2015 Women fans hope you hear seven songs, is to sing to their youth , write to their own weakness, hum to their own courage. Let us reside in those beautiful songs , believe that is not the same as the beginning of beauty, for the heartbreak to become more intact. (Recommended reading: best, always on the road!) A single travel song with no one to see

"Write a song for you to take back and wave after I close the door." --chan

Take a song home and wave to the past, say to yourself: "Well, after this song is played, I'm going to go forward." "We hear the empathy in the words, the Coury of sadness." 2015 The seven Songs of the Chinese music world, Taiwan music is no longer just the heart of love, but also to let people close to themselves, close to reality. Women fans of the annual song award, this year must listen to seven Chinese songs, share with you:

"Youth Heart Award" small Lucky

"Originally you are my most want to keep the lucky, originally we, and love once leaned so close." That for me to fight the world decision, that accompany me rain, a scene is you, spotless sincerity. 」

Written in "My Teenage Age" theme song, Tianfu Veltzke sang Lin sincerely and Xu Taiyu back to the youth. Everyone can feel the same sad, we walk home at the end of the night to listen to the song, thinking about those after the beauty of feeling. That does not need to fancy the future age, accidentally hit the fingers of both hands, on the Bank of light rain He kissed your trembling, that year thought you can continue to walk the way home. (Recommended reading: Looking back on love from "My Teenage Age": the more he flashes the more you love the flash screen couple!) )

In everyone's heart, there is a little luck. Looking at the boy, now become carrying the child's father; look at that year your favorite her ponytail, became a neat short hair, you still happy smile, thank those who do not go to the beautiful, only belong to you.

The "blockbuster Award" was downloaded twice as sad.

"The whole age appears to be no disguise, the whole cloud is full of who's flaws, so the heroic life, snuggle alone to death." 」

Lin Tai After the first work, singing in Chen Shanni after two years of the new album. Sunny Princess lyrics, Lin Tai Jia composing, sing a modern slide step in the clouds of light stroll. MV a mirror in the end let Codex true browsing people's loneliness, a page is exquisite stickers, paper wrinkles, halo dye ink, full of the handle temperature, shooting techniques and the design of the page in the action of the people to marvel.

From a carefully folded stationery to a click on the timely outgoing e-mail; from the fantasy of teenage comics to the beauty Mito a key incarnation; time Flow let us lightly with Eraser lost once mighty. Simple Codex But the structure of a huge mood, Chen Shanni said: "To every unlimited Internet night, we will eventually become accustomed to the network of the world clearly set out the time, very bad words will be forgotten in the flow of time." We reread the memory books in the warm imagination, and linger in those enchanted, which is the good reading time of the old school. (same field Gayon: The meaning of life is not to let people remember your name, but to have a friend who listens to your story )

Fortunately there is such a song, let us be willing to turn off the computer, closed eyes linger in those epic.

"Love Is Beautiful Award" is not the same and what

"Not the same, but also the same, there are gathering and gathering, each have their own lifelong, each have their own gentle township." Love is not an abstract faith, there is blood and sweat. 」

Release at the end of 2014, the story of what is different and how it shakes many people's hearts, MV that is the true story of Zhang Shuyue and Chiu, a pair of cohabitation for 30 years, but can not in distress for each other to sign a consent book helpless, they are the world's most intimate people, but in front of the law they are just strangers.

Jolin in this year's concert also to "not the same as how" for the proposition, invited Houdijan director of Taiwan's land has been the difference story: Rose Juvenile Ye Yongji , transsexual teacher Zengjia core , muscle wilt disease life hero Zeng Yingzi . Jolin Tsai said: "True freedom is to have a free heart, a complete free from the framework of the inclusive heart and acceptance of the heart." Accepting all the possibilities, maybe, something special that happens to you, doesn't mean you're weird, when you have someone to talk to, that's the moment you start accepting yourself. "(Extended reading: The true picture of gay love: love, Blood and Sweat )

love, so that all not the same are very precious beautiful. the world is not the same, not just gay issues, transgender issues, but also the issue of differences. We learn to gently erase the boundaries of the label race, class, and ethnic groups, and become a more capable person to feel happy.

"Multi-Mobility Award" I want to know everything about you.

"If you cannot identify yourself with your body, how can you convince others to believe in your soul?" 」

I want to know everything about you 〉MV television broadcasts were banned because of the censorship decision to have "bare screen". Image is a variety of personality of the body, neutral, thorn color and life texture of the body, let leathers bundle of body, dry flat mellow, mature immature, everyone for their own faded clothes, appreciate and identify with different ethnic groups . Even if the director put the actor's three points on the chest stickers, wearing underwear, the referee is still on the edge of pornography. If this MV is too explicit, then our TV and more broadcast content should be off the shelf. (same field Gayon: put the stage back to the serious alive person!) HUSH is forbidden to broadcast MV: Every existence should be justly

I want to know everything about you. Come without judgment, just spread out all the possibilities of communication, return to the human-centered value to explore the confusion of human units. Such a song into the soul, but was the consideration of the mechanism overturned, classified as "not to read Public broadcasting", let people rethink, the world needs what kind of moral text?

"No ticket, no tickets," a rainy night.

"On a rainy night, your heart is shattered, so the rain will cover your tears." I will not ask, will not say, you are too stupid a little, soaked, I will be here with you. 」

2015 Soda green "story unfinished" Taipei Small giant Egg Concert will be held in December 11, 12, 13th consecutive three days, the vote before the sale of users outspoken please small edit don't propaganda, fear of getting tickets. One of the "Rainy Night" released in the Typhoon night, so that the heart of the ups and downs, tears also have reasons, lively city after midnight desolate, there is a song willing to accompany you.

Qingfeng once said: "When the world with distorted eyes refraction glass bottom of the truth, I would like to share with the good of the clear water, perhaps, only we drink the water in the sweet taste." "Perhaps, the person who knows the frequency of the rain of soda Green ( rain night) knows the clear refraction of water." dormant for a long time, "winter unfinished" to say that this is not just a simple little love song, they want to complete a dream of the ultimate Symphony. (Recommended reading: to Love and hate with a wandering gesture!) Soda Green writing to your winter Music diary )

In the occasional sad city scenery, we are happy because of a song, a Smile in the eyes, or a sincere smile, and silly to believe that after the tears, can be closer to happiness.

"Best Year Award" island Skylight

"It's getting light, and we're singing loudly." All the time to the light of hope, to every man on the island. 」

The island skylight, which inspired Taiwanese morale last year by the sun-Flower movement, won the best Annual Song award of the Year, a song that condensed the feelings and memories of the land. They also said:"This song dedicated to everyone during the student movement, hope this song can accompany the Taiwanese, to meet the island skylight." The last part of the chorus is recorded in the scene, is the voice of everyone, there are many silently for this piece of land to pay the people. This democratic movement continues to maintain such enthusiasm and love that Taiwan can become a better country. (Extended reading: those of us who have stayed, do you dare to listen to our songs?) )

The student movement finally has the ending, when the sun rises, we all still must sing loudly the song, guards the heart the most thorough people.

"The Brave Rebirth Award" is dark.

"All gone, those who mourn and hurt, you are flying, and I am in situ, keep the tablets of impermanence." But I weep, but you sleep all the way. 」

Lukai the experience of his bipolar disorder this year, he has been using his creations to soothe his audience and his heart. In November of this year, she made her debut in her concert with a very dark sky, and sang from her bare feet, like returning to the music's most original power. When she sang to radiohead〈Exit music〉, she knelt in front of the mirror and shaved her hair off before 3,000 people .

She said: "Two years ago, 27 years old, I wrote a posthumous to myself, now think I was so silly, now I learned to contentment, found himself a lot of things have not done, thank you to accompany me experience, share my joy, life on the two choices, one is love, one is fear, I am happy to complete the fear part, you can and I experienced love. 」

"I believe tomorrow will be better," Lukai sang over and over again, singing the wounds of time. Everyone is a patient, lonely patients, depression patients, bipolar patients, in the era of easy to disperse, we always have to identify themselves as the last place, identify their own lesions, to be able to be touched by love. It's hard to be yourself, looking sad, may we all have more courage to embrace tomorrow, (Recommended reading: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

2015 Women fans hope you hear seven songs, is to sing to their youth, write to their own weakness, hum to their own courage. Let us reside in those beautiful songs, believe that is not the same as the beginning of beauty, facing heartbreak to become more perfect me.

is about to move towards the next year, may these good songs accompany you to be displaced, with you joyful sadness, like the female fan has been here generally.

"Your annual song."

If you want to use a song as a summary of 2015, what do you think it will be? You think you have to listen to it, without it 2015 white over the song, the most Know your tears, also understand your happy song. Share your 2015 song with us.