sex hackers loose The news, every Monday and every Thursday to bring you the relevant news report of gender violence . Do you know what sexual violence is? From an advertising message that flows through the streets of Taipei, sexual harassment is found in words, images, texts of messages, and in the face of these small oppression, it accumulates as a sign of sex blackmail. (You should attend: " gender violence Decoding Program ")

What kind of feeling do you have when you see this poster?

I asked the male friends around and the female friends, the two people's answer is very different.

The boy said, "Simon has free Wi-Fi?" 」
I said: "You look at the copy again?" 』
The boy said: "There is no special feeling." 」
I asked: "Do you think the copy is" Free Fast Love Me "or" free fast to Me ". 」

He smiled and said, "It seems to be all right." 」

The girl's answer is this, she saw the girl in the picture, like a smiley face said "Free Fast Love Me", or "free fast to Me". But then said: "I think it should be more." 」

We have to be careful with our anger.

Yes, that's what I thought when I read the poster. The poster appeared at the MRT station, a place to see, the weekend of Simon Cho, the bustling streets, and many young girls were forwarding such leaflets. (same field Gayon: sex Watch: We could all be her!) 16-Year-old Argentine girl abducted and killed by rounds of violence

In the face of this "joke", as a woman we will think twice, whether this is malicious, or our fuss. Because this world often accuses women of being equal, what are you arguing about, Sow sow, cry at night, don't consume everything with feminism ...

"Aren't we thinking much more?" This kind of remorse is common in some women's lives, from small see big: He just opened a yellow cavity, not sexual harassment, he just friendly touch, not sexual abuse.

Also because some of the public's reminder that "drunk deserved to be sexually abused", "men talk to women shut up", "a joke harmless", we always have to take a step forward. As a female sitting in this often be teased position, often is painful not angry, bitter dare not say. Because when you make a sound for yourself, there are a lot of people who will hurry to remind you: Is this a girl too sensitive? Lack of sense of humour? No less meat, is it so serious? This is the pursuit, tease, temptation, how to calculate sexual harassment?

So, in order to change the status quo, women are unable to get untied in the blame of "is not my fault", and then we will discuss "whether women think more".

How do we confirm that there is a direct relationship between the image and the text?

To enter the symbolic theory with the relation of the image and the text, the symbol is a kind of means or thing that the mankind achieves the communication function. There are three elements of the constituent symbol: ﹝ a ﹞ symbol itself. ﹝ the thing or meaning represented by a ﹞ symbol. A user or interpreter who ﹝ three ﹞ symbols. Each symbol has the denotation meaning of the surface layer (denotation) and the inner meaning (connotation). Meaning association is usually related to value and culture, for example, Rose reminds us of beauty and love.

So we see "on me" will have an associative extension, in the meaning of pun to put into its meaning.

All symbols are transmitted to people's eyes, all are decoding (decoding) process, the symbol and the purpose of instruction have three kinds of relations: first: The relationship between the image (intuitive meaning), the second: the relationship of the guidance (after association), symbolic relationship (culture into the meaning).

From the perspective of cognitive psychology, context provides a hint for the meaning of the image, and the user will complete the process of interpreting the image based on the visual habits, knowledge, experience, or emotion. So the sign of the girl and the symbol of the text appear in the same plane to form a direct hint, we think of a girl in the intuitive sense of the image, in the "On Me" the text symbol of the guide thought of "sex", multiplied up, we inherited the culture and the system fell in the minds of traces, it is not difficult to think--the girl smiled and said: "Free fast on me." 」

"There's no meat in the open sex joke" What's the problem?

The majority of people in this poster, will be "woman" image and "on Me" copy to do further association, I want to show you this "self-righteous fun" what is the problem?

The advertisement was reproduced to PTT, get a lot of villagers reply: "In my bed right now", "million people at the same time on the line, good stimulation", "million people to install", "fake WiFi, real soliciting", "Local WiFi Need You", "This I must on!" Downstairs, you're not up.

Public discussion has created two of sex bullying, and the problem is not "erotic presentation", but to adapt to the logic of gender discrimination and the operation of class oppression, from the text interpretation or the street to send leaflets girls, is still a common "male domination", the female role stereotypes, the first can be seen is a female identity in the narrative of this poster is " exist for the satisfaction of others ", emphasizing women's sexuality and beauty traits to please men, to suppress women's initiative, to convert it into an object of attack and oppression. (same field Gayon:"Gender violence decoding Program" you know?) It's not safe to live in this world.

In such operations there are overt gender discrimination, the violence of women as others, and again deepen the "men have the right to go, girls waiting to be on" ideology. There are a lot of information in the life of the oppression of women, it will create a "silencing power", forcing them to meet the real physical sexual assault sexual assault, because of "learned silence" as a resistance strategy.

Again, let's take a look at the data on verbal sexual harassment in Taiwan, according to a woman obsessed with 2016/4 gender coupons, 3,000 of the respondents, 56% of the respondents said they had suffered verbal or physical sexual harassment, as high as 70% chose to bear.

All the sexual jokes that oppressed the parties, behind them are intimidation, in the speech or the image conveys the power of different, make women become the passive person of rights. So what really matters is not the flow of lust, but the exercise of one's power and the desire to create dialogue.

See sexual harassment everywhere, brave voice

It's also from women. Gender Questionnaire data show that: the gender and total ratio of verbal harassment is: female 65%| male 43%| multiple sex 56%

Sexual harassment is not just a subject that women have to face, and everyone is likely to be a victim of "a single value for patriarchy". We must first escape from the self-condemnation of sexual harassment, see the nature of sexual harassment: it is not a person, a group, but with the historical coexistence of the patriarchal system, it takes place with the power of the strength of the class, is a kind of oppression.

Back to the event, there are many advertisements or texts in our lives that reveal sexual harassment messages, there is no doubt that there is a blatant message of violence, and all those who are oppressed by their physical and sexual genders should begin to change the gender status of "boys being taken by Aruba, girls being pulled to the shoulders, Molly being bullied" or even "being raped you deserve". (Recommended reading:"Sexual violence is not a female issue, but a human rights issue")

Starting with the idea of supporting every victim to stand up and create a social environment of friendly communication, creating a path where the victim has the right to rage and to recover.

If you have a further desire to act on the status of "change sexual harassment", invite you to participate in the Gender violence decoding program , extend your ideas into concrete solutions, your actions, your voice can flip the status quo, you are "living in a Better world" spark.