single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. "Tea hydroxyindole " in the life of two programs to talk about women in the workplace and the choice of love. To be a woman in love with the workplace is bound to be a choice in many conditions. When you wonder whether you've made a mistake in love and in the workplace. Please tell yourself that the right person will not let you make such a decision. (Recommended reading: interview Xu Xian court: Do you want your own happiness, or someone else's envy? )

Do you remember?

You were weak at the time. You think he will be one of the few in his life, you doubt the pursuit of dream leave, is not sorry for love. You eat dinner across the screen, and you fails for 10 minutes without being around each other.

He begins to dislike your success and hates your toughness. You want to love his frailty, you even want to use the resignation to prove the strong love. You want to forgive his loneliness and understand his tears in his eyes. How shiny, innocent like never made a mistake.

"I've been thinking lately, have I made a mistake?" Have you lost your head? Did I miss the things that I cherish the most? ... So, is it too late? 」

His loneliness is so righteous, but who will understand you?

Don't look at what you've lost, just focus on what you have.

"Cha Hydroxyindole"

You can blame yourself for countless reasons, or you can turn around and use the "pleasure of having" to go beyond the "lost sadness".

"On the 68th day I came here, walking in the streets of Ruan, Eileen Chang and Lu Xiaoman, I couldn't bear to ask who I was, what I was doing, and where I was going." --"Cha hydroxyindole" Zheng

You finally have the look of your own longing, the pursuit of life, but is less than one to accompany you to eat dinner. You want to go through the heaviest things in life with the most lightsome steps. You want to fill your own material, to comfort your lost injury.

The big mouth drinks The red wine, you finally still shed the tear.

He just loves the way you depend on him, not you.

Love, not self-evident. What you want is not a person to have dinner with you, but a person who will read you separately for dinner. What you want is not an arm to lean on, but a mind that allows you to fly freely. You want not 24 hours of sticky love, but in the distance after stretching, but also can hear each other's heartbeat relationship.

Sacrifice is not necessarily a fulfillment, you do not want to live a life without effort, you do not want to put yourself into a grudge sigh day. So you block the window waiting to be read. Now life, can not lose to the original, forgive him, do not let go of your own.