2017 Golden Globe Awards and Oscar hot predictions! " Joy to Love You ", "Dream Giant", "the Seaside of Manchester" ... From these works, we see the story of ourselves, and therefore have more courage to face tomorrow! Take a look at 2017 good movies you should know. (Recommended you see: there is a friendship is not me without you!) Golden Horse 53 actress Double actress: Chou-dong Rain, youmars pure )

From 2016 to the end of the day, do you remember what a few deep good movies you saw? This year we have a lot of happy work, from the January "Ghost Hunter", February "Danish Girl", March "single Zoo", April "out of Control Lies", May "go Tone diva", June "I want you to be good", July "Rivers and mountains", August "Love Astronomy", September "corpse Speed Train", October " Accountant, November "Billiern", December "Le to Love You" ... Several good movies, let us recall our life, more courage to make a new play.

In addition to what the above film teaches us, let's look to the new year, which is good so it is about to unfold, together with the predictions of the 2017 Oscars and the Golden Globes: (Want to review 2016 Oscar: Alive is fighting!) Oscar shortlisted movie quote: Do the right thing, never wrong .

Dance like no one's watching! "The More I love you, the happier I am."

"The City of the stars, you are only for me and bright, star under the city, there are still many I can not see, who knows, it is the beginning of all the beautiful new things, or another dream, I can not realize the dream." City of the Stars

If that love song is remembered again, who will you miss? Youth is a train that does not turn back, sometimes we stand, sometimes we get off early, people who have dreamt with you are often not the last to see your dreams come true. Hollywood is like a magical city, give people dream also make people fall, "you are always nostalgic, how to look to the future?" "The lines are also the interpretation of the unparalleled age of the electronic copy of the body, Chilai, remember pain, sweet just more back to Gan; Remember the tears flowing through, smile when happy more profound; Remember to accompany you through the broken people, now your success has meaning.

Baby, you have a beautiful heart: "Dream Giant"

"Dream, they took, I want to return, so I will go to blow dreams." 」

Sophie was originally the Princess of the British royal family, her lonely childhood, dreaming is the most lively moment, dream can gallop, dream can be free, perhaps you still remember the brain in the brains of the lost happiness, "blow dream giant" is that we deep inside of ourselves, is the opposite of loneliness, the growth of the mirror. Watch this movie, you have to make yourself a child, in the most sincere emotional collision, for yourself to blow another dream. Every adult has been a child, Steven Spielberg's vision as written in the "Little Prince" of the San Xiu, pure warmth. (same field Gayon:"Happy to Love You" relationship topic: I achieved the dream, you made me )

Yesterday is tomorrow's master: "The Seaside of Manchester"

"I can't beat my past." 」

The movie "The Summer Palace" has a sentence to explain life: "In the war you bleed, peace you can not do anything." "Manchester by the Sea" is a film of this kind, from Boston to Manchester, where the film escapes the long winter feeling and blue deep blues. The protagonist's life there are too many unfortunate can't make up, although want to live well tomorrow, or drag yesterday's sad pace, as if everyone had better, only their own stop in situ. Did you ever run away from the place that made you sad? In the years to come, there is no repair of the relationship, will become life can not bear the weight.

Do not sing for applause: "After the sound"

"People may say I can't sing, but no one can say I haven't sung it," he said. 」

Adaptation of the real story of the "Walking Sound Days" by the Streep, with comedy for icing, wrapped in lies. As long as the money, Florence can buy art and stage, but she happened to have no talent, how to practice the dream of singing? Perhaps in the high society, she is the most sincere one, the face of the world's not agree, she did not have a hint of embarrassment, in the crowd smile, she chose to hear laughter, continue to sing for themselves. (Extended reading: Live our fearless years!) Melissa Streep: "A woman can be soft or tough")

Elegance and tenacity: The Secret of the First lady

"I will accompany the president to the end of the journey, a person can go." 」

"The Secret of the First Lady" is Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, former President of the United States, who went through her husband's death after his death. Carrying the first lady's sign, she used all kinds of desperately to live out the audience's eyes of elegance. Be a woman, be a politician, to be a president's wife, Jacqueline Beautiful and sad, people always like to believe fairy tales, but unfortunately alive is the reality, the president's wife is not flying on the branches of the Phoenix, after the husband turned, alone to face the world of women, but also to use more strength to protect the entire family generation. (Recommend you: cast off the star Halo more beautiful known actress, Natalie Portman )

"Blue Boy in the Moonlight", the proposition of multiple identities

"You have to decide what you want to be, and don't let anyone make a decision for you," he said. 」

"What kind of person are you?" "The movie is a recurring question that makes you suspect yourself. We are the people we think we are, or the ones who play the ideals of others. As an African-American man, what kind of life tension will be created by homosexual status? Society needs more thought to meet our atypical men and boys. Through the protagonist's perspective, we understand a person, born for human beings, born for blacks, the life of continuous and strong to numb helplessness, but it is clear that the world made this class war, but to him alone to fight with himself, that is the most brutal.

Share to you six movies that will shine in 2017, from my childhood to society, from reality to dream, a movie to show the resilience of life, let us become a more full of people. You are also welcome to share your best film of the year and nominate your favorite Oscar/Golden Globes!