Women are obsessed with the most dialogue of the year forum, free enrollment invites you to participate! Invite Heavyweight and talk people: Yiu Shuwen, Fan , Zhang Kaijiang, Lu Yijin , Lin Yu, Zhou , to create a dialogue between science and technology and gender bridge! (Recommended reading:"Gender violence decoding Program" you know?) It's not safe to live in this world.

In the 21st century, technology promoted the virtual age, but it also brought sequelae.

According to WEIFAO, there is a case of sex violence in Taiwan every 3.5 minutes.
In 2016, Taiwan's Children's Union statistics all over Taiwan 76% of kids have encountered internet speech bullying.
2016 the average rate of "revenge pornography" is 5.17 cases per week, of which 90% of the victims are women.

You may recall that from this year onwards the case of the large sexual assault aroused public outrage, and then the sow issues in the network quarrel, people stand on both sides of hate blame each other. (same field Gayon:"Chen Jie 晧 special text" After the big sexual assault case is no longer silent: Everyone has a lonely injured child inside )

The world is always going through a tragedy, and you may remember that, as the American presidential candidate, the phrase "seize her private place, you can do whatever you like". This year's spate of sad news: Pakistani feminists have been killed by their brothers in the belief that they have been murdered by their brother, and the 16-year-old Argentine girl has been beaten to death.

Those injuries are true, we are angry, gentle, and now, we have to use action to change the fate of the future.

"Gender violence decoding plan" to rewrite the status quo. Sexual violence extends from the body to the spirit, living in the blood of the human being and living with it. Women fans and the Ministry of Weifao "use of science and technology to light gender" as a heartbeat, held the "2016 Gender Science and Technology Focus Forum", as a gender violence prevention and control hacker loose start, with two of the talk of the speaker relay race, discuss the phenomenon of cyber violence, and put forward the solution side.

This idea of a half-day camp, will be condensed gender and science and technology of the depth to talk about the existence of gender spectrum of pain, flip the survival dilemma caused by gender.

"The first round" "She, I can" ubiquitous cyber sex violence

This gender focus forum, we will delve into the network generation, dialogue with the youth, in particular, in the civil, educational, institutional initiatives of gender-long speakers, and we see the network generation of gender-based violence. "Sow the sow cries in the Night", "you are indecent so be raped", "The naked photograph outflow is you deserve" .... You can stop this cyber sex bullying spread, how do we talk about a female politician, how we divide the distance between freedom of speech and discrimination on the cyber battlefield? As a netizen, this is a lesson you must know about sex. (same field Gayon: sex Watch: Sow and sow teach not enemy )

Heavyweight and talking people

Gender education representative: From the modern initiative into education! Sex-flat Practitioner Yiu Shuwen

"Anything is a determination, a seed begins." Into the campus to put on protective work, I saw many students need help, in order to Miller, we can not open eyes to live. It is not easy for us to catch a "just good" distance in ourselves and the world, but always remember that you will never regret after your efforts. 」

Yiu Shuwen from the Deputy Executive director of the Modern Women's Fund to the health of Soochow University as a consultant, from the social structure to education, to engage in gender equality campaign spared no effort. Yiu Shuwen, a representative of Taiwan's Gender violence prevention, sees women and children in society, convinced that to expect a better world, we have to start with education.

Gender civic leader: Fan, founder of the sexually liberated sister

"No matter who, regardless of gender, we have suffered, we all have scars." The wound has a scab, never disappears, and grows with it, goes on, and lives like nothing, but doesn't mean we don't care. Please remember that you have been hurt and wronged, but also please try to understand their own difficulties, accompanied by each one of us can do things. 」

As a child, because the sex temperament was bullying, and accidentally broke into the sex circle of the small wolf dog. When you grow up, you know your strength is still limited, but don't give up any chance to change the society. Currently in the free Comment network, women are obsessed with full-time writing, and occasionally lectures, sharing life experience.

Gender agency leader: use practice to overthrow sexual violence! Women's Rescue Foundation Zhang Kaijiang

"As long as there is a victim, the whole society should stand up and revolt (-emma Watson)"

There has been a period of advertising as a black history, but self-knowledge, that is not what I want to work and life, resolutely left. To enter the non-profit organization, to put gender violence and gender equality to promote work, to open an unexpected and full of surprise life journey.

"Second round" "Don't have another victim!" "Cyber-sexual violence, scientific and technological action

Continuation of the first round of the point of the network gender issues, we will be the lecture on the solution, inviting science and technology and public speech in the field of the most representative people, and the audience brainstorming to create Sparks, who said it is difficult to change the world? Come to the forum to find the apple that hit you, you will be the one who recovers the sex ache! As long as you have a sense of gender, you look forward to a better world, you want to understand the gender hacker pine, here, there will be the best of all sectors of the elite treasure to let you take home, from science and technology, to the system as a starting point, flip gender violence!

Heavyweight and talking people

Science and technology women's representatives: media and gender science pioneer practitioners! Anchor Lu Yijin

"I imagine, modern women, fully aware of the self, enjoy freedom, enjoyment, not to let any external force framework and the fetters of injury, can actively create the appearance of happiness, let go of the pursuit of integrity, all-out." Let love heal wounds, let the firm take care of themselves to become a lifetime commitment. 」

News anchor, Yahoo tv< technology knocking at the door > host, producer. The digital age, the key comment network, the woman fan columnist. 2015, 2014 TechCrunch Beijing Chinese and English bilingual host; 2015, 2014 Apple's autumn product release will be broadcast directly to the Chinese and English interpreters. "The world is too brilliant please stand up quickly-30 generations of courage and challenge" (round God published). Technology issues, with a gentle ambition to shoulder Taiwan to the world.

Science and Technology citizen discussion leader: Public issues advocate for justice Lin Yu

"Regardless of gender, in the face of different people, we should respect each other's independence and respect each other's different wishes." 」

Freelance software worker, citizen journalist, g0v participant. He is currently an Executive Secretary of the Civil Affairs Division and a member of the Committee for Improper party production and treatment, and is interested in social and cultural observation.

Gender issues Opinion Leader: Be gentle with anger practice! Gender Attorney Zhou

Zhou, 26 years old, 2016 legislative councillors of the Republic of China elected legislator candidates, the election was completed and transferred to the gender prosecutor. Entering editorials from the campus, it is believed that feminism is a daily part of the Day, and that people are expected to liberate themselves from within the framework and not create new bondage.

Now participate in the "2016 Gender Science and Technology Focus Forum", the full forum for free participation, your appearance, is the best solution.

We need you, you who have been angry at the case of sex violence, we need you, we want you to be a kinder world, we need you, and we want you to be the one that makes the sex-friendliness blossom. "Cyber sex Violence" as the topic, through the forum to launch a new era.

Basic information and Activity flow

Time: 11/20

14:30 Open Admission
15:00~17:00 "The first round" "She, I can" ubiquitous cyber sex violence

  • Opening of the event
  • The meeting of speakers and Gender issues
  • Speakers talk about cases of gender-based violence
  • Discussion on internet sexual violence (1. Internet pornographic photos spread, 2. Online sexual harassment statements)
  • Open Q&a

17:00~18:30 "half-time" Dinner + Sex violence Film + (free access)
18:30~19:00 "woman puzzle game" sex hacker Pine Nine Sudoku
19:00~21:00 "The second round" when Sex meets technology: The light created by science and technology for the gender divide

  • Opening of the event
  • The experience of gender practice of the Speaker
  • From science and technology to system: How to change Internet sexual harassment speech
  • Audience brainstorming: Sharing possible practices
  • The Speaker surmount: propose the solution
  • Open Q&a

Place: Women's Paradise (two section 50th Heping East Road)

"Free Enrollment"

* You are now enrolled in the Gender violence decoding program, you are an excellent gender science and technology Class!
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