Ke-min Smoked, independent music creators , issued four self-made single and EP, the first album launched in 2014, named "Pleasure", full of contradictions and romantic feelings of the ballad genre, is a lot of people to her impression. Women fans and love and rock cooperation , inviting you closer to the world of Ke-min, she said she was not good at speaking, but spit out every word is full of poetry. (Recommended reading: to the lonely growth road: Good love and rock and roll )

Love is, it will bring you some pain, but there will be the feeling of touching your hair. Love makes you hate this person, this matter, this thing. Because you like it very much, so you hate it.

Like, I don't like to write songs half interrupted, but sometimes it is a phone call, a sudden shock, in your plain life. Love is so, can not be very happy every day, can not be romantic every day.

Love is like a roller coaster, like a rainstorm, like a big wave. But you will see yourself differently after these dilemmas, because you will grow up in these storms and see if you have enough muscle to swim across the ocean.

Love is like a nightmare.

I've had a lot of nightmares lately, nightmares in my dreams, and nightmares in real life.

I dreamed, I shot a person, in that dream I will ache, as if shot that person I also very sad, but woke up, and feel, it seems not so bad.

Perhaps in parallel space-time, what the world of the different dimensions, one person was killed by you. But maybe, is a certain pressure in your heart, you killed it is not necessarily ...

"Oh, I am also today suddenly myself such opinion, last a second so, um." I feel that love is now, that I can speak, and have not been killed by myself. "Ke-min-smoked speech is a soft whisper, but I can still feel this soft and powerful vitality, as she wrote the song."

Now she sits in front of me, chatting about the image of love in her heart and embarrassed to say how she suddenly changed her nightmare interpretation. She says she's not very good at talking, but I think every word she says can be a poem. She's special. (same field Gayon:"Ma Shifang column" Witch Shop, Taiwan indie music 20 years )

The Power of Sound

Because he thinks he can't speak, he relies more on the power of sound. She said that the team who had made a sound with the "Love Rock and Roll music festival" had begun to work closely with the first day of the game, and she was ready to buckle up with "love" arrangements that were all new songs.

"This time, we may be able to get to know him again, because I am constantly understanding myself through songs," he said. Then, do not know if it will rain ⋯⋯"her image of the day, that is the mountain, she knew that rain will cause inconvenience, but the heart is still secretly looking forward to the rain drop.

"I'll sing a new song 〈falling rain, Fall in love〉, the moment the rain drops down, who are you close to, or with whom you hide under the eaves. I believe in the power of nature, the mountains will fog, rain, out of the sun, in the morning can feel the water dew. My own love for a moment, the advent of love is a heavy rain. 」

As the person who will be at the scene at the time, my heart is against the rain, but Ke-min smoked but will rain said romantic, let her expectations of raindrops so reasonable. She said that the difficult, muddy music offerings are often more memorable, she recalls a participation in Kunming 500 music festival process.

"Remember that before the show, I went up the mountain to a wildlife park, see the zebra in front of me spit white smoke, because the mountain is also very breathing, so I also spit white smoke." You know, people, animals and animals, people and animals, in fact, sometimes, look at the eyes seem to know what each other is talking about. The zebra was gentle and we didn't disturb anyone, but if I hadn't climbed over the mountains, we wouldn't have met. 」

It was so cold that it was hard to play the guitar and it was not easy, but it was more profound and beautiful.

Playing the guitar, life is only weight

Ke-min Smoked reminds me of the character He Cunlong in the cartoon "Prince of Tennis," one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. The family opened the sushi shop, each time the team wins must entertain everybody to eat a meal, the River Village Eye is full of gentleness, the speech temperature swallow, but as long as one grasps to the tennis racket will completely burn, is different. A guitar is a tennis racket.

From childhood do not like reading, sitting in the classroom, think the best thing is to stare at the sky, how to think are the object of the teacher headache. When I was in high school, I learned to dance, but in a series of coincidences, I met my guitar.

"When I was young, I thought the school system was a little strange, and I skipped school. At that time will secretly go to some dispatch company to send advertising leaflets, but I also did not hair, have been looking at the sky. "To escape the system and steal a free time of my own," she said, "if she asked her how she picked up the guitar, she was probably as free as she looked at the sky."

"It's like suddenly there's a magnet sucking, you suddenly start to have in your body, have weight, the world has color, hear what you want to hear." A lot of voices in my life are foggy, like eating with my parents, they may be talking about real estate or what I do not know, in my ears are "woo-woo" noise. But when a guitar is played, there is sound and music. (Recommended reading: a love letter for Freaks and Geeks!) Interview Ma Xin: "People have the ability to recognize the road")

He said that it was an instant to pick up the guitar, and she still couldn't figure out why she could play the guitar, why she could write songs, and why she could hear those voices. "Otherwise I was dancing, I didn't know what I was doing, I just felt like eating, living, talking to people, and doing something to make a living, but the guitar changed my life suddenly." "Every day, every day seriously with the guitar, she felt life became clear."

"You don't have to think about where you're going, where you live, where you are tomorrow, because you feel like it's all around you." Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I suddenly have a melody running to my head, and I'll try to write it down quickly. I still think it's weird, but I'm thankful that I won't be able to convey the idea that I really want to say because I'm so clumsy in real life because I can do it in a song. 」

When you hate what you're doing

In the independent music circle for a while, 2011, a major gold spin for the theme song "Pleasure", opened the Ke-min smoked popularity. Step by step, I asked her if it was difficult. She said that the independent music circle seems not so difficult, as long as the courage to publish works, share head ideas, Taiwanese acceptance is high.

"The biggest difficulty is that there is no way to stick to it, because sometimes you will hate what you are doing and think," Why am I still here? Why don't you see what I want to see? "Or too much trouble to write something." "Because I like it very much, so I hate it, it fits the description of the love that Ke-min smoked at first." And when she began to feel disgusted, she would go to a space where no one spoke, only the stars, the moon, there are mountains and sea, the heart of the Troubles washed clean.

"Go to the mountain, maybe look at the sky, look at the distance there are some red lights, while the heart will start to have a voice, there will be, absolutely." Some of my Aboriginal friends told me that the man who lives in the mountains is a warrior. Want to brave first go to the seaside, the sound of the waves is continuous, can be a layer of heart wash clean, and then back to the mountains, there will be a voice to tell you the next step, to tell you the answer. 」

She said, do you remember the rain before? Almost 24 hours a day without stopping, even the mood has become melancholy.

"I went to Taichung for a performance and found that it wasn't raining in Taipei," he said. Your melancholy comes from the fact that you have stuck yourself in this place, and if you don't take this step, you don't know if there is sunshine waiting for you in front of you. Now she decided that the show was over and washed herself in a place where there was no light damage.

The more I write, the more I feel that I can write nothing.

"You are a merry-go-round/A childhood memory/we are faint/full of laughter in the past/You are the Dream Theater/Tell me the unknown tomorrow/I can fly to the other side of the day."-ke-min smoked the pleasure

Ke-min Smoked words, like the girl not bound by the strange fantasy, with the melody, can let you follow her up the mountain to the sea, through the dark to see the light, bypassing the noise heard quiet. Listen to her creative inspiration, may make the same people like to create envy.

"To write songs is to feel a sudden hit, there is a sentence clearly in the head, like just said" there is no light harm ", I will be" no light harm place/no conflict of opposition/No fear of the invasion/I Kiss Myself ", these things will come out, I really do not know why they came to my life. 」

"So I sometimes feel that my body is an electric tower, there are many wires through the flow, a lot of messages passing through my body." At the same time I was standing at the bottom of the tower and looking up at the currents, and I was just trying to grab those messages and give it to myself and to whom. 」

She said, writing at the same time as talking to one who, may be themselves, may be a missing person. The process of writing is to leave something, the more the more peace of mind, more write more understanding of their own, more write feel not to say anything, do not write anything also can.

"I think I might not be a girl."

I asked him if he was aware of the fact that the number of men in Taiwan's indie music business was overwhelmingly successful, and whether he felt that his gender traits had an impact on her creation. She thought for a moment and then said slowly, "I think I may not necessarily be a girl." 」

"There's no way I can physically do it, I have breasts and thin bones." But for me, boys and girls, male female, male female, these are very long history of people to set, I am a person ah. I am a woman and a man, and I feel that my mind is not bound by gender. My face is a bit neutral and I don't have a great body, I feel like I'm a man sometimes. 」

"I like the way everyone looks, some thin, some people square, some people face more hair, some people waist more thin, like, for me are the same." The old man or the baby, the color of the skin, the yellow black and the white, the language, everybody is very fair in this world walk. "(Recommended to you: neutral: Beyond the sex of the United States )

KE-min Smoked said that he did not think he can do these things very well, only that there are too many norms in society, limiting our thinking about gender, but many things do not have any boys, girls, respectively. I just think, how can not speak well, only hope that her mouth of the thought, can one day strong to cover the world's sexual malice.

Animal instinct, leading or following, light and cold

When I asked Ke-min What three adjectives he would use to describe himself, she threw out the string: "Animal instinct, leading or following, light and cold." Ask her why, she said:

"When you just asked me, I seem to have a picture, I am a rabbit in the forest, do not know what to follow, because there is no road, relying on intuition and instinct to jump there, jump ah, maybe there will be some partners, encounter robots, Scarecrow, bear ah what. And then because it's intuitive and instinctive, it seems like you want to go along with the light. They ran out of their own, so I don't know. 」

Visiting here, I seem to have gotten used to the fact that the body would "run out" of something. Since she is also confused, I will not ask why, let the reason continue to mystery down.

Finally, I asked Ke-min to send a song to those who want to love and want to be loved. She read the lyrics of an unpublished work, "The Lost Firefly", "The Owl who can't find the tree hole/The ant who has lost its route" and the bird that has fallen feathers along the way. In her reading, I can feel distressed, she is really care about the owls, ants and birds pain.

"The Owl without the tree-hole, there is no home, no sense of security; the ants who cannot find their way back can be hit by water and trampled on by whom; if the bird flies, the feathers fall off, representing the climate may change, the water is dirty, or the food is wrong, so ill. Everyone living in this world, will certainly like something, want to love and want to be loved, just like owls need a home, ants need to work together to build ant nest, birds need climate change, go through where, or back to the same place nesting. 」

To love and to be loved is the animal instinct. KE-min Smoked said, if you like, in the "Love Rock music Festival" The first night, put her performance on the itinerary, standing in a corner, a piece of light and shadow, maybe a person, perhaps holding hands, to listen to her singing.

Interview PostScript:

The reason she keeps saying she's not very good at talking is because a lot of people don't understand what she's talking about, she says. She likes to watch movies because she often thinks that the people in the movie know what she is thinking and hearing the same things as her.

"I like to watch movies, and I like to read comics and books," he said. My favorite subject is a little erotic, a little bit of reality, a bit cruel. She said she liked the style like "the Black Mirror" and "Neon Demon". Adult comics to her very attractive, recently saw a work, tells a childhood has the psychological trauma heroine, grew up to become a very smart, know how to hurt people, and finally hurt her half sister, a white paper a girl.

Ke-min Smoked in her favorite type of work, eyes sparkling, in short, some nude, some skin, to color, she stressed. So when she said she liked to read the novels of Murakami, sometimes I could see that it was not coming back, I totally felt reasonable.

"1Q84". "I said.
"Yes, that's the one, I can't see back, that freeway!" "she said.
"Because the capital highway has no shoulder, there is a huge Esso oil advertising billboard on the roof of the building to the driveway." The grinning tiger was carrying a gas pipe in his hand. said the village Haruki.