Gender violence prevention Hackers perfect ending, two days down, many excellent works were born, including: with artificial intelligence combined with the law App〈gender Ai〉 won the "Best Gender Violence Prevention Award", home security navigation App〈go home〉 won the "most powerful decoding hacker award", migrant workers of the sexual violence control system "tell me "Best Gender Observer Award" and anti-sex discrimination Google Extension kit 〈poly you〉 won the "Popular Special Award" ... Wait, then let us see the work is full of moving! (Recommended you see:"Gender violence prevention hacker loose scene direct hit" "Pluralism" is not only the spirit, but also action )

This weekend, the Department of Health and Welfare, in conjunction with women fans of the "Gender violence decoding program" hacking activities gathered 130 contestants officially kick-off. The race continued uninterrupted 48-hour continuous fighting on 2nd, and the program was programmed to create a scientific and technical work on gender violence. Finally, a total of 30 groups of outstanding scientific and technological devices to change sexual violence, the participants in the "gender violence" to find a solution to the issue, covering a wide range of topics, including intimate violence, domestic violence, tracking, sexual harassment, sexual assault ... And so on, it is worth mentioning that the entries are more aimed at the design of different groups of victims, including students, physically and mentally handicapped persons, immigrant workers and so on.

Onsite presence The heavyweight award winners include the Ministry of Health and Welfare Undersecretary Lu Baojing, Health and Welfare Department Director of the Protection Services Division Zhang Xiuxi, the Women's rescue fund CEO Kang Shuhua. At the same time, we also invite experts in various fields: Big Culture Hao Mingyi chairman, Microsoft Public and Legal Affairs department Shilicheng general manager, QLL XI Xu Co., Ltd. Partnership founder Ye Huiyu, Viscovery founder and CEO Huang Junjie selected outstanding works, in the field of science and Technology Review also put forward a macroscopic view, Joint gender expert review to provide gender background data, so that the hacker's gender violence prevention works more complete, the public review more in unison to recognize the purpose of activities, appreciation of the concept of work and future influence! Next, let's see the forces in unison to break the gender violence:

Ministry of Health and Welfare Affairs Undersecretary Lu Baojing: Gather the power of young people, change Taiwan's destiny and create a new history

At the scene, the Ministry of Health and Welfare Affairs Undersecretary Lu Baojing out the closing ceremony and the awards, but also as the award-winning person. In the closing ceremony, she particularly encouraged the contestants: "See the two days on the weekend, the length of the road to the Gender violence prevention and control concept to solve the problem, particularly touched." "Lu Baojing is full of praise for young people's creative power:" Because of social changes in the use of Internet access, should be more necessary through the network to curb the occurrence of gender-based violence. The idea of holding hacker pine is to develop creative thinking through young people, and to design a programme of action and Prevention of gender violence. "and called on participants to learn the spirit of the hacker, adhere to and continue to care about gender violence prevention and control issues." (same field Gayon:"Atlas" sexual assault, verbal violence, intimate violence!) You don't know about gender violence everyday )

Joint response of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan's key women's groups and the cross-border Field heavyweight review

In addition, WEIFAO Department of Protection Services Division director Zhang Xiuxi in the presence of a mentor with hundreds of hackers for two days, she thanked all the contestants to science and technology as a specific policy: "When the surrounding friends with gender-based violence, we have to stand up and ignore neglect, and then participate in gender violence prevention and treatment activities." To participate in gender violence prevention and control hacker Pine Friends, you have been practicing gender violence to prevent the role of the third party, violence prevention and control work because we have taken a big step forward! "(Recommended reading: women obsessed with the first gender science and Technology Focus Forum: Using dialogue to create action )

Kang Shuhua, chief executive of Taiwan's Contemporary Women's Rescue Foundation, also appeared to support the science and technology to promote gender-based violence, she said modestly came to the scene, is to hold the heart of learning with all, and encourage hackers: "Use your intelligence and technology experience, invite more people to embrace the" violence 0 tolerance "attitude, in the face of violence, Rise to say no, and from the practice of their own respect and equality of people I relationship, to create a better world! 」

In addition to experts in the field of gender, we have also invited the founder and CEO of Viscovery, a technology player, to Huang Junjie, who praised the Cross-border integration of technology and gender, and encouraged hundreds of hackers: "The increasing use of technology media, from the hacker to see the technology from the artificial intelligence large data, to robot dialogue, everyone's vision is very wide, Thank you for this activity. The energy gathered in the issue of sexual violence, people with such a heartbeat to go out, will affect the community. 」

QLL XU Co., Ltd. Partnership founder Ye Huiyu praise women obsessed with gender achievements, more than the Ministry of Health and women fans across the world to marvel: "Women fans emphasize the spirit of the sex is not single, plus the long-term betting sexual violence, the hacker loose let me feel I must come!" 」

In the grand event, we were fortunate enough to invite the Chairman of the Hao Mingyi to review the culture of Taiwan, and he is also a cultural worker who eagerly looks forward to the rise of Taiwanese youth, Hao Mingyi The new hope of Taiwan and the importance of cultural views to encourage contemporary youth to talk about science and technology and gender: " Gender violence is actually the cause of all violence, how we treat this matter, is how to view violence, as long as someone, there will be violence, we have to face. 」

Shilicheng general Manager of Microsoft Public and Legal Affairs Department, known for its cross-border capabilities, sharing in this hacker pine see male and female roles should not be antagonistic, instead should be standing together, break the silence, make changes, he particularly praised this activity is different from previously seen hacker Pine, By the afternoon of 2nd, the contestants should be exhausted, but the firepower of the hundred hackers is still burning: "Especially in the group of the DEMO has a lot of cross-border exchanges, I think is very rare!" I am also a cross-border person, I am very happy to see such a pluralistic idea. 」

Multiple issues of gender violence: AIDS discrimination, gay discrimination

In addition to gathering contemporary practitioners of the gender and technology movement to the scene, the hundreds of hackers are invited to give their own unique views! Participants in the "open mic" time to share their views on gender-based violence, a wise University of information and communication, female students share: "To bravely speak out the facts of victimization, but also welcome to share the experience of gender, will not strengthen the gender differences and deepen exchanges." She spoke with great eagerness, and a few more people in the meeting agreed.

The other contestant, Wu Zongte, stood on stage to encourage all people to promote anti-AIDS discrimination, to confront AIDS as a disease rather than a crime, while emphasizing the fungicide causes of cervical cancer of female diseases and the infection of male genital organs for sexual behaviour, the administration should inform men that condoms are safe to wear and that women are not alone advocates of self-protection, Call for the promotion of disease screening to avoid gender discrimination. Wu Zongte's speech let the minority groups in the dark get warm and bright, but also let people more confidence in the future!

Female fan CEO Zhang Wei Xuan also mentioned the recent street struggle, she said that women fans as Taiwan's first gay issue of female media, continue to walk on the gender road, and then hope to gather the power of hundreds of hackers together to improve equality:

"Women have met many people, they have experienced office sexual harassment, victims of sexual violence, they are afraid to say, because society is not blaming the perpetrator, but he: how do you get yourself drunk, why do you wear skirts at work, how can you let them do this to you .... A woman is obsessed with hacking. The only purpose is to gather here, to find problems, to solve problems, these five years, women fans every day to do, are hackers pine. I believe we are not alone, we have you, each of you, each group of topics, are helping this society, help us to see the dark corner, you put forward every project, have the opportunity to help everyone! "There is light in her eyes, believing in action, which can change everything more than anger."

Gathering participants and judges of the VIP's belief, Gender violence prevention Hacker pine More embodies the spirit of practice, from scientific and technological technology to change the status of Taiwan's gender violence, hundreds of hackers is the driving force to change the world!

Great works to change the world! From AI artificial intelligence to sexual violence referral system

In this race, everyone has made specific changes to the gender situation! In the last 10 seconds of creation, all breathed a deep breath and waited for the new age to come.

In the end, the winners of the 4 teams won the total bonus of NT $400,000. The winning team was the first one to use artificial intelligence combined with the law App〈gender Ai〉 won the "Best Gender Violence Control Award", home Security navigation App〈go home〉 received the "Strongest decoding hacker award", migrant workers, sexual violence control system. The Best gender Observer Award "and the Anti Sex discrimination Google Extension kit 〈poly you〉 won the" Popular Special Award ". Next, let's see the winners of the scene move:

"The Best Sex Violence Control Award"gender AI

〈gender ai〉 Team Zheng Yafang and Yeng Lin are engineering background, slightly involved in the law, two are many hackers loose the contestants, for the first time to participate in the issue of sexual violence, the hacker pine, they particularly appreciate the help of the hacker pine Tutor, think that in the field through mentors to help more in-depth gender issues, The original gender thinking did not add to their understanding, and therefore thank the exchange, hope that the APP does help the disadvantaged in society, give comprehensive legal advice and referral.

"〈gender Ai〉 is the first app that uses artificial intelligence to solve gender-legal questions, converts words to idiom intent space, and climbs legal texts and cases, using a large number of articles as text to train deep learning, and to find the most similar legal provisions in vector simirity. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Legal Counsel, Gender Violence prevention and treatment from the understanding of the protection of their own law began. In addition, we have also made a judgment on the function of sex discrimination, using artificial intelligence, we climbed down a large number of PTT articles, as well as sexist words such as "sow" and ""ccr"", which are often found in their articles, so that machines learn all the words which are sexist, so that we prevent gender-based violence. 」

"The most powerful decoding hacker award"〈go home〉

This award is won by 〈go home〉, the most complete technology and function, 〈go home〉 for Yang Yi 瑀, Jiang Jiande for the tracking of sexual violence in the production of the APP, this group of ordinary attention to gender issues are also involved in the "Gender violence Decoding program" in the early stage of the focus of the Forum, for the statute of the unclear "tracking" to give assistance.

"〈go home〉 to prevent the tracking of the occurrence of the APP, master gender violence occurred in the personnel time features, the crime of gender-based violence to create a map hotspot, so that users on the way home to avoid these dangerous, APP combined with Google Maps and the Ministry of the Interior Open Data platform to plan a safe home route, As well as looking for the function of returning companions, and accidentally encountered suspicious characters, there is a real-time notification mechanism, with the vicinity of the police department, can timely to warn the location of the inspection, to prevent the occurrence of crime, as well as users to upload suspicious characters of information feedback to become a map hotspot to improve security map navigation 」

"Best gender Observer"〈 told me-migrant workers ' Gender violence control system "

by Wu Yuxiang, Shen, Zheng, Rai to tell me-migrant workers, sexual violence prevention and control system for disadvantaged women in migrant workers, home care workers, the team said in the event, found that attention to gender will be able to practice, the original worry about hackers pine, but the field tutor to give a lot of help to achieve the work. "If gender-based violence comes from a patriarchal system, the migrant problem is the most basic form of discrimination in society," the winning team said. Discrimination cannot be solved by science and technology, and must be respected from the heart. "Make more use of the stage appeal and hope that everyone will be able to stand in the 12/10 and support gay and friendly," he said. (Extended reading: two hometown, a migrant worker story: away from home, is to better life )

The words of applause sounded, in fact, the hackers gathered in the two days, Kai Road gathered against the legalization of gay marriage groups, limbs and public opinion attacks detonated the social anger, and these two days, the hundreds of hackers sprint works of the process, many people read the scene, still do not give up, and strive to walk in this change on the road!

"This APP is a heart-thumping concern that migrant workers (Foreign workers) are victims of gender-based violence in Taiwan without recourse to the channel, it may even be said to be a weak one, but very few people attach importance to the safety of migrant workers, and because of the racial discrimination caused by the mainstream media, employers and intermediaries are exploiting the migrant workers in a vicious, And the inequality of gender and rights in the work environment, the Taiwanese are not really aware of the plight of migrant workers. They notify the case through the APP, press out the key, the migrant can go through backstage data, offer assistance, provide a friendly working environment and gender violence control system to those who are in the ocean, and further advocacy and prevention of gender-based violence in migrant workers. 」

"The Best Gender Violence Prevention Award"〈poly you〉

"The Best Gender Violence Prevention Award"〈poly you〉"Popularity Special Award" 〈poly you〉 Team: Zhang Ming Wo, Tian, Pan Wen-ting, 〈poly you〉 by 7 grade students, members of two physiological female and a physiological male information engineer, Captain Zhang Ming wo More sincerely share: " By focusing on the small details of life and the actions that are initiated on the subject of feeling, there is a chance for the power of change to be as effective as the butterfly. "And also look forward to the use of 〈poly you〉, the future can extend the various discrimination issues to achieve a friendly society."

"With gender friendliness as a thought, selection of Poly original meaning with multiple-oriented and combined with you to create a utility Google Extension kit, the network article information conversion, translation, directly replace and delete the" Sex discrimination "volume slogan replaced by neutral words, hope to weaken the sex discrimination label, Reduce sexual violence in the life of the noise, and combined with community power transmission, the invisible gender discrimination. 」

DEMO Highlights: 360-degree camera, telexistence Robot open Gender Science and technology vision

This competition for the first time in Asia to try the scientific and technological approach to gender issues of the hacker pine, each road long only has played the biggest energy, the birth outstanding work also includes the newest technology 360°VR, the AR, the wearable device, the webpage and the physical device, the artistic device and so on changes Taiwan gender history creation.

Participants show their time with the latest technology combined with the issue of sexual violence. Among them, including 〈〉 for the singular point of the University of Taiwan's first Geru Jun leader, through the long-distance robot companionship and care, to 360-degree camera technology to ensure that in any situation to help the robot to be protected; 〈the guardian〉 Guide the use of keyword input in the face of sexual violence to learn that they can borrow the legal assistance, and play to test the user's gender awareness; 〈cycle〉 for the devices that bring into the artistic thought, through the user experience to the intimate relationship of the hidden harm, so that potential victims to think of the current intimate relationship; Homie-your personal "GUI" Honey! Through the cell phone signal source to judge the personal safety Risk index, timely give warning bell to help ....

We also see a lot of stunning works: the best performing safe dating app, the prevention of workplace sexual harassment app, the device to make sounds for sexually abused people ... And so on, in the future, these outstanding works will bring the 21st century sex violence prevention and cure science and technology pioneering practice.

At the end of the event, the live broadcast is left to hundreds of hackers memorial ceremony-two days of continuous electric quick cut film, write down for the community to pay and practice of hackers figure, a hacker said: "Really very tired, but the thought of what can contribute to the community, just do not want to sleep"; others wrote in the manifesto wall: "Refuse silence, brave voice, Just do it.". When interviewed by the contestants, everyone mentioned that the event, the most different, came to the scene, heard the past did not think of the gender perspective, the other program professional help.

They all say this is an unprecedented hacker pine, and women fans want to say that this is not the only time. We will continue to carry on with the faith of affirmative action, remember each hacker in the activity, we will continue to speak for the weak voice platform, deeper root in different areas of gender issues.

In the December of 2016, hundreds of hackers and Weifao women's fans wrote the first time in Asia to write the milestones of Taiwan's gender society, but this is not the end, but a starting point worth going.