Yes, Lin's proposal succeeded, he was trembling, then upload a "she said" hug photos, for you to offer Lin Jia 's love song list, and we want to say is that all people deserve such a blessing and love picture. (Recommended reading: voice for Love!) A collection of gender-sensitive photography around the world

Many times, we use life to make inquiries, what is Love? What is the promise? What is marriage? This week we saw more of love, commitment is deliberate after repeated deliberation, trembling, want to go with each other to the intersection called "we", so ask a sentence, do my partner good?

November 28 morning, people took to the streets, Sang for equality, they want to know, marriage this road, how long to fight? How many misunderstandings and recriminations do we have to face? (Recommended to you: brace comrade!) Zhang Hung public hearing touching speech: I don't come for myself today, for all the people who live in my life .

November 29 night, Lam Jia upload long love letter, to her outstretched hands, there is her days, the future can be very simple, the screen to have you have me, and so you say good.

Dear Kiki,

Today is the day. I rehearsed in my heart a variety of ways to propose to you, some lively, some unrestrained, and some are simple as we get along with the day.

But no matter what kind, I always have the courage to put a foot in the hand, just because of fear of taking this step, but not perfect, Miss can make you happier opportunities.

We are psychologically prepared for this day to come, but the closer it is, the more difficult it is to determine which day will come true. Thank you, in my comeback for more than a year, you always accompany the day and night sprint me. When I am tired, enjoy the glorious time, I have the public share with me, share, but, your life is difficult, but only to keep busy with me, intimate, careful to confide. You're always worried about my lack of rest and cheering me on when I get nervous. Only you, can in my lost time, use your words to untie my heart knot simply, when I do not have the confidence, let me be able to believe oneself again. Slowly, I feel as if I have gradually broken into that, once only exist in my imagined future ... And I also know that the future must have you.

It's today, and I'm going to fix you up. No longer want your life to continue to waste in the absence of planning time passes, I must lead us to make our picture clear.

decided to write here, not because of high profile, but Thanksgiving has given me the support of fans. They have made me who I am today, and I have seen the transformation of my way. The important step in life can have their participation, is my greatest blessing.

Nervous. I've been nervous for hours, and I've been so nervous since I went to bed last night. When I send this message out in one or two minutes, you will see. I don't know if everything will go well. But, I'm ready,

Get my knees ready, ready to say something to you, and ... The ring I had bought in my pocket.

Please, marry me. (same field Gayon: are you the one for each other?) 10 honest questions to ask before entering a marriage

To my dear you, Lin-Jia's love song list

Lin Jia's six love songs, to all who wait to love and are in love, how I hope that everyone who is willing to go to the future, can have a frank say "I want to marry you," the freedom to have the right to form a partner, so that life safely grow the dependent shape.

Everyone deserves to be blessed, like Lin Jia-yi.

"You were born to be treated tenderly, to enjoy the love of the whole universe."

To my darling, you dote on me, and I also spoil you, we are each other's darling, gentle treatment, no eccentric, so to each other as the center, grow out of the universe, close your eyes, know that we fly in the same time, I never lonely.

"Who broke into my field, who caught me off guard. I have prepared the plot, but you give me a pen, cunning, lethal to the heart of my heart. 」

To break into my life you, I never thought that I will love you, my life step-by-step, but I love you unprepared, you ask me to believe that all the accidents in life, should be beautiful.

"I do not mind your slow motion, do not mind this time first pass, one day we always meet each other and say, good coincidence oh"

To the belated you, perhaps early in the meeting before, we have countless times in the street pass, unconscious. Perhaps love is not romantic at first sight, but slowly in the life of love and dependence, and I think my days, also have your mark.

"From your World pass by, the heyday of me have lived, please go forward, do not look back." I'll be the one waiting for you at the end. 」

To you in the distance, we are not anxious to won't be, this life I have passed enough people, I have loved bad too many people, and you are, we are destined to experience enough love injury, in the most suitable time to meet each other, to each other love soft.

"I do not need, nor important, to be a fool how good, I do not understand, do not need to understand, let me do so, to the old"

To the same silly you, I want to be a fool for you, occasionally not clever, occasionally capricious, occasionally see do not understand, I would like to learn to love you awkwardly.

"Bypassing the outer boundaries of the city, there is no farewell. Love missed too long but the wrong is perfect, happiness pocket a circle, want to go to the end, at the original point. 」

To my dear you, in a trance around a circle, you have been here. The future days, I want to repeat with you practice, inevitable frustration, inevitably frustrated, if you are in, I will not afraid, we will lead each other, let us clear picture, have you have me, you let me believe that we are worthy of happiness. (same field Gayon:"See Comrade" Lana & Cindy: I met you before I started my life )