge of romance: the Guilt and pleasure of romance readers and a-level secret )

"Our study of many things is not actually from the school education, but the mass culture, the popular novel, isn't it?" A romantic writer asks.

Writing romance makes me more powerful.

Reminiscent of romantic novels, we associate with the possibility of a Taiwanese-style president and Cinderella, or the endless Scottish Highland Horse running the Golden beauty. The Romance writers want to tell you that, no, romance is not just a romantic story of the general population, but it is also meaningful to the minority communities.

"No one knows, we are actually beautiful." My work has changed for myself and for my readers. "said one African-American writer. She wrote the love story of African-American women, not only to explore the beauty of women of different colors, but also to the same background readers find recognition. The scene of the book Fair, an African-American woman excited to look at her, holding a large piece of work, warmly holding her hand, talking with her, competing for a photo. They see not just a romantic writer, but a magician who, like a fairy tale, lights up their world and pulls them into the spotlight. No longer have to book this Fancy "snow general skin, red lips of blood", they by the focus of romantic novels, understand the dark skin, thick lips of their own, the same beautiful, equally worthy to love and be loved.

"Romantic novels tell you why all unreasonable things are reasonable and tell you how the moment of falling in love happens." 」

The female writer is talking to the camera, recalling the moment when she first found out about the girl's heart during puberty. After a struggle, being scolded by unrelated boys and fleeing in panic, the girl she liked said to her: "I know we're not wrong." "Later, she began to write, had been confused and self-doubt, she did not repeat others." A stroke of land, she will use their own words, write the love and desire of lesbian. "I can do very well." "she said confidently.

"I don't watch TV, I don't weave, I don't do anything, I write." "The documentary has switched from one face to another, telling different stories, and the same is their obsession with romance." Someone from single-parent families, through romance, she gradually recognized that "I do not have to date with Gao Shuai, it's about finding someone who loves you unconditionally." Some people experience the painful process of treating cancer, reading and writing is the only time she can feel happy: "I may not have a happy ending, but I can read the endless happy ending."

They compose groups of writers, talk about creation, talk about love and anticipation of romantic novels, and talk about husbands, children and recipes. They are the soul mates who know each other best.

In daily life, they have the pain of not being understood:

"My husband doesn't know me, and if he does, he'll know that I have a gift he never saw." 」

"He doesn't believe in me, he doesn't feel that writing really does anything, even the slightest financial aspect, is not enough to compare with his doctor's income." 」

But because of romantic novels, they do not have to rely on the understanding of their loved ones, they can stand upright in this world:

"With the Romance of Creation, love for me, is not in the search for the lost part of life, the man who walked into my life, but the strawberry on the cake." 」

"Women are more vocal about their passions in romantic novels" (Same Gayon: The past and present of romance: The historical Tides of Goethe's romance and the revival of Lust )

So we can't say that romance novels are just harmless trails. For many women, that is the source of their lives and their own power.

The romance industry is when art becomes canned food

"The tough thing about the romance industry is that you want to make the art into canned food, and you have to recognize that because you're going to sell your work, that's what you want."

Romantic romance is written in romance, but any interest that becomes a career, even a dream factory-like romance, can bring misery. Negotiating with the publishers, focusing on the market and the needs of the readers, has become a nightmare to spur the writers and the day and night.

"I had a nightmare one night, dreaming of a word from my body, and I was terrified. "A writer shares this. Every writer struggles to get to the top of the industry, only to survive. From the title of the novel, to the cover of filming, publishing house marketing is a science. This English movie is called "Love between the covers" documentary, stressing the influence of the reader, publishers must find a compelling picture to attract readers to buy, a subtle, provocative and indecent line, like a kiss that will happen without a man or woman in the lead.

In the face of the grim industrial situation, in addition to the continuous creation of valuable story content, writers spontaneously group groups, discuss each other's plots, and even volunteer to write for the reader to answer the question of creation. Therefore, the book Fair site is no longer just buy books and signatures of commercial occasions, but also the writing on the road before the descendants of each other collision inspiration sparks garden.

"Concentrate on your first book, don't think about the back series, keep writing." "This is a romantic writer's advice to aspiring writers. In fact, any work is not so, do not leave a retreat for their own, often can get out of the widest road.

The advent of E-books has also allowed writers to look for creative possibilities that are partially autonomous and not entirely limited to publishing houses. We then saw a young novelist, from the discussion cover, the publishing process, until finally took out his first work from the package process. To the camera, she could not help but tears, but also a smile.

As the film says, "Imagine a world that women aspire to, that is, they will win," and this book, which is ultimately published, does not reflect the perfect ending of a romantic story in everyday life.

"The reader's favorite story is that your desires, careers, love, sex and honor are all you deserve" the respondents summed up the true meaning of the Roman history, and these writers are using their creations to practice the dream dreams that the romantic novels bring to the reader.

I love romance novels, what am I afraid of?

Love between the lines focuses on a group of women who love romance, they read, they write, they talk, they know their love is righteous, but they also know that in this society is doomed to be belittled. "Men shrug off romance because it's written by women, written by women, and written about women," they said.

As for gender equality and feminism, we will recall many women who suffer, including comfort women, sex workers, mothers of working classes, forced child marriages and female circumcision. The 23rd session of the Taiwan International Women's Film Festival does lead us to see different regions, different situations, different identities, but also worthy of our love and attention of women.

Watching the light on the screen, changing face, we accidentally misunderstood those tragic encounter is far away from us. We seem to be in the outside, like compassion, even want to stand up and want to do more for them. However, the love between the lines lets us look back at the part of ourselves that is constantly repressed, hurt, and despised. It is deeply rooted in the daily bite-biting of the trouble, not to produce severe pain, so we often feel nothing.

Have you ever been laughed at for staying up late watching romance novels? When you say that you are obsessed with "you from the Stars", "The Descendants of the Sun" or "the step of the alarming" moment, in the face of other people's disapproval, there is a little shame shyness and embarrassed? We never thought about what we liked about our own preferences: if projecting a virile hero could be a blockbuster for the global aggressively, why would a romantic novel that reflects feminine love be a nasty, vulgar interest? (Recommended reading: VCDs "Day Yan" in the female lust: The emotional exit of the wife derailment )

Through love between the lines, we understand that the plight of that embarrassment does not stem from our vulgar nature, which is obsessed with the vulgar taste of small love, but the society does not want to focus on a woman's frown, a smile, ignoring a woman, or even everyone's desire for sweetness, contentment, happiness, perfection, Don't even leave room for love to be the subject of praise, attention, and discussion.

And from the group of confident, swaggering romantics and readers of the documentary, we should have seen: to be true to what we love, not to be sorry for nobody, nor superior or inferior to anyone else. I love romance novels, what am I afraid of?

The love between the lines puts the attention of women's situation back to the most prosaic and habitual daily life, and thus makes people rethink: everyone, regardless of gender, is confined to certain frames and stereotypes, but is not aware of it because it is too common and not painful enough. This is the most exciting piece of ingenuity that I have seen at the Women's Film festival this year.

Hey, every one of you read here, you, from now on every day, let us embrace that the most negative, the softest of self, for love romance, love Korean dramas, love idol drama of their own, feel proud!