On such a special morning, many people watched the news of the U.S. presidential election across the sea. Taiwan time around 3:30, foreign media reported that Chuan Pu votes more than 270 electoral votes, Trump officially into the White House, become the next president of the United States, the Republican Party also control both houses of Parliament. "I am happy to be president of the United States, and I will not disappoint you," Trump said in a victory speech on the stage. "(Recommended reading: Workplace notes: A Trump, will not let the World perish )

The U.S. election now has 46 states, Republican presidential candidate Trump won 27 states, won 279 electoral votes, more than 270 electoral votes in the threshold of the next four years of the United States President. (Digital update, 15:49 points)

With the slogan "Make America Strong again," Trump face book from the morning began to thank the continent, thank the Texas, thank Louisiana, thank Ohio, thank Georgia, thank the Pennsylvania, thanks to his arrival in the White House, the world waiting for him to deliver a victory speech, we want to know, he will let everyone see what kind of America? Is it more divisive? Or is it more powerful?

Trump said, "we will pursue a consensus, not a grudge, and we will work together rather than create divisions." 」

Trump face book updates, Hillary Clinton, five hours ago, put a picture, said "this team has too much to be proud of the place." No matter what happens next, I will thank all of it. "" This team has so much as is proud of. Whatever happens tonight, thank for everything. "

She quietly accepted success and failure, and an hour ago, updated a picture with a smiling face of the front side of the picture, said nothing, but also said a lot. Hillary's supporters have left a message to write down #IAmWithHer, we are with you.

On the far side of us, a heart hangs for half a day, the election results, whether you support Trump or Hillary, I want to accept the election results, is we would like to see the election spirit. In the election process, there is a conflict of views and divisive criticism, and after the election, we look forward to a world that is still peaceful and tolerant of multiple voices. (same field Gayon: Hillary Collington not go to the president's Road )

Trump and Hillary's victory and defeat, please lock the following AV update. (We will also do a real-time focus excerpt and update for You)

Trump victory: The United States will not be wronged, we will pursue excellence

Thanks and thanks to all of you. Sorry to keep you waiting, the election is too complicated, too complicated, thank you all. I just got a call from Hillary, and she congratulated us. This is about the United States, about us, this is our victory. I also congratulate her and her family, who fought a hard campaign.

I mean, Hillary is working very hard. Along the way, her contribution to the country deserves our deepest tribute to her.

I am very seriously convinced that this is the moment when the United States bridged flat tear wounds, we must join hands, whether Republicans, Democrats or the rest of the party, we must do our best to link the people of this country.

I assure all citizens of the United States that I will be the president of all, and that is vital to me. Voters who didn't support me in the past, I know a lot, I want to talk to you, and I want your support and help so that we can make America a stronger country.

As I promised before the election, it's not just a campaign, it's a transformation of the United States, a life of millions of people, looking to the United States as a better country, waiting for a brighter future.

It would be a movement without any race, religion, creed or background. It is only when we move forward that we can roll up our sleeves to revive America, and to renovate the American dream.

I've been betting my whole life on the mall, and then I want to serve the country. I want to tap the limitless possibilities of the country, and I am convinced that every American should have the opportunity to play his and her best possible. Those who have long been forgotten will be remembered again.

The United States will not compromise, we only strive for excellence. America will bounce back, dream boldly and boldly imagine, and we must. We must have the courage to make a more beautiful and more successful American dream.

We will seek consensus, not grudges, and we will work together rather than create divisions.