"Pregnant topic" continued serial, this week fixed six points to meet with you! We talk about the situation of the little mother , talk about women want to be a mother do not want to be born, also talk about the name of a woman conceived . This week continued last week 's surrogate mother discussion, from the pros and cons of the position to find clues, perhaps when the birth no longer necessarily with the marriage hook, under the aid of science and technology, we can imagine the future of machine mother/father?

The historical background of our return to the Orange Red Looking back at the years of legal/illegal surrogacy, we slow down and think about the three key issues of surrogate motherhood: How to look at the "commercialization" of the mother's body, the power relationship between surrogate motherhood and service providers, and finally " The future of reproductive freedom "and the diversity of the mother's role" does not exist.

Women at the beginning of the moment, like the next world struggling to cast off the metaphor, your uterus awakening, reproductive function mature, the future you are not alive? Do you want to live to satisfy the family, or to please yourself? The ability to live is indeed in you, but the patriarchal society throws more scorching life and not the eye, has always been.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves a larger question of consciousness before choosing the side of the three key questions: does surrogate motherhood provoke paternity or does it foster paternity?

Let's disassemble the problem from both ends.

A surrogate mother who provokes paternity? Life is life, there is no attached meaning

When I think of surrogate motherhood, I often think of the seed mothers in Crazy max.

A thirst in the desert, only they have a light white shirt, they will not become war boys, will not become a mobile blood bag, unaffected by the radiation of the female body let them have the "value", can produce more healthy babies, not dead old Joe insured their lives. They will not die because they are born, and they know that the body is a weapon that is more powerful than the guns. (same field Gayon: Sex Observation: WEIFAO department "Golden pregnancy period" said, woman's belly to respond to how many social expectations? )

For surrogate mothers, the feeling is approximate. Birth is only fertility, no additional significance, perhaps the contract signed, perhaps not silver goods versus, in short, no longer with love, marriage, maternal love has the inevitable link.

I was born not because I love you, not because I am your wife, I was born just because I can.

When life is "just" born, not for the mother, I heard the heterosexual norms of the operation of the normal operating mechanism is lightly broken, surrogate mother makes people anxious because it challenges the "female reproductive natural origin" of the patriarchal initial setting. (Recommended reading: When a mother is a choice, not an obligation: A woman who doesn't want to have a baby doesn't have to explain to society )

Women's autonomy and commercialization of the body, from another level, can also resist the impression that the female procreation only for the patriarchal lineage service. Fertility can be a labor work, can be a wealth pipeline, can be meaningless, with a more open imagination of life, collision between the patriarchal and reproductive soul knot.

Such an interpretation in the contemporary still seems distant, the most likely to face the question in the "Agent" word, the mother is still only "agent" the rest can not be born, not born or unwilling to live mother or gay partner. In the end, most of the families eager to act as surrogate mothers are still tired of the responsibility of preaching, but the pressure of birth is changed by the pregnant mother. (Same field Gayon: " gay baby Boom" in Spain: Being a mother is the best thing in my life )

At present, the world's largest surrogate mother market in India, the local mother is not because of "self-training", but because of poverty and overcrowding, embarked on the fastest road.

A surrogate mother who encourages paternity? No longer a triple parent

If we look back at the feminist process in Europe and America, we will find sexual and reproductive issues and enter the feminist debate Center at the end of the 60 century.

1960, the world's first contraceptive enovid just approved the listing, women can start to throw away the "pregnancy" concerns, in order to enjoy the cause of sexual relations, the1973 Luo Wade case (Roe v. Wade), Xuan Women have the right to choose pregnancy at the first stage of their pregnancy , and women have the right to more birth control, and a subsequent sexual liberation campaign Shouting a woman's body and lust should be her own. (Recommended reading: Feminist Bad Religion: The third wave of feminist sexual writing )

Back in Taiwan, in early 2016, women's groups, "surrogate motherhood" as the female uterus commercialization, class, transaction, oppression of economic difficulties of vulnerable women body, and can not solve the pregnancy of the October production risk, the surrogate mother in the Taiwan environment is not suitable for opening, while encouraging " Adoption "as a way of organizing the family.

Up to this day, there has been a general consensus on women's right to abortion, and it has become more complicated to come to surrogacy. Many feminists are anxious about the process of human intervention in "natural" production, and also care about the materialization and mechanization of the uterus, and that the pregnant mother is the object of persecution in the production of "artificial birth".

Perhaps the feminist group anxiety is also due to the artificial reproductive technology to deconstruct the mother, so that the original is regarded as "natural" production process to highlight its "unnatural", so that is regarded as "natural" female body shows its tool and cracking.

The birth and nurture of a triple of the mother said in the end, this is "unnatural", artificial reproductive technology just let such an unnatural nature of the obvious. If viewed in this way, surrogate motherhood is not toeing patriarchal, but it reveals the absurdity of patriarchy.

Who is the surrogate mother in lieu of the maternal position? The future of the machine mother/father

Surrogate mother of English is surrogate mother, surrogate mother, agent is the use of the service of the mother? Or can we further radical interpretation that "surrogate motherhood in the form of science and technology, acting as a patriarchal society to the oppression of single mothers?" 」

Radical feminists Shulamith Firestone in the early 70, on the proposed artificial uterus solution package, hope to liberate women from reproductive tasks, will produce and childcare role, the average burden on men and women, and even mechanical body, the weight of the birth from a single gender transfer to the Community share.

Perhaps this is a possible option from a contemporary perspective. Aside from the possibility of oppressing others ' bodies, if we can begin to imagine a robotic mother/father, will it be possible to solve the physical discussion that is never equal? Will "nature" no longer be a relative's pre-set?

The world is another great amniotic fluid, and I have no definitive answer for the future of the mother/father of the machine, but maybe we can start talking about it.