The difficulty of being a mother, the "natural" impression of "motherhood", has become a child-parent relationship in the eyes of society, becoming the yoke of "the mother must protect the child", making it difficult for the mother to disconnect the umbilical cord.

After the gay parade, a mother in the face of the writing under her own long thoughts.

She counted the pain of production, after 12 hours of pain to produce more than 3,000 grams of children, he is still so small in her arms, and she has known that the future days, they are together, he will become her responsibility.

She said, as a mother, I can no longer love how it does not matter, I only hope that the children grow up well. However, "multiple sex education" and "plural Marriage Act" so that she can no longer be a righteous mother to protect children.

She said, "your openness is called equality, my conservative is called discrimination?" In fact, you are the most evil of violence, for their own votes, with the law to force the mother to let go, let the child as you slaughter! "She felt her belly hurt and said," My child, I want to protect you all. "

As a mother, her anxiety leaps, she said the country reached into her upbringing with the child, and posted her a big "discrimination" label. She does not understand, as a mother, she has not been expected to "take good care of their children"?

The mothers were all back, the mothers who were glared at by the cries of their children on the mass transit; mothers who are blamed for their children's "behavioral biases"; those who cannot shout and cry and ache must always be strong; they are accustomed to what is happening to the child today, and society will turn around and review his mother at the first time. (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: Mother's Day, a silent death of a mother )

She said, so, so accuse me of you, why the child is not my responsibility? In response to This mother, we would like to take this opportunity to talk about the status of the mother who is difficult to disconnect the umbilical cord, and how to build it step by step, which has never been a problem for a single mother.

The high degree of naturalness of motherhood, the oppression of different forms of mother

The female in the feminist discourse, has had a long history of criticism and discussion. Western in the 60-70 era, began to criticize the "traditional mother" role, rebellious mother is a woman's bounden duty, challenge mother is a woman "ultimate fate" of the perennial myth. Simompova the idea of not having a constant "female destiny" and exposing her own abortion experience and refusing to have children. (Recommended to you:"Pregnancy topic" from "Crazy Max" read surrogate mother: I was born just because I can )

Looking back on Taiwan, in the 90 's, "no longer a model of the mother," the book mentions the cultural layer constructs "the mother" the image, asks the female to play "the mother" role in the family and outside the family place (for example company), pays the free emotional labor and the various service.

The imagination of "motherhood" is a double-edged blade, the position of the parent may oppress and deprive women of their liberty, or it may be the power to empower and nourish women. In recent years we have been asking ourselves, is it possible that motherhood is a practice of feminism? How far are we from this practice?

In the modern age of "naturalness" and "standardization", maternal love is a kind of snare and imitation, and the mother learns to be a "competent" mother of "social recognition", and is not allowed to hold too much of herself.

Do you remember? At the beginning of this year, a mother in PTT wrote that she could not love her children in any way, many people for the children laments, said the child poor mother pet, criticize the mother why to have children? We gradually realized that love is never "natural", Love and "blood" is not necessarily related. Such a "incompetent" mother, who has been accused of a crime, is also on the alert of other mothers. Female fans say: as a woman, must build a motherly love? )

As a mother, you do not have the option not to love children, you do not feel tired of eligibility. Society says. A highly natural model of the mother, oppression of different forms of the real mother, the mother was wearing the same kind of love face, hide themselves, day and night to pay emotional and housework. (same field Gayon:"non-existent room": Woman's name, not only mother )

When your child, not your child

"Your children are not your children, but" life "is the child you desire. They come by you, but they come not from you, but they are with you, but they do not belong to you. Gibran "The Prophet"

Carrying another person's life, is a very tired thing, many mothers for children, has abandoned their own life. And I seriously believe that there are more mothers, eager to have more of themselves, and willing to untie each other's relationship, they know that, despite the umbilical cord connected, she and the children have their own lives.

But we also have to ask, when the "responsibility" position is vacant, who will fill up? When the child accidentally falls, is there a net that will gently take him? There was no answer in her mother's mind, and she felt that she could not afford the risk, and that was her child.

So the mother again and again into the oppression of their own system, she can not see that they have other better choices, because it is very paradoxical, burdened with all the responsibilities, maternal love and motherhood, unexpectedly is the least resistance at this stage of the road.

I have seen a mother who quit her job to be a family, to be a child for heaven, to subtract herself, to fulfill a good mother's name, and she will finally be able to identify herself through her child-this is me, I am his mother. She fed him, and she nurtured him, until one day her subject shrank too small, and finally had to cling to him and grow out of himself.

I have seen a mother who is skeptical of "The nature of motherhood" and wants to ask, "Can I be a free man after I'm a mother?" "She doesn't necessarily love children, but she wants to remember her life," she said. So, in front of her mother's way she experimented, some people questioned her, some people also followed her to loosen the knowledge of the existing mother. (Recommended reading:a letter from a 25-year-old daughter to her mother: how I wish to return you to your lost life )

I've never seen more than one mother.

I've always felt that to move away from a single identity of a in every way "mother", fathers should be able to share some of their parental responsibilities more painlessly, and there is much more to be done in the country, whether it is a more equitable system of parenting, a more diverse school with more foundation, and a more friendly parenting environment. Only in this way, we can see the "mother" behind the mask, there are really different forms of mothers. (Recommended to you: Gender observation: from more like "bring the children into Congress" proposal was sour, see the workplace parents difficult )

Therefore, the State does not reach out to the parenting, and it is the shared responsibility, or even the excessive responsibilities that have been placed on the mother for many years. In the future, we will no longer have a mother feel that they have to use the posture of a single person, against the whole system, must be painful, under the face book under the indictment, with years of exhausted body roar, "child, mother will protect you." 」