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At the end of 2016, a Beijing Education Summit Forum, parents in the forum have raised the hope that the children to Tsinghua University, Peking University Counseling Center for Mental health education Xu Kaiwen parents taught a cold water. He explained: "At Peking University freshman, more than 30% of the students have weariness, that learning is meaningless, and 40.4% of students think that living meaningless, just follow the logic of others to live, the most extreme is to give up their own." (Recommended: Workplace notes: The choices you make for yourself are the best)

Professor Xu put forward the word "hollow disease" for the students ' psychological pressure and action, he said that the students of Peking University have more experience of psychological counseling, the psychological problem is no longer a simple case, but also a group phenomenon. The "hollow disease" caused an uproar in the Chinese education market with Couba as the Tao, and pointed out the confusion of the contemporary people about the future in the single success value. He further summed up the symptoms of the hollow disease (the following sources:wiki):

  1. Looks like the melancholy, actually is not: from the symptom said it may be conforms to the depression diagnosis, manifests for the mood to be low, the interest decreases, the pleasure lacks. But the difference is that the symptoms are not very serious and may appear to be no different from other students or most people.
  2. Interpersonal difficulties: They will have a strong sense of loneliness and meaningless. Usually good interpersonal relationships, but do not have intimate or heart-to-heart friends.
  3. Don't want to live or die: Have a strong suicidal ideation. This suicidal ideation is not due to practical difficulties, pain and frustration, in their words is "I do not want to die, but I do not know why I have to live." 」
  4. Atypical melancholy: not sensitive to biological treatment, or even ineffective. Traditional psychotherapy has a poor curative effect. Their problems are probably not solved by changing negative perceptions, not even to study the problems of their native families, not that early trauma can be solved-you will find that they have a good relationship with their parents, although there are such conflicts, but in general it is not the kind of typical parental divorce, early attachment, early foster care.

The core problem of the hollow disease is that under the competition mechanism of capitalism, the "lack of personal goal" only pursues the "universal sense of success", and China's utilitarian system education has naturally screened out the ethnic groups with individual will. They are good bosses, good employees, good wives, good daughters in the eyes of others, but they are nothing in the eyes of themselves. Exhausted to meet the expectations of others, but do not dare to let go a bo.

As a person who will try to curry favor with the people who look at it, the system has given enough dividends, and these people have not done anything for their hearts.

Such a generation is the mainstream value of the elite, but do not know what life can do meaningful things, such a generation chasing education and KPI run, not chasing their own ideals, such a generation of attention to economic needs, not focus on their own heart.

Why are the 30% of Peking University students weary and weary? Because they want to learn the goal is always the instruction issued by education, because such learning is only the standard answer, they fear, afraid to live as a replicator, have a first-class knowledge, but the world does not rare him. Afraid of their own only a piece of paper but no living experience value, afraid of their own nothingness will soon be seen through.

I read " Heroes: Holocaust, Suicide and the spiritual plight of modern people", the author named The Times created by criminals and mental patients, behind the class barriers are clear, the advent of the virtual era, the loss of symbolic feelings. We live in a lack of "self and existence" of the contemporary, the times are lively, people are unusually lonely. Perhaps everyone's life should have a moment, deviate from society and Chi, do not ask what other people want, do not ask the economic and institutional needs are what, just talk: What do I feel full?

Many people often say that there are so many people working outside the island, what am I still doing here? Rather than questioning their own efforts, rather than ask, why do you go forward? Do not because of quick success to miss their life, do not use false diligence to deceive themselves, do not claim for who to sacrifice for who busy, but in the end only with poor to stall their own vanity.

If you are so successful but you are not happy, then what is the purpose of living? If you are a good boy in the system but you hate yourself, then what are you working on?

Do not step into the logic of others to live, treatment of hollow disease, from the answer to determine the start. No longer adhere to the competitive "upward spirit", to enjoy the world's uncertainty, do not run only contacts and no friends, to have real relationships. We need a society that allows for failure, compatibility, and therefore brilliance.

Full of people despite the tens of millions of people are not easy for the idea of surrender, smart people only do their own homework, solid people ahead of no score only want to go beyond the ego. Live a good story, there must be a ingenuity of the episode or shake the hearts of the insistence.

Do not talk about the romantic feelings of tall, to find their own proposition has been stereotypes, whether in the workplace or live in the lake, we all need a turn of courage, a little daring different boldness, a kind of abandon the whims of applause.

Woman obsessed editor Abby

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