" As you pretend to be brave, I'm trying to learn to be brave.
A little bit of courage can encourage you to do a lot of things."

by Xu Fangi, not afraid of me and the world," TEDx Taipei

Xu Fangi was the chief dancer of American Modern Dance Company, and was treated as a missionary by Martha Graham.In 2005, Dance Magazine ranked the top 25 dancers in the world as the world's top 25 dancers for the year.On behalf of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Xu Fang is a solo dance in the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, and is praised by the New York Times as "as if she could see the soul".In 2005, he was awarded the Order of the Order of Jinxing by the President of the Republic of China, and the first example of the Taiwan dance

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I used to not dream of myself

I didn't do well at school when I was a kid, and my family was working as a woman at the factory for a time.Because of his poor homework, she was very unconfident about herself since she was a child, so that she could not have a dream.At the age of 11, she performed at the age of 11, and found his passion for dancing. She became a turning point in her life and began to move to dance.The university was a modern-day dance teacher, Rose.The encouragement of Ross Parkes prompted Xu Fang to become a professional dancer's dream, and also opened her own self-confidence."He was a teacher who changed my life, … she said." Finally, someone began to look forward to me, not just a light, but a lot of hope.

the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, has described the dance floor as a good example of the dance floor.The choreographer Braijan added that she was a dancer who "is full of facial expressions and tension with his fingers."But her attestation on the dance floor is the result of her tiptoes of sweat and tears, and her tiptoes of her tiptoes, and the difficulties and frustrations that she has achieved.When she arrived in New York, she could not even communicate with anyone in English in the first three months, but she did not give up.Starting the dialogue with the breakfast car shop, she completed her small self, small bravery, and learned "no fear."Today, she does not only have a high level of dance skills, but also has a grasp of the human nature of the dance.

The body is the only expression in the dance platform, and the most sincere and direct expression." When I was unable to express my emotions in words and words, I was only able to feel free to feel free to be released through dancing.Hsu Fang-yi says that if you want the dance to return to the body, the body can really make a real beating.She often tells students: "Jump, don't take action."

Even if you are experiencing difficulties, Hsu Fang-yi still sticks to his dream and has no let-up in it.She said, "Every time I have any hard choices, I will know the answer if I recall why I wanted to dance.""The so-called" mania "refers to the fanaticism that the days of life must be paid, not at the expense of a certain matter," he said."It's a good way to do it," he said.

Do your best

she says, " The university teacher says that I have a unique character, that love is more like myself, always doing what I do best.For her, "dancing" is an attitude toward life, "because performers don't have half a flash on the bench, they don't lie, they have to be pure, clean."To achieve this, I have to exercise self-discipline. For example, I have no one to urge, and I have to be a soft person every day. I must be honest and honest with my mind, and keep this kind of thinking at any time.She insisted that she was so focused on the spirit that she was able to make the world's famous dancer Xu Fangyi today.She said, "Accumulation of myself is the best way I can do it."Dance is not only a dance, but also a serious view of oneself and the study of life.

As a dancer, Hsu Fang-yi is also interested in education and hopes to give love to the island that she loves.Hsu Fang-yi is the founder of the Lafang LAFA, and actively expands the "School Root Project", bringing with it the experience of dancing and dancing with students and children who love dance.She said she had passed away, and she had a very deep influence on her, and she found that she had so many things to share with others.In addition to her audience, she is also able to share her with others.The life that continues on the platform can be spread far away."I want to convey a new concept through dance, “ she said." It's a right attitude that can make a good person ” so that students know how to dance and learn to respect and develop themselves."

Not afraid to be different from the world

Xu Fang's speech at TEDx is "not afraid of the world," and encourages people to use their mobility to fulfill their dreams.She wants to tell young people to "dare to dream" in their own personal experience, and not fear themselves differently than others.Instead of expecting others to create dreams for us, it's better to create it ourselves.She said in an interview that "we want to let the world see it."Xu Fangyi, she, did it.Dare to be Differential, not afraid of me and the world.In this way, a dance artist uses dance to make life rich, and to dance with life.

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