2017 Golden Globe Awards ceremony hit,"Le to Love You" to include many awards, Emasdon won the music comedy category, Ryan Goslin won the music comedy category, at the same time, also want to share with you to win the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Meili Streep speech, with her voice perspective, We reflect on the status quo of our times and answer ourselves to be a compassionate person, to answer ourselves to be a person who sees the weak and to be able to act.

The 2017 Golden Globe Award's Lifetime Achievement Award, "Sethil Damil Award" (Cecil B.demille Award), was awarded to Meryl Streep, who said she deserved it.

Because of her superb acting, because of her varied accent, because she is always a self breakthrough actor journey. She has never been a goddess in the mouth, she has to play all the roles, so she is always more. (Recommended reading: live our fearless age!) Melissa Streep: "A woman can be soft or tough")

When she stood on stage to share the winning speech, I saw her take the prize another reason, her gaze always gentle, attention to the unseen vulnerable group, she also said, as an actor is indeed a privilege, we have to use their own figure, let more people feel to be seen, so that more people's pain is resolved, so, We can say that we are in a better time.

Hollywood? We are a group of people from all over the seas, not ethnic groups.

Thank you, thank you very much for your applause. Thank you, I love you. You have to forgive me, my voice is hoarse with this week's screams and mourning, my thoughts are confused by the days before, and I have to read the note on my hand.

Thank you, Hollywood's foreign media. All I want to say is that everyone in this room, we are also among the most vilified groups in American society. Think about it, Hollywood, foreigners, with the media. But what we should ask is, who are we? And you know what Hollywood represents is a group of people from all over the nation, regardless of ethnicity.

I was born, studied and grew up in Jersey, and violas Davis was born in South Carolina's cabin in Long I., and Sarah Paulson was raised by a single mother in Brooklyn, and Sarah Jessica Parker, from Ohio, was the seventh child in the family; Amy. Adams was born in Italy, Natalie Portman in Jerusalem; What does our birth certificate stand for?

Ruth Negga was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Ireland, where she was nominated for a Golden Globe by playing a small town girl from Virginia. Ryan Gosling, like all good people, comes from Canada. Dev Patel grew up in Kenya and London and came to the Golden Globes as an Indian who grew up in Tasmania.

Play different lives and embody the spirit of the actors

Hollywood is like this, our diverse faces are made up of outsiders, if we are expelled because of immigration status, Hollywood will be an empty city, no art was born.

What I want to say is that as an actor, the only thing we have to do is to play another life that is different from ourselves, and invite the audience to experience this feeling. And this year, I see, there are too many too many powerful performances, embodies the enthusiasm of the actor spirit.

And this year, there was a show that really shocked me, not because it was excellent, but because it gave me the creeps. Similarly, we cannot ignore the message that it conveys, and we cannot ignore it, and in that scene, such behavior makes everyone laugh. It was when our new president mocked The New York Times's handicapped journalist, a man who could not be fought back by his privileges, powers, and abilities. This incident makes me heartache, I also continue to think about this matter, because this is not a movie picture, this is our real life. (Recommended reading: Time Magazine Person of the Year: Trump's choice, Hillary's ambition, Beyonce's Metamorphosis )

And such instinctive humiliation is openly presented, through a powerful role of identity, which infiltrates into our daily lives, and, to some extent, allows the viewer to feel that he is capable of doing similar acts, and that they are encouraged.

Disrespect triggers disrespect, and violence causes more violence. When the right people oppress others with their rank, we are all losers.

It's a privilege to be an actor, but also to show empathy.

Let me go back to the media.

We need the principle of the media, the ability to do the reporting, the ability to tell each scene. So we must take a fancy to the media, and we must let them have freedom of the press. So I would like to invite all of you to join the ranks of the journalists, because we need them to keep moving forward and we need them to cover and protect the truth for us. (same field Gayon: choose to stay in the news battlefield, there is no pessimistic right )

Last thing. Tommy Lee Jones once told me that our identity is not a privilege? Meryl, it's really a privilege to be an actress. Therefore, we must always remind ourselves that actors have their rights and responsibilities to reflect empathy. We should all be equally proud to be here tonight, on behalf of Hollywood.

Finally, my friend and Princess Leia once told me, "Pick up your broken heart and make it art," Thank you, I give you this sentence.